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  • 00:00: your the water we just you dug and divided Peony if you wonder how this process was look please, find this video on our on our website and Now that's a deprived of a point each, we want put it well show how do it right look now immediately after digging in this peony all that's saved
  • 00:30: these thin suction sins this is very good for landing it perfectly and therefore accustomed advise landing to do when autumn These conditions here weather have shelves So they are very good for survival peonies in spring start early kidneys to get under way and here These roots are the same very fast dry up on the wind, and now this Now new growth
  • 01:02: new plant leaves it happens at the expense of reserves which are at the roots and of course it greatly depletes and plant and now we will quietly settle down koreshochki Opochka start to grow not be because so it's perfect conditions and time for landing here I feel very good for Gilenko peony he look stumps here virtually nothing all koreshochki tunics in it will take root from
  • 01:33: I had old roots I separated only here Now here he divided even here look for two more parts and each of them It will be good independent Zelenko and excellent if you plant it is necessary to multiply fast some very good nice variety such small delenki and need Share your pilot let's try I put here I have made here I advise you to do it even
  • 02:03: more and referred to a distance 40 to 50 and more even 60 centimeters but I I think that's for such delenki This hole is quite quite why make a big hole in order to fill it breeding ground because we have a growing peony in the same place if we well with you We spend years of division six correctly and so he is must be over
  • 02:34: good stock nutrients but here we are on the soil is very fertile because here we grown strawberries each year for not good to have courted fed here and Now we wadding 40 bushes released here I uchastochek here I want to go pilot here in this hole should pour nutrients advise use rotted manure good compost rotted or mineral
  • 03:05: fertilizers I'm a supporter of to manure used because that even here whether there is a it is well rotted there still persists may persist pathogens fungal diseases in water it often turns off but this herbal compost here I have it already there is such a good patches wood charcoal room and I specifically has added to enhance its the nutritional value
  • 03:35: Now this herbal contest we here it are making how is spread when done right all that this is now our it with you needs to stand the there is here is here the soil it should settle for what it is it is necessary that our peony with you did not go deeply into earth when the settle this is now
  • 04:05: Well as the soil here usually do not it turns out we all business and faster faster and planting here a fresh pit Here I am a little there denser and the soil what else would be good do shed water then this one is this campus it very good and settles this one is already in spilled pit when the water well there can be absorbed
  • 04:36: will put I'll root I will not shed because we have It was very much rain this September the last hundred or Even 140 years, it is the most rainy turned so the moisture we here and so very present as should be planted peony here look now left is deepening of the kidneys I have to be over level event very similar 5 changes on
  • 05:06: centimeters here to This can be checked take advantage of Here's a stick Here I am on the ground level he put the wand and here they look at I so here are about 5 centimeters here ie if plant peony above many here so put buds on leaves the surface is bad because this winter buds freeze slightly it will spy out year to reduce weak because the kidney he will
  • 05:36: freeze every year if you bury them below that is over there deeper plant yes the peony will not enough strength each just to drive the buds on the surface and will they have you again weakened so that's ideal distance somewhere 5 I plant centimeters a little bit higher with Given the fact that I Now this one here friable compost it at I still well
  • 06:06: settles here I fall asleep ground here it is also I have enough fertile coli I certainly rate Now get out of here in this way on here need shed this land sure to have we have no voids So we were with you
  • 06:38: and he put up its depth of about 5 Now centimeters I need to pour remind us that It was very much rain so I only here such small leechku pours now we good conditions for to our it I caught on and now after As we have now It eats all the moisture and
  • 07:08: again for mulching see how to settle the soil is very contracted our pilot winter and that's it I was on the right Now we have a depth to pick up the top soil here we seemed out our kidneys nothing worry they are still in stretch we planted with you in the pit where fresh this is now loose soil's Landing
  • 07:38: click on the right and that's the way dry fertile compost so as not to formed here crust that's not to formed here crust we all We filled all We fall asleep like this we spent landing see what I have you want to show here
  • 08:09: when trimming determination of the pion It remains very much here such here roots and even tuls More roots remain Now they are called blind roots they have kidneys Here's a look Now back very good root in He has a thin isthmus here's thin suction roots to be Feeder from plants Now of these roots
  • 08:39: can grow good grade they will sit plant you sit in the ground and It may be via a year will give leaf ie they have here here here on verhushechki formed a new Kidney will leaf and that you will good grade back bloom a peony on third or fourth year 3 probably year after As will be shown leaf not even 4 third year
  • 09:10: Now imagine a such a small and the blind who his kidneys can no let we put you plant a plant certainly somewhere in the separate from the chute change We do something like a groove deepen this way we are upright it will not be what when he lies on surface he will know better
  • 09:40: which place him forming kidney you You know sometimes image directly here It holds somewhere, even here in the middle, it is not clear how can more all these donuts It is formed from training I plant Isthmus generally horizontally I put these here here the Isthmus we Still a little bit to put on top here and so here I am his and now I put this Here, too, the handler I, too, can put it horizontally 5
  • 10:10: centimeters deeper not it is necessary that it is well I am warmed Again, that's because put it, we do not need here already do not understand where he up where his bottom plants It should deal here a horizontal his I put all this way So we buried him and We will follow on next year to have We are not here overgrown with weeds best mulch for this will watering quietly and even fertilizers spitting a couple of times for season here we
  • 10:40: I'm sure you I guarantee that from these blind pinchikov also grow good plant so Propagate please their beautiful flowers that they have delighted to be it was more