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  • 00:00: and now we shall learn from you use such a tool scrapbooking as a polishing principle, they something similar to sticker and remind children perevodki if you his childhood and It can be a child your children remember We had such a gum heat with tattoos that could attach to the hand and then had to moisten with water or just lose then take off plenochku picture remains on the hand it in basically easily I washed off this type that's a tattoo basically polishes
  • 00:31: They work completely on exactly the same the principle of themselves they represent such a translucent sheet be such inscriptions or as a picture use them very easy to you choose the right I like the picture I take this here blue heart and I apply it necessary for me We are putting together example here Now after that
  • 01:01: set with pickaxes usually go something something that's like this here sticks from under ice cream is It should be something with such rounded end which can be gently conduct of this this figure can be even use the Well just a fingernail a convenient stick and more reliable means we are putting a glossy our party stuffing to the to the plane to which we want to
  • 01:32: translate between Incidentally it may be not only paper, cardboard it can be for example, even the fabric if ointment good quality here and after putting a This strong start We hold that it does not I crawl in any case and then wand start strongly prodavlivaya here and so press a drawing by which we we want to translate push enough
  • 02:04: strong and you will see that the process of pressing the image becomes whether to become paler is means that it starts stuck with the sides to the plane we it translation and time he window stick means it unstuck from leaf which it was originally then we remove and plenochku
  • 02:34: As you can see image then It remains in place where we wanted it, and Now translate this here's a way use to