Lyudmila Ippalitova

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  • 00:00: Now we see a two-year course grades delight formed on the cleaning varieties of 100 rubles I view sheltering vines as we see in this year was the increase in length I think this summer My task is so crop to next year green circle group VTsIOM earth because before building wall
  • 00:31: so it is desirable that the water housing were June 8 slides his ground his decision to and that would be ugly 700 hectares but the good boat hull I lost three years This year the fight last year's cube
  • 01:03: Boboev fourth Get 3 people will be futile at your convenience to tourists Lipetsk What new things this year But his Victor Kress after winning
  • 01:34: in order to in Udmurtia since long gone dresser bear in one victory about 5 all items to make matters east of Service secondly for growth in one large jumps volgmu in water
  • 02:06: was experienced motives for the crime The minister rubles but the World Cup that's not visible As the league
  • 02:38: that daughter this object
  • 03:08: it was probably distinguished but look I do not remember the terrible the most difficult broken
  • 03:38: formed to receive the light present the Regional Court but we will learn I had a long one and a half meters high
  • 04:08: that same year the fact that the study released a year for growth then rubles breakdown of the top recruits one tooth Putin here will be no need last year's