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糖果娃娃 DIY 教學一系列 1: 歡樂童年【棋茵老師】 - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello everyone! I am Chyin teacher! Candy doll is my original work Because with every dolphin double bind them like candy "candy socks" made So give it the name of [candy doll] Research and Innovation since 2002 to date, published several books and DIY material package Now NO.B1 ~ 2 Spice Girls, for you as a basic demonstration teaching Special: movie teaching practice, this is only suitable for DIY material package contents
  • 00:37: Now began teaching as candy dolls, small socks out Cotton socks into the bottom corners QQ firmly tied around the line, to pull off
  • 01:12: Cut to complete two hands Trim A small nose
  • 01:46: The amount of 3.5cm Tied around a line QQ
  • 02:18: Stuffed cotton Suture bottom nozzle Even with a needle pick cotton
  • 03:08: Pearl pin marking the place to 4.5cm Press beads needle position, QQ hard wire bundle tie The folds flat pick
  • 03:53: Sew little ass A first sewing needle holder center of the bottom 2/3 of the needle
  • 04:26: 2 laps winding pull out the needle Firmly tighten knot To tie the neck seam Glue the nose position, decided to turn the head
  • 05:18: Bead needle temporarily fixed, dry and then removed By bead needle position, stitch eyes Line back neck stitches
  • 06:12: Tibetan thread Seam eyebrows, eyelashes coffee line Pink line, seam mouth
  • 07:45: With a needle pick ears
  • 08:22: After the ear into the needle, a sewing needle approximately 0.5cm Tie a knot in the ear Completion of the basic body
  • 09:02: 5cm cut socks Suit up Neckline valgus Folding the hem Front and rear bottom panel seams Pants
  • 09:35: Sew on a button Hands sewing
  • 10:25: Volume socks at the end to make a flower
  • 11:18: Turned back Binding prune
  • 11:51: Turn positive The half off Wear a hat Brim fold
  • 12:29: Head seam metal ring Back neck line or the bottom take- Floral stick Plus chain
  • 13:00: Blush point Complete candy doll