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  • 00:00: Welcome to knitting lessons from Sasha we today we associate that's so beautiful flower tie it I had a very simple usually I see from yarn residues Again, a small a ball is but the use of application to Flowers can be most diverse this could be barrette ornament
  • 00:31: I very much for a handbag I like to do such flowers cards and so do the first loop and knit chain of air 5 3 4 5 loop then provyazyvaem post with one sc in the first ring Chains we turned one
  • 01:11: arches all we We need to do 8 of these arochek for the next I do 2 air loop and again provyazyvayu column with sc sc in the same loop the previous thus we It turns two arches again two air
  • 01:41: loop and sc in the same loop that previous 2 air loop sc one two three four arochki provyazyvaem 2 aerial loops 5 We do nakida again
  • 02:12: two air loops 6 again sc again two air hinges 7 arches sc in center But for 8 we arochki we will not do at
  • 02:42: whale only about knit two air loops and connection column attach our knitting to our first Chains of air loops and so sauce bar was of three air loops including the loop in which we provyazyvaem and the top It consisted of the arches of two air loops and so provyazyvaem connective column is now it was the turn
  • 03:13: petals to make us petal you need to enter the hook in First arches and knit a column without then sc air loop and knit in the same arches with two columns one sc 1 2 then again the air
  • 03:47: loop and a column without sc all the same arochki the same way against provyazyvaem all of the following petals column, without sc air loop column with 1 sc column with a 2 sc air loop and
  • 04:19: column, without sc Now we have Get 2 petals knit 6 more of the petals and we move on to the knitting next tier, and so we Knit 8 petals Now zamknom knitting ring connection column is now start knitting
  • 04:50: the next tier for this column do with sc but not in the loop previous row and for column bases here So pull and how provyazyvaem ordinary post with nakida do now It has 3 air loop
  • 05:21: again sc turn knitting and again provyazyvaem our column with sc for column base 3 again air loop and again we catch
  • 05:51: our bar with sc the stem base previous column a number so we need again knit 8 arochek so we Knit Arm seed We made three air loop and closes in
  • 06:21: knitting in a circle connection column we've got 8 Based to arochek for the next row Now petals knit petals almost the same scheme that is doing column, without sc 2 handle air loop
  • 06:51: but not two column with sc provyazyvaem 3 with the column nakida we did three aerial loops and Now provyazyvaem 3 column with a 2 sc 3 then re-air
  • 07:21: loop and a column without sc in the same arches the next tab knit and column, without sc Overhead loop 3 column one sc air loop and again column, without sc in the same arches Knit all eight petals closes again knitting in the round with assistance connection
  • 07:51: column, in principle, Our flower has like a flower can this finish but I am very I love when they It consists of four tiers petals so let's knit more about two layers look on what algorithm they provyazyvayutsya in Basically we are doing almost all the same for knitting basis for our petals, we again We make and type sc Hook has the leg
  • 08:23: not for that column who clung earlier and that is, for a new column 2 lines pull and provyazyvaem his pen we will no longer be a 3 four air Loop 3 April but in principle
  • 08:53: everything else most we need exactly the same knit the entire series so we knit again, the reasons for our petals Only now they 4 consist of air
  • 09:23: loops eighth chain of 4 stitches attached connective the first loop columns with sc Now provyazyvaem petals on a similar with previous algorithm We make the air column lifting loop sc without air loop but before midway petals
  • 09:53: we vyvyazyvayut 4 column with nakida January 2 you yard 4 again air loop and a column without sc in the same arches for to change the height same
  • 10:29: knit the entire third number of petals so the third tier petals linked turn to last fourth arches base fit knitted on the same the principle only We make a loop lift that they are a little more They looked out of previous volume petals sc Set up under the hook
  • 11:02: foot column pull loop and provyazyvaem post with one further nakida we provyazyvat 5 stitches and again with a column nakida the leg previous column 5 stitches
  • 11:34: sc and again provyazyvaem his foot column previous row and as such we arochek We need to make 8 pieces so we knit arochki to the last row
  • 12:04: petals, and how you probably already realized bred they will the same algorithm that and only in the past core we do not two not three not 4 and 5 columns with one sc knit a column without sc air loop and now this the arches do 5 columns with one nakida January 2 March 4 and 5
  • 12:41: again air loop I caught on the hook so again the air
  • 13:11: loop and a column without sc in the same arches Well, according to the same principle respectively knit eight petals and so we dovyazali the last row petals combined knitting circle with connection column secured knitting can be cut the thread and gently tuck
  • 13:42: tip us unnecessary inside thread possible to thread with a needle but so both the underside of the product I usually close you 'm not very far just cut
  • 14:13: we do not need thread By the way, even here such pieces and you do not I advise you to throw away later I will Make a video about how they can be used a beautiful flower central thread in we also have enough to knit was the center of it can be clean in principle if you use
  • 14:43: flowers such as I in postcards Please here to me does not need process the underside of the product because it simply is adhered to the paper and wrong side at I have not seen but have we otkrytochku opens seamy side
  • 15:14: flower we never We see it just decoration if you You are going to do something like brooches or pins that you will need to tie the circle diameter which Now this will be equal to circle last row arochek and neatly including also sew and these braids and can even a little Now attach these part of the flower is not to
  • 15:46: bend, or bristled very much if you want to cores of possible leave it to me and she so enjoy can be glued most strazinku I sew very I like to use knitted in cores of next lesson necessarily show how to make a three-dimensional knitted cores of If you have any go to questions
  • 16:16: Sasha site mun dot ru write to me I will be glad you answer Order workshops and I'll be glad to remove your favorite topics