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3ch-Sapozhki warm nurseries spokes.  See details »



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  • 00:00: attached to the end this site heels and now this thread us We need some length meter supply and cut to further it to us not interfere with now this
  • 00:31: petelechku we all the thread is pulled and anchoring the loop and we need Hook this thread get on the wrong side nude and this thread will be
  • 01:02: rather sew on said associate with a hook These Circuits Set up under the hook edge loops with one with another hand grab thread and once again and drags
  • 01:36: now we need to
  • 03:06: Now this will sew the upper part of gates for this we hinges with pins will remove 1 to 2 so you not to lose hinge and will sew to be beautiful It means this white I thread we have here
  • 03:36: loops and the dress is now needle a simple thread take Dress her up
  • 04:06: abalone Wolves in the loop resulting smuggles beach a thread and back pull thread all
  • 04:37: maybe you needle's eye is not wider have such problems insert then we will But our doing loops that I now released this Collar 1 is 2 we we will sew Now this element for that
  • 05:09: Start here we measure under and take out needle in the first loop further grab here this is now full loop so
  • 05:39: and then we dive into this the loop here We take out the needle in next loop and now we seize that's the way next st on another element
  • 06:10: and you also take out the following is inserted is on pins Here we liberate couple eyelets and exciting here at we passed the thread here we grab
  • 06:40: The following two strings and again the loop dive and grab next loop here so here we go again take two strings and return to the
  • 07:10: the loop prihvatyvaya next st So on the following two strings and again in the same loop and the following so we should
  • 07:41: get up purple here still have one white end
  • 08:12: we dive here and comes up with the sides now we here have purple thread we cut So
  • 08:43: Now we have this thread We should put another needle We use the same by so now we
  • 09:26: picks up first loop so way and here this first loop lilac it again here and in the following can now be pull up so now we take here petelechku and here and petelechku here again back to the first
  • 09:56: and so the following pull-back then go to the we took beside her take So and again here two loops We take the following 2 and so on until the end
  • 10:36: this thread we
  • 11:51: it is necessary to fasten cut off will continue continue white tighter thread can
  • 14:56: secure i30 look we obtained such boots
  • 15:51: Now for the sole We are tying to do were little handsome first Now this series of knit usually just columns, without sc knit these tracks that we obtained at knitting for shower so the contour
  • 16:35: Walk to spica dovyazali white and the number of threads go to purple thread do we harness rachim step for
  • 17:05: this means we start hook pyatimsya ago and according to the provyazyvaem the thread is here hide the hook again back loop and pull out the thread provyazyvaem so here we walk then this tip
  • 17:42: hide and so on until the end of the series
  • 18:15: knit They were tied to the end and All this is possible thread trim and hide all finished for the soul basically your nakedness cn burn
  • 18:46: now here as well We get a little thread higher than from the beginning here socks provyazyvaem loop and just start backtracking there will be an occasion
  • 19:35: This knit wherewith each petelechku border ie this track that we obtained at knitting and bitch But for those verhushechki take the hide here we need
  • 20:07: go to this to this so here's corner and so will some of the and same thread in vain arri well and also go through
  • 20:55: this part and just a little higher
  • 21:40: to hide us the beginning of this Cayman enough Now it turns out this edging on top and along the ground all the luck to meet