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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you Olga my mother, and now we let's talk about five services online services that cool facilitate Life blogger or web master I'll tell you about the 5 Services I use their work and tell why their used most often so good we begin with first service
  • 00:31: yandex wordstat it here you can see First I before write an article necessarily I refer to it Well firstly the service in I have made beforehand semantic core I I take my key the phrase in the second before you write an article I hammer here here Take for example a inquiry Water in nature I just analyzed
  • 01:03: recently the site and therefore, from queries this site I want you show as example, the water in the nature, that is, if Now you look 45 thousand two hundred twenty five impressions per month is different variations collocations it includes this ice water in nature and there are different interpretation of this may request that go to the article in
  • 01:34: quality additional support if that query here is the right column it would still be something there that is what you were looking for more users who sought an inquiry Water in nature, their it could be used article that is, there is service gives me the a complete picture of what Inquiries can I used in article to how it you can hit faster in the top dispensing
  • 02:04: search engines this is the first service vordstate and yandex.ru Next, a second service I use often enough or rather almost every time I I write this article semantic analysis text online at Online a2 Mountain use it very conveniently just put in here your article click to check and see statistics
  • 02:34: Keyword here is my my key here he It has allowed a percentage that is important that was not oversleep and to search engines do not They punish you for what you are using keyphrases too often I I see other keys that fall here and also point them in plugin I sat down when I fill all fields plugin here just write key
  • 03:06: phrases others who consistent theme my article on the following services which uses often is my site speed test blog download Pym and his house check why it important to check your speed Download your blog you understand that if Block Georgia is very slowly the most
  • 03:36: users simply do not wait until he opens and leaves with your site even noting that how useful it how good it is quality as further so here I insert here Name your blog The exact address of his press blog test and wait what speed he at This will show the way first showed such a marvelous
  • 04:07: speed download actually it is I usually within five years I find myself believe seconds that more or less fine because site I have the template very heavy so I removed all the sliders all that is possible from animation removed to a little facilitate its accelerate downloads load so 2 a second for my
  • 04:38: blog just just super good so also use the service to test the speed your was your blogs and if download at speed you have a very slow and it is necessary to take action must be addressed cause slow Download is very it is important to the next site I can say for sure I use this service liveinternet Now here I am
  • 05:08: I show the site itself and In general, I certainly I take extension in the chrome here Now here I have it set to browser what I do I'm taking I go to any website and if I want to say check him indicators and it is sometimes I think some I wonder block just for example cl open I have to Currently the unit and
  • 05:38: by expanding I watch it indicators most thing I Second most interested thing I interest on the time is here and I can determine blog attendance day today as man on the line I have about get presenting it attendance and here I can see the core audience there are many people what percentage
  • 06:09: visitors back on the block again naturally than this percentage is higher than the block interesting for the visitors it can be useful say and search engines also determine in the same way that ie if there is some core audience on the blog it's very good than above it the better should strive to large core audience and share the search traffic
  • 06:39: there is in general traffic from search systems or not but here here on this time on this blog shows that search traffic Unfortunately no then let this I block interested in their excellent figures attendance core blog has search Traffic is the next then I'm going to Next service is some but call it supra
  • 07:10: I do read on see differently that and doing a full Analysis of this blog To do this I click I insert address here Blog click analysis and waiting for the service it analyze what I'm here I can see I can see when the blog was birthday ie when he created as he at the time years months etc. Now this
  • 07:40: blog get longer two years I determine how the optimized block there is some god even no description here's all right then there is a main page blog at least optimized can look indices of particles at jiang Blog can also see here blog traffic views on how ie visitor
  • 08:11: This depth of view than it is the figure above the unit also considered more can be useful see position Yandex blog and google for some needs it is close to topu can watch it competitors the way this service you can safely to use for analyze your competitors and look to see for whatever package demands they
  • 08:41: come on what are them here these here Options for to understand more strategy promote your blog if you very familiar then your competitors you do as they say longer in the cards hands you can use them strategies for promote your blog Here are 5 service I most often use their the I hope that you and them if you are interested
  • 09:12: you still should not used Please read and use all your good to meet a