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  • 00:00: Hello we continue and public topic here two weeks passed cucumber already teenagers But after 5 sheets to be honest as I you said sheet after 5 1 cucumber went here you can see it here and more of each of the each leaf axil same here here are two cucumbers You see it on again 111 but more landings we like
  • 00:30: agreed 5 sheets but I have here a little bit more here stepson went here I went following more more more So I specifically for you made here bummer that is how take break off here stepson caught behind two sheets of the middle race and that's finger rolled all I broke off here see here again once again show here are two sheets and we took this here Just tilt and he
  • 01:00: I bent all here see here was but here's a cucumber stayed cucumber and so we are doing here is to this place and on there about how well something like a meter half and why if you leave more leaves and I want leaves and leave more we have all the time to scold Why did you break off just let more
  • 01:30: much more green Now that's out of here two leaves will stepchildren and again you there is such a will Yoga is such here will hang here kilo This greenery of this by this plate from this they lash intertwine and begin to just flowers bloom and fall off with cucumber it's bad dampness It means not talking about not comes the pollinated cucumbers himself
  • 02:00: uplay May and stamen pestle when ripe fingers should this one bag burst pollen fly away and sit then on the pistil pollinated and cucumber and tied growing increase If pollination does not It happened and she did not is because cheese and a large humidity aired no leaves everything stranded and get a bag
  • 02:30: it does not burst Pollen does not scatter pollination not going outside that is, if it is simply back off get all this if people formed you need to pay attention to moisture and the number of greenery if empty shell, and then we must already look the rest to cut It was not void of color it is necessary to draw a map here carbon can take a lint carbide Calcium's welders apply more
  • 03:00: acetylene receives ch4 formula take this one good to put it there on the ground, he starts but this one stands out gas aha contribute education of women flowers This is the first option or the second embodiment take simply put a barrel water and lay it grass it starts strand will be here this then release methane and methane is just promotes education of women
  • 03:30: flowers further from cucumber cucumber tied, but if it look down on clockwise then there are like the sun at We walk to the south east west and here and so on Next day again and the whip she the sun will rotate itself will totter on rope if you You are cool in the opposite direction betray you begin ie it fall twists clockwise and will make more if break off all
  • 04:01: let's stepchild broken off so you can be seen at I do not feel sorry for him to break off explain why now that's all there is broken off Now more than one to be the best and see here here Now it turns 56 centimeters between sheets see if you stepchildren leave they have or whistle or you start to braid the second second there third
  • 04:31: stem of this is now a rope what happens at snapshots starts overtake each other So you see here has a distance and the next will be even more and he will to catch up with the central degree from central stalk voice will not allow himself both know he will go faster growth and it is about Mishutka children and then can be even 15 ie centimeters
  • 05:01: if you leave here's one with the whip cucumbers they have five centimeters will it already are legal guaranteed cucumbers and here they may be may not be so that you decide that is, they go to distillation grow quite simply so way to increases the alpha who someone you really should and cucumbers we lose so they will compete for over a place under the sun well, of course who Here the distance ahead between the sheets
  • 05:33: increases and respectively, and number of cucumbers will be less believe it or No that's my opinion I like so well, Dutch and they also they are growing are grown in one advantage of the stem a Look at one steppe to the top more then it's on I came to the stem ceiling what should be done you need to remove this rope drop down to the meter so to speak and style twist in the ring Now let's clearly
  • 06:04: look here let the rope of It's growing cucumber he came to the top you doing all cucumbers filmed here say here cucumbers We ran out on that there is no longer take break off all leaves all the leaves Vorovaiki here and so and do not regret they have not taught We need these leaves on what you are doing unloose rope and drop and down to the meter's
  • 06:34: But in this there is here so farther behind visa you dropped shoulders then you take it so here in the ring whip itself very shoulders together with a rope here You are doing here is ring farther and Here cucumber degree You pull the here and blindfolded in two places here at you got here a ring if suddenly cucumber formed on the take enclose wire some to do just a rigid frame that's you
  • 07:04: it turned ring then here you let's head m here still growing then she grew take make even one ring lower down make another ring and so on the cold weather will with cucumbers only just that the child need to build share a drink before the main thing that's the same paste a long time well you can then reserve tie it at the end all or fucking what time is it
  • 07:35: pull to do ring without any cordage it is to decide that there is we get at the bottom after all, as it were dies, she did not It gives no fruit but it is still at the top able to grow if Is this condition home create them artificially they are Only this soup whip is that here it is let's do it Here the ring then more can be done a top ring will rise and give harvest that is, while increasing top us she needs give place to
  • 08:05: Growth yes and if you otschepnite crown whip stops grow all goes into the groove flour then it means you will have stepchildren reinvent and there are already leaves here with each other overtaking distance between the sheets and this increases we are like see this is the second as an option caring for cucumber if it is in outdoors in
  • 08:35: number of beds colds Look on the ground Now as I said 5 But the man in the sheets one two three 4 May 5 here the leaves are still here and we crown breaks off APA's tank full broke off around threw on here Now go in stepsons opposite sides of the bottom nothing from the lava from you can reject it and began to revive yellow means it much good there all and here's another one, let I told him it's a cucumber
  • 09:06: transplanted to another place here he went the good stepchildren cucumbers all year ovary normally quotes women the same Now 5 sheets and top of the head breaks off again 1 3 4 5 sheets than the top of the head We threw it means we will just specimen education we are before that looked cucumbers and those who good really
  • 09:36: I have I do Herman grade it here beside the first to see him in each every sinus and get in some even two but sometimes falls in the package are cucumbers packaging or other grade Well obviously in another type of see here is not our experiment more that's how the whole kingdom time for my to do you experiment just here to
  • 10:06: one could see well and some have all as such here to the productivity of a cucumber who got such whom Here are examples of other no ovaries see all Onion flowers men's But if they have their So they pull out no flower depend all but no cucumber gate stepson unfold here now about to be seen Here is a cucumber note that this is not stick to get. So we just do
  • 10:36: Now take the crown and do not regret I took from bursting that's left two stepson why 2 well, let's say one some kind of a safety We will just check see here yet not very well which can be seen here cucumbers and here, too, most let it a little older then we'll see where will have more cucumbers
  • 11:06: the women's envy the crown and leave if the two start there are cucumbers in We will be at the expense of stepchildren Yes and if that's suddenly This step-children well It is such that here sent it released I went for a good snack thick cucumbers again no take her again break off crown and put out This ambassador to another Passport end will achieve this moment when you will be one Women envy one broke off a second time
  • 11:38: time and already rejected This guarantees that before science says that to do so believe it or but as there is no will do you your rights I respect your opinion goodbye and as cucumbers We have already begun they need to be tied feed up supports and feeding us with We will talk later because it is a big topic, and it
  • 12:08: It takes a long time You need a lot of show and tell will desire come yet