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  • 00:00: knit rezinochkoy now some centimeters what Now it will be under element rezinochkoy to slightly below I was sitting on the legs are not subsided I knit
  • 00:51: gum 6 centimeters this principle will be enough assume that this lapel not little dovyazali through and now we will move on the front side is will purl loop that is this is we have a person like this way a person but so if it is a back row and Now we would like
  • 01:21: Now the front row must be purl the loop we have from personal loops will do purl Now, the back row
  • 02:06: facial loop knit another
  • 02:46: facial face embroidery. here I there are three centimeter thousand if we add here lapel like this way so that they now here we are equal and Now start vyvyazyvayut nosochek this thread I cut that it is not
  • 03:17: I hang out and not interfere I tangle here He pointed the small piece order so you will sew this place lilac thread it was quietly I only mean here 28 loops and Now I will vyvyazyvayut only average 8 then loops there on May 10 will not touch but they need now dovyazat These 10 provyazyvaem without changes
  • 03:49: 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 without provyazat 8 also changes, and provyazyvaem facial three or four loops five six seven eight and remains 10 3331 all this we turn around and
  • 04:20: Only knit again These eight loops seamy loop now three four five six seven eight knit as many rows how much we need to the length of the foot with the heels a bit later it will be seen understandably
  • 04:50: that is here and so we continue to knit Only the field average Most of the loops 8 Now I knit this
  • 05:26: the middle part can measure that we get here 6 centimeters, and something 8 here where then 6814 if we were binding on the leg 12 centimeters year-old child is two centimeters us You need to take, as it were on front part width and 14 pyatochku subtract 2 just
  • 05:59: it turns 12 centimeters long legs in general, enough now We can already move we tie we now have it all Wrong side and to gain hinges on our face side and see how it turns out It was nice to I knit another row backing and now I will loop gain so
  • 06:29: to see how it turns out because this we all face still here in this loop Now I have knit another loop for this we put on the needle here the two loops and from they knit wrong time is now from from this second knit again 1 wrong now
  • 07:01: dress this loop and the following knit another and now only one Now even the last petelechku so we do not will holes now again repeat old another loop and now Only one last and now again so Continue to the end Now this transverse
  • 07:32: lath Well, here, too,
  • 08:20: that the holes were not still have here here here and so vyvyazat one petelechku So and like you mean it to be so that the tie hole hidden this so 2 petelechki together All holes have such
  • 08:51: no Now knit the front
  • 09:27: rather it is a series of a back row facial loops to next party Socks we need to get well loop gain so well, that we
  • 10:22: last loop the middle of the means we have it and provyazyvaem face 1 and more knit here in this gap together so Now face and one's this and again we have this and should be planted on needle and provyazyvaem place
  • 10:52: now only this Now one of her and also the following here is one take
  • 11:53: additionally baptized is to I did not even have holes on all facial also knit another
  • 12:28: Only one row seamy knit plump that we bow part was pretty warm not full of holes and now we have
  • 13:12: enter the picture will knit the same prostitutes kai or as it is call Fig ie alternately face Wrong Knit three rice cm to
  • 13:42: a side that will be enough now knit now here have to first row knit facial and then We will knit only ie facial Garter again to knit these 8 medium-sized loops year, they mean two times
  • 14:53: Three six 4 May 7 beads are looking for is here this loop so that w is KrAz February 3 4 5 6 7 Yes, this means here Here hinge 8 and no one dovyazali here and these together provyazyvaem front loop but that was
  • 15:23: Now you need to track This second loop skip it and but knit together more also knit pattern facial 38 of our loop one two three 4 5 6 7 Now
  • 15:55: it and here it is together turned again knit only an average 8 loops and knit again only facial loops Here are our two loops with this side provyazyvaem them in
  • 16:25: way purl loop here it turns pigtail again all facial means only knit these averages 8 loops goes one loop with each here I is closed
  • 16:56: so that the left on each spoke of eight loops 448 medium and here 8 or if measured by Now that the track I get here about 11 centimeters but because of the closed our heels get this length 12 centimeters that we So I continue to do Knit this average yes no part in here us, these here are not
  • 17:27: knit loops take like that and We add up the spokes require now hook it here petelechku remove from the spokes take the following loops and needles 2 together they provyazyvaem one loop We shoot again take a loop here
  • 17:57: and two loops on the second spoke also provyazyvaem through These loops shoot yet here one here 2 code still remained here and 1
  • 18:28: here 1 Now these reshoot loop in the opposite side that We looked at the spokes So So
  • 18:58: we need to put these These reshoot always and after all, raise yes this needle here and likewise will hook
  • 19:29: continue to close loop here take one 2 spokes take two loops provyazyvaem all together again take here one loop and next spoke 2 at