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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: welcome lovers of knitting In this video, I I tell you how to tie pinetochki chum with soles size 12 centimeters of work needed scissors markers hook me hook 2½ yarn two millimeter I used colors white yarn and yarn
  • 00:30: sectioned staining begin vyvyazyvayut sole for soles size 12 centimeters needed dial 15 air thread loops in my 2 adding anchoring the first loop and
  • 01:03: vyvyazyvayut chain of 15 air loop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 knit chain
  • 01:45: sc to do hook and the fourth loop one two three four vyvyazyvayut post with sc so you need to knit three column with sc 3 taken to
  • 02:32: It turned 4 column sc with 1 2 3 4 we continue to knit now need knit 3 polustolbika with sc 1 you three more before the end of
  • 03:08: a series of necessary provyazat bars without sc in each loop in the last loop
  • 03:51: a series of five vyvyazyvayut columns without sc 1 March 2 45 and continue to knit repeating loop previous row row knit this
  • 04:30: number of repeated loops previous row in last loop series vyvyazyvayut 5 columns with nakida January 2 3 4
  • 05:02: 5 connective loop join series knit the next row Makes 2 Air hinges and to each loop provyazyvaem one post with
  • 05:33: sc so knit up roundings on the heels five loops on rounding the heel one two three 4 May provyazyvaem each loop 2 column
  • 06:03: with 1 sc loop 2 3 4
  • 06:46: 5 then knit up curvature at the toe provyazyvaya each one loop columns with sc knit the next row 2
  • 07:17: lifting loop and each loop provyazyvaem one columns with sc to roundings on the heels much of the loops but rounding the heel two or three times 4 5 6 provyazyvaem 2 loops
  • 07:50: each loop 1 2 3
  • 08:20: 4 5 and last 6 loops to the now We continue to knit number
  • 08:51: provyazyvaya each one loop columns with sc and so knit up rounding to wear to knitting rounding You need to wear make a layout We define the center of the two the central loop
  • 09:25: markers highlight two central loop since the loop fixed marker reckon Loop 3 1 2 3 We start vyvyazyvayut
  • 10:05: rounding in the loop excellent marker at We are three one two three each loop provyazyvaem two column with sc remove markers
  • 10:53: Now the two middle loop provyazyvaem follows in these two middle loops provyazyvaem one post with nakida January 2 The following three loops January 2
  • 11:26: 3 provyazyvaem 2 loop 2 three remaining sts
  • 12:01: provyazyvaem one columns with sc cn number provyazat connect connective loop outsole written out does not cut. 12 cm Sole
  • 12:43: will we tie it seals up The following rows I tie with yarn white two thread we do markup we define the center soles and to the right side reckon 3
  • 13:15: loop from the central one two Three vyvyazyvayut will Up to this eyelet introduce the hook in the center grab loop back loop and provyazyvaem bars without sc the rear stenochku eyelets
  • 13:46: so knit 3 rows of circle knit 3 rows white yarn from the place series connection provyazyvaem 6 loops
  • 14:16: 1 2 series 45 6 sure that these six loops were
  • 14:46: knit in the middle the soles are not shifted left or right and it was in the middle unfold knitting and begin vyvyazyvayut bars sc without a second skip the loop the first loop provyazyvaem loops 6 1
  • 15:16: 2 3 4 5 6 check yourself fold and booties make sure you
  • 15:50: knit loops of sole center continue is knitted sock I unfold knitting and missed the first the second loop loop is knitted column, without sc so knit to the end
  • 16:24: a number Now knit series down on the sole provyazyvaem column 2 sc without eyelets time you unfold
  • 17:00: knitting and conceding the first loop starting from the second loop each loop vyvyazyvayut column until the end, without sc a number Now knit series
  • 17:34: down on the sole and two provyazyvaem eyelets knit unfold knitting skip the first loop and the second loop vyvyazyvayut column
  • 18:07: and so, without sc We continue to knit up end of the series Knit row again provyazyvaem two loops on the sole unfold design and skipping the first loop starting from the second provyazyvaem column
  • 18:40: until the end, without sc series number dovyazali and as well as in previous series repeat provyazat 2 tabs on the bottom