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  • 00:00: let's learn Knit just such
  • 00:30: cute hat and and drawing very simple therefore work cope and beginners knitters cap tightly It fits the head and at the same time create volume at the expense of bulk pattern and thick yarn This cap will if the volume knit its from a very large yarn as an example here such a yarn Here 50 grams of length yarn 50 meters apart
  • 01:00: that we will knit double thread but if you have yarn which the it is recommended to knit Number 10 on the needles then it is not necessary fold in half and knit single thread and so for knitting take thread and two balls leave the end yarn length approximately 40 cm and start a set of loops hat we hand-knit
  • 01:30: Number 10 and knitting We start with a few rows in garter stitch on the needles number 9 but set is made on another thinner spokes Here are two spokes folded with the diameter of each spokes 4 mm and so first we make moving loop here so let the loop on forefinger left hand and now two spokes are composed of
  • 02:02: together we conduct under jumper and tighten loop the loop will not be considered then we dismiss it for 39 caps shall find loops, two of them edge recruit loop will be as follows manner forefinger left hand traffic by itself raise the thread then rotate the finger to his a loop introduce needle and Tighten the loop more look again forefinger thread raised
  • 02:33: We turned to the finger themselves and a loop and introduced spokes look again like this we recruit only 39 loop the loop here do not believe because we then dismiss it gained 39 loops do not
  • 03:06: I think that's the loop a needle and remove work is now We continue on the spokes number nine pro knit 4 rows facial ie loops Garter edge loops we We will knit all types of facial loops to then to perform neat side hats seam and so pro knit 4 rows facial when such loops
  • 03:37: a set number of loops 1 it is necessary to knit a very very carefully can not be the right hand take away in side like this you can not do like this otherwise get the chop and the loop will so sloppy very slowly carefully Knit the first row facial loops is end
  • 04:12: 1, a number of us left knit one loop This bead loop provyazyvaem it as a person but the last loop with her we started to set, we dismiss this way turn work on the wrong side and continue to knit all facial hinge loops plug edge loop all the facial loops there Garter we knit 4 rows if you want to
  • 04:42: cap has been raised You can knit and 6 we tied the series 4 rows garter st and here is how the dial-up number equally neat and the front and seamy side now we go to basic knitting drawing hats Figure caps very simple with him
  • 05:13: handle even budding needlewoman first knitting figure rapport It consists of 9 loops entire width and cap fits Four such report These eight loops We will always knit stocking st but These loops are connected Garter we add process knitting with the help of nakida here They were made and sc then these eight loop knit together so uberom added
  • 05:43: loop number loops in each rapport in personal series will increased by two only four loops report therefore one row number loops will increase by 8 and then here these eight we knit loops together and then the number loops will originally I repeat that we
  • 07:36: knit in garter Viscous 4 rows if You want to cap It was slightly higher you can knit and 6-series and now knit the fifth row is front row knit an edge loop face next st a loop for symmetry, we always it will knit the beginning of a series of facial face now Getting Started Knitting own report and make sc knit 8 stitches
  • 08:07: face knit 3 loop 4 5 6 7 8 8 loops knit Now do sc and knit another So we face the noose Knit 9 stitches rapport and two loops was added via Now nakida We continue knitting and fresh three more such
  • 08:37: report again do sc and 8 provyazyvaem facial loops knit facial 8 loops made sc and knit another front loop and more
  • 09:07: twice repeat knitting rapport finish knitting last repeat 5 series made naked knit front loop and an edge loop also knit face Wrong number 8 loops that we knitted face will to knit
  • 09:37: underside and the rest loop including sc knit facial loops of knitting we We started with 39 loops knitting process 5 a number of us in every rapport was added to 2 loop and that is now on thirty spokes nine loops + 8 forty-seven loops ie loops the number of loops increased turn work on the wrong side an edge loop knit face the following 2
  • 10:08: loop including sc well knit face and But the next 8 stitches we will knit purl loops So we knit 8 backstitches then about 3 facial loop knit including sc sc in backstitches ranks
  • 10:40: We will always knit face knit 3 facial loop next 8 stitches again knit purl loops knit 8 backstitches loops then about knit 3 including facial loop sc and so will knit to the end
  • 11:10: of the back of a number in the end of the back series we knit 8 backstitches loops then knit about 2 including facial loop sc and the last loop This bead loop we also knit face turn work on the front Now knit side seventh series at the beginning of the seventh series, we first
  • 11:41: knit an edge loop then face about knit one face this loop to loop We symmetries it always knit face of opera part knit one face then knit and make sc knit face 8 loops So we knit 8 facial loops always after facial 8
  • 12:11: loops we do sc between the loops sc knit face seventh row of three again and make sc Again knit facial 8 loops, and so on until the end a number that is, eight we were binding loops face before them and after them We do loops sc between the knit sc we face today finish knitting
  • 12:44: last rapport 7 a number knit facial 8 loops are now doing sc 2 knit facial and an edge loop also about knit front loops in the personal Along with the help of nakida we added eight loops Now the spokes forty-seven loops + 8 loops and order Fifty-five loops
  • 13:14: turn work on the wrong side 8 is knit backing row knit an edge front loop 3 following loop including knit sc face and now next 8 stitches knit wrong side So we knit 8
  • 13:50: backstitches loops and Now here's the sc and here we have this layout knit face loops between nakida we in Wrong series will knit face then again about knit 8 backstitches loops, and so on until the end of the back of a number of at the end of the eighth row
  • 14:24: we knit here these 8 backstitches loops then about the seamy side 3 facial loop knit including nakida and an edge loop we knit face turn work on the front side now we will knit 9 series and continue increase the number of loops on needles knit face an edge loop this
  • 14:55: loop for symmetry we have it at the beginning knit a number of facial then knit face about 2 facial loop rapport do sc and knit 8 facial loops knit facial 8
  • 15:29: loops Again we do sc The following five loops knit knit face 5 loops and again before 8 loops facial, we and we do sc provyazyvaem facial 8 loops, and so on until the end a number at the end of the ninth series we knit here these eight loops face
  • 16:00: then as always after 8 loops facial we do sc 3 knit face loops and an edge loop also about the knit front loop turn work on the wrong side in purl row we knit an edge face then about knit 3 facial loops sc we knit face
  • 16:32: and now knit 8 backstitches loops knit 8 backstitches loops We met sc provyazyvaem his face all the loops to
  • 17:02: We next sc also knit in the face case 5 facial loops met knit sc his face and again about knit 8 backstitches loops, and so on until the end a number at the end of the back of a number we knit 8 loops backstitches sc knit face
  • 17:32: and more about knit 3 facial loops and bead loop also about knit front turn loop work on the front side Getting Started Knitting 11 number of the personal a number we no longer increase and the number of loops conversely shorten added loops of 8 loops connected stocking st we the first four loops knit together with
  • 18:02: tilt to the left and next 4 loops knit together with tilted to the right so 14 begin to knit from knit an edge then knit about 4 facial loop and now the first four loops related hosiery viscous you are about to knit together tilt to the left to this needle introduce 4 loops and knit them
  • 18:33: along the front loop like this and the next 4 we loop knit together with slope right but to do we must first of these outweigh the loops on Left spoke swapping wall location So we have outweighed these loops are changing location walls and Now knit them together as a needle movement to the left right when it is difficult conduct a thick needle in
  • 19:04: These loops can be 4 take advantage of thinner needle or hook as anyone more convenient and let try to knit thick spokes 4 loops together they will be introduced 4 needle loop I see a small tip spokes awnings thread on it here and 4 will extend through loop here we Knit 4 hinges tilt to the right and again the following loop we knit face 7
  • 19:34: facial loops about knit August 5 knit stocking Viscous we again knit 2 times four loops with the beginning of the first four loop and then next 4 sts and etc. will repeat this procedure before the end of series finish
  • 20:04: 11 knitting series, we Knit twice four loops together Now knit 4 facial loops and an edge loop also knit face turn work on the wrong side in this series we will knit all sts face including the edge the loop is now in our
  • 20:35: needles as in the beginning of the only 39 loops we tied 12 rows caps as I He is now said to thirty spokes nine loops as the same as it was in the beginning of the work we have tied with 5 to 12 rows so we tied one report caps height repeat knitting rapport in height and again associate from 5 to 12 series