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COLD PORCELAIN without heat treatment the 2nd part - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: and again and again I good afternoon to all of you fans cold china for those who do not I saw the first first part of our video I want to remind that Yesterday we did for a couple of minutes kneaded a mixture of cold porcelain without heat processing and literally minute time blinded just such elementary rosettes
  • 00:31: to see how behaved porcelain course only involved as we can see we know that if we do flowers or something there puts a foil To keep shape we nothing underlay pasted and we see holding shape keeps holding the shape is not cracked anything all the places here
  • 01:02: as it was yesterday Sean unity bolt tverdenky You see nothing with him and it becomes something else you can tell if you dazzled picture if you are blind picture with flowers For example, I very I like to sculpt picture with flowers and you and I do not want to cover lacquer afraid that it will shine or
  • 01:33: still something cover the This mixture is not afraid moisture so I it now down and leave on the period of time when as long as we are talk you I see it Pull on the land and it It will be the same as so we were We leave it to background and to see our our mix we kneaded yesterday I did not even I touched since and
  • 02:05: said here these two pieces which mixture remained we have from yesterday here on a this sculptured rosettes look like today it is behave differently it It is not as not too soft like was yesterday rolled up such a condition as the we need you and I said that no I grease the hand cream
  • 02:36: but sometimes perhaps but it is necessary to also very cold here see here is our lepestochek roses here and the sand roses if we begin to sculpt and rosettes look as it stands since as we put and stands under my We give shape what we need, and it a need to tighten up So I pulled Bend
  • 03:07: for example here now so close to our our harvest and was that could not be seen from the I mold from it with the same small piece it was yesterday just for left sample nothing I want to prove I want nothing yet just to show how behaves today a mixture so I it cleave our second a leaflet which
  • 03:38: closes our close Template here Do you know that middle, always strangely and abruptly on so I do not even I try to give some form and some the form can be given in seconds but nevertheless I did I will give here is our lepestochek which
  • 04:08: already begins to like It says give flower shape Here you can see I do not know or not now go our flower starts you blossom You see what keeps form completely so as we need I enclose here his lion in the recipe products this recipe is how
  • 04:38: I'll put it as he will lie and see Now we will deploy our own batch to which he how he behaved Here she is now his warm up very very very very pleasant nice girl after all because he
  • 05:33: rolled out