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  • 00:00: DISH SNOWDRIFT Winter came. The dish that I will cook today corresponds winter theme. This dish is called "Snowdrift". This is a cutlet with garnish. These are two different dishes, which are connected in a single whole. For this recipe we will need: 700 g minced meat (with spices), 400 g marinated mushrooms (you can use fresh), 3-4 potatoes, 100-150 g of cheese, mayonnaise, salt and spices to taste.
  • 00:30: First you need to grate the potatoes and cheese. Rub the potatoes and cheese on a coarse grater. Components of dishes are prepared. You can cook in a frying pan or in the oven.
  • 01:00: I'll cook in a frying pan. Take the minced meat and form a big cutlet. Now form a flapjack. Put the pan. It will be one portion.
  • 01:35: Put the mushrooms on top. If you use fresh mushrooms, it should be fried. Potatoes. Cover mushrooms with potatoes.
  • 02:05: Can be a little salt. Lubricate top with the mayonnaise. Little - just one tablespoon. Sprinkle liberally with cheese. All the stuffing should be covered with cheese.
  • 02:40: It turns snowdrift. Cover with a lid. We put on the low heat. Cooking for 20 minutes.
  • 03:11: You can turn off heat. Leave lid closed for 10-15 minutes. Snowdrift - is unusual and delicious dish, that will look great on the holiday table. Cook with fun and bon appetit! TASTY DIALOGUE WITH ELENA BAZHENOVA