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  • 00:00: you are unhappy with form his face and You dream about accentuated cheekbones like Hollywood stars you think that it needs to go under the knife no surgeon is not necessarily my claims friend Eugene, both black all the secret of how to change the shape of the face just one month is not leaving the house it will reveal to us a you right now women hello hello to you if it It was hidden strictly copper, I would not shadow of doubt blush concealer and it has a different shape person but once you came to visit me then we will deal
  • 00:31: something more today we are serious you will do gymnastics for the person I I show a simple complex that help at home without any conditions other fixtures It changes the shape of the face emphasize cheekbones throw cheeks and even improve facial contour and remove the second I'm sure the chin that many women dream of such changes but we met burning through particular family Maxim turned to me to help his wife Larissa and along with him because believe that Larissa that it is not ideal face shape and order
  • 01:01: to change this situation it is ready apply even to the plastic surgeon and I I approached not knowing that she had to such incidents sure to find effective range exercise woman I came in this family I sorted out the problem and I decided to help wealth was Larisa over months did Complex I and and the result showed really exceeded our let's expectations see how it It had been rummaging I like what it's like mat she squad Alla bunch inscriptions absolutely
  • 01:32: happy and infect Larisa shock and water them NATO Zhinkov die for billowing Rounded form there reals similarly you won duzhe She gave birth to a stake and managed and to throw and to declare kilograms after skirt of his coat against the apple and watch lost District I have a child, this problem wanted at the present moment little from them to get rid of with the help of plastic Operation her man Maksim categorically about Titov was found
  • 02:02: on plastic operation tom binns back on Relief to our expert effects of these operations are very bad negative maybe even accident and Communications and ok so this one of how many event log normal cases are tell us why you such a a desire to do plastic surgery and particularly What would you like change in our face I have always been counters and even before adolescence childbirth before pregnancy I had a kilo
  • 02:32: but less than in the cheeks I have always been well like course I want them eliminate expensive my I like your cheeks like how how are you Well excuse me try first option Eugene and then place I do not get it Of course, even so shall do surgery to indeed maxims rights and in the sense that do not need right away so radically begin operates above
  • 03:02: and we are quite young We can cope with your problem is recourse plastic Surgery can I get you offer a range exercises for the face that you will perform daily you pull your muscles on the face of such way your face change for 100 years will become more sculptural your cheekbones are better excel error on the contrary you go It is suitable decision to donate to you as the same in I travel I come look at result if result really is then passes
  • 03:32: question about any operation can not come guest maximum not even all still managed two Recanati Larissa does not hurry up and surgeon counting and this hour beaks bench decided yak soars above our food former special a month has passed and rights very soon we will see much has changed Larissa and than it actually could help our dear Genia I'm sure beautiful result but I want to see all their eyes a little later and now we can you do and
  • 04:02: Exercise I Olesya showed the more than that to me they, too, not hurt as our guests let's all together focus on how Well it will not be tell and show us because nothing more need in addition own name and hands and the tips of your to start to our exercise main course we do with you a light workout for to prepare our facial muscles warm-up will be very Just at first we just going to inflate right left cheek the most heavily our breath visitors also make a
  • 04:36: long does it need do we do it 5 to 10 times now we Warms our we nasolabial area we will inflate an upper lip and a lower lip air too maximum dial we have great should go warm good in the cheeks and lips or this suggests that our muscles Now we warmed up we will air to roll in a circle cheek under the lip under the cheek under his lip as the if we rinse the mouth try again air and more still in what direction
  • 05:11: I do not care the main thing here recruit more air and hold it within the mouth and the now the last an exercise we warm-up need for him language and the language we will our massage the inner cavity oral just in a circle this exercise again also help us warmed our orbicularis oris muscle our counters to have We went enhanced Krava well as the tide your muscles warmed up Yes, I feel that We warmed up and now we are ready
  • 05:42: our main complex exercises that which I He showed Larisa the first exercise that we will do it for our cheek muscles to to them about train us It needs only our fingers it will a bit unusual we first open the mouth Now we pulled forefingers We put on the bottom they will have teeth as a treadmill fingers and we strain cheeks will try maximize their squeeze Now I'll show you will repeat and our guests and their dose HOME try
  • 06:14: strain and cheeks primarily in and second mouth hapnesh chief mouth pulling more you like but Nadia just fine born beat Gerda from the Pope and we straining account both if we pull air that tried cheek pin finger inward us immediately cheeks should must exert have a sense of the work this muscle has at I would recall that we here is our muscles cheeks should strongly we should strain Just feel like
  • 06:44: have muscle works becomes more solid clear business that before perform this gymnastics needed make sure that your hands Yes, we need to clean wash hands more Of course, it is desirable do our gymnastics on pure that is, we face remove makeup and while doing so that if we do make up the pores revealed during muscle and Naturally all that She gets on top inside it brings clear pollution poured out today, we do not flee now makeup shoot potreniruemsya will learn basis for this
  • 07:14: complex and then will do correctly and completely quite true as just need it Submission cheek do 25-30 times I I take it all exercise is the number of times two to maximize the effect and if not 5070 because we need to will our muscles just overloading us We strengthened our cheeks Now we come to the our nasolabial area it is a problem for many is nasolabial fold appears even early enough it depends on the type of aging face and by the way It was very interesting
  • 07:44: meeting where we We are discussing the types of aging face is how should be maintained face and even eat for to adjust aging and longer stay young you can go to our website and see this story Now we make our exercises exercise will be for muscles that lifts the top lip which is right near the nose up we fingers Practicing here here here near the nose Held now we just raise the top lip like show how teeth msa rock rose dropped just easy yes you are right
  • 08:17: feel like a fingers vibrate muscle's felt we and pumped with our lip area We is not done never before we exercise every time something brand new and perfectly important thing is not frowns to the eyebrows themselves rise further control forehead great at Nadia now we do following exercise also for nasolabial area we are now relieves spasms because that nasolabial fold is there is also because of the excessive muscle spasms we will also use finger
  • 08:47: and here again we pulled in oval fingers put under the upper lip along the upper teeth Here and now we upper lip will click on finger as if pronounces the letter oh-oh-oh-oh what great Feel Nadia should can feel tension here but here is yes and lip muscles if there is some muscles, too
  • 09:18: strain course working muscles and lips muscles that lifts the top lip, and even visually we see that nasolabial fold immediately smoothed when we do this exercise so it can be as short assistance is now more then we do exercises for cheeks to distinguish it Our school's apples just this and Larissa and wanted very I wanted to school traced It was like Hollywood stars and we will soon see a she got the result so we mouth stretched Practicing near nose here here and here Now we are trying to
  • 09:48: compress upper portion person to have bouncing cheekbones Wow does not work Try it as a if we tamp yeah and now Now it turns out that's here here here we find done only need to relax your eyes and more concentrate on cheekbones and everything well here I am convinced that this an exercise rather complicated because those involved muscles which work we are not in ordinary life notice quite surely must have
  • 10:18: people different facial expressions why some people longer own these muscles while others do not We get quite a first time but it is possible train Of course you can each can can train so the most important thing done regularly and We still have the last exercise It will help us tighten them yet because the facial contour when slack counters, we also it is very important to tighten here as we we will do We say the letter and here and so we I strained here only we fingers pressed under the lower lip to have no creases were not to our skin remained intact presses
  • 10:48: and now try say the letter and possible so strong and lip corners as if the aim neck down and on it mates and neck and facial contour so This exercise is very quickly give us the effect of tightened circuit and a bit pull down with your hands or I only see her hands and dial fix both to give the muscles more load at work We just muscles who is here here when all together they do so but look nice
  • 11:18: to our guests as well I ordered well done but also 25 times yes each course exercise we do 25 times, and you should feel again here's a strong voltage and neck too fine but the whole face as if massage Well done here feeling circulation is clearly effort and courage what the course or even become so blush so it the exercise by the way in general the whole complex better to do in the morning even when caused me make-do all active
  • 11:48: exercises and then can not even apply blush because the person is very fresh and great but we are with you just one time you can try tell this complex doing so We felt that effect on the person and have Larissa did Month to just have been very good time to this experiment because Maxim has not seen his beloved wife Larisa Within a month he was on a business trip and here today right here its meeting held and max with us be able to assess the results of efforts which is Larissa
  • 12:18: I put to adjust shape of your face Maxim go please CNAM Hello please pass I understand that you have already just waiting Larissa with beautiful bouquet well Yes of course I to see the result certainly and what result you expect to positive but clear that we fought you think could Larissa implement the dream or Still ask It is an operation keep hope operation is not
  • 12:48: I will need all realized a decisive attitude maxim own maxims and I thought not need the task was to convince Larissa and help her achieve the the result of which it is calculated without any surgery interventions and so now Larisa and Maxim meet right Here of course you longer be delighted just the fact that each friend saw but then we will We deal with the results of compound exercises that Jack to Larisa He showed about a month Larisa ago Come to us
  • 13:18: you are welcome Hello Hello, thank you Larissa you to us have joined such awkward situation when look minutes the whole person and once you all examine face Larissa does not know how will correct right on your impressions we ask or Still Maxim ask what he sees Have you changed as an According to him, let start with maxima speak well
  • 13:48: It became much more fun facial contours course yes were drew better positive Yes, I can see the result agree one hundred interest because I do exercises in first he stressed the features of his face facial muscles become and even stronger from this cheered up because I began to in the mirror watching with great pleased them We look with other big happy because I I Genia that the result
  • 14:19: excellent course during working hours or after training it is important to provide beneficial organism vitamins but not overload big amount food such cases can be used smoothies peretortye fruit with apple juice are excellent fit as a useful bias for the day but it does not create gravity in stomach help yourself the majority of women to no contraindications in this complex can someone not worth it take over the exercises to keep up from absolutely 7 only if you 're certainly not
  • 14:49: or if you need to do there is inflammation facial nerve then too, must first see a doctor to treat problems then engaged so everyone needs and any age, I thank you very much for this complex exercises that I personally useful I promise that I will to carry out his every morning and died result because today we saw how wonderful it It turned in Larissa I wish you guys understanding happiness wellbeing your family thanks that came from the symbol why would youtube hello
  • 15:19: each of us dreams longer save youth and beauty skin so subscribe to our channel and I pleasure I share with you recipes for youth and beauty skin health