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  • 00:00: Olya hello and you are already looked new directory which I told you our last order yes of course it means me really like it special I wanted the offer would try here this new fragrance and else you like me again here is the racetrack very good then all this we bring to your new order al ta you know, I drew attention that you do not you use a cream for
  • 00:30: The face will suit you novelty cream and not ultra nutrition just for your skin look and this basic care for skin you will feel the result is literally immediately it softens and soothes the skin feeds her and most importantly not between it restores your natural own protective function of his skin you can use and day and night he tested dermatologists and what he is the most interesting suitable for care skin exactly in autumn and
  • 01:01: in winter, well , now just relevant and you I'm sure he suitable for my I am absolutely sure universal is cream for any skin and for any age but wait but in there are two cream then says that the same can be use in the morning and in the evening, well, why then 2 because each cream corresponds to a certain type skin look here light texture this is normal for combined and for
  • 01:31: oily skin but this is already for dry and for very dry skin you have what skin is not dry skin to at one hundred percent in this I'm sure you I suggest that a simple test for me there is a test strip and we Let's see what is yours you are ready to skin well, then come on let's try this one here Apply your please feel free to forehead but straight to in the middle for 10 seconds but this we will attach to your cheek like this, so you see
  • 02:03: the test showed that you combined skin wow but me and did not know of course 60 percent of women do not knows what type they have skin in fact and by the way use cream which are not suitable also between other, I am perfect and you are perfect suitable cream and new user power is like this just easy the texture you know very pleasant texture easily absorbed yes still in a pleasant feeling I feel
  • 02:33: the skin became soft I like yes to me I used to want try out hello like you cream and not ultra food and drink in delighted that he that need this cream so easily absorbed and while on the skin remains very pleasant sensation softness and smoothness all day and not yet despite the fact that he he is not nutritious leaves this oily film or this brilliance
  • 03:03: unnecessary and I I feel that my skin breathes ahead so glad you are finally found what is suitable for you