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  • 00:00: Welcome to Mamochkin channel is the second part of the video lesson on knitting pattern sprocket the first part we We learned to knit this pattern and now we knit it around because for knitting caps or dressings e.g. on his head we need a circular pattern and so tied the original chain of our lush columns one air and
  • 00:30: then knit next lush column but do not fully and three sc pull tabs 3 further connect our chain in the ring injected first pull loop thread and immediately dragged her through
  • 01:00: All tabs on the hook grinding away again take out and again We pulled through loop on the hook Here we have put together thus airbag ring 1 and then again according to our look simple knit lush column which lifts us on the next row Air more
  • 01:33: half stars start cutting the first column of a lush to knit is not until the end the second column of a lush and third lush column it's all we have learned to make the first video lessons stretch and provyazyvayu one air on a number
  • 02:06: principle as a conventional pattern as if we do not knit round Three lush column strapped one vertices and so a number of It comes through as I joined
  • 02:36: I sound like So to dovyazali Now the end of the series will join to top knit last half stars the first column of a lush knit as usual more lush 2 column knit the same as usual and a third lush column it we already
  • 03:06: this is the first bound column series, and we We are like this join We work hard here in this grab loop thread and dragged through all the loops on the hook again to stick to the pulling thread and dragged here so we attached one air
  • 03:36: and knit lift column for next row here at we asterisk and here we have an asterisk But with this column maybe it does not as nice as all others but the base web it will not happen noticeably knit lifting lush column for next row provyazyvaem
  • 04:07: one air further as usual knit our half stars the first column of a lush knitting is not until the end the second column of a lush 3 to the end and lush column and contract all the same apex knit one air and so
  • 04:37: whole line again reached the end a number knit last last unfinished star first lush column 2 a magnificent bar and now again attachment to the top 1 column call it to them pulling thread
  • 05:07: provyazyvaem all loops on the hook they call it there too pulling thread provyazyvaem 1 air and further will again be column lift next here is a series of It turned circular pattern and now we produce ubavki because for crochet beanie us we need to start it then knit the bottom at the top we need produce ubavki
  • 05:37: they made number of teeth we Komi We start as usual knit 1 lift lush column Knit 1 Air We will then have knit our star with ubavkami the first column of a lush we were binding as usual the second column of a lush
  • 06:12: provyazyvaem also like usually and the third We begin to breed at first ubavki Klimov pull with the first holes off the second and third have with the following holes and again provyazyvaem All tabs on the hook as usual
  • 06:43: tighten one air then knit following an asterisk this star has It will be without ubavki 2 and finished the lush column and 3 unfinished magnificent
  • 07:17: table provyazyvaem all all columns contractible in one apex everything is as usual q is 1 star we kai had teeth
  • 07:48: so here ubavka imperceptibly beginning, we round cloth Now we continue knitting, I will show more once how to do a butterfly Now knit usual half stars and following an asterisk
  • 08:31: Su will do again grandmother We will pull here The following two holes together So the first magnificent bar we were binding as the usually 2
  • 09:04: it is not finished and lush bars As usual third We will do ubavku the first thread of the first eyelet pull the other two a second through nakida and tightens that is, we have a magnificent 3 column he is divided into two parts sc, and one thread and the other hole
  • 09:36: sc pulling thread sc and again pull the thread here so shrinks canvas in the first video tutorial I want show in the picture as this butterfly made the first under the raised bar us to the next row Knit two magnificent column incomplete and the third one that's knit this thread loop and two
  • 10:06: girl next loop and it takes us be perceived one magnificent column this one column we replaced by here following sequence Further, we were binding for example one or there will be a few If the cap few will conventional half Stars and more ubavka again e.g.
  • 10:37: 2 column 1 as usual here is a divided when knitting hats should be distributed ubavki around the circle in each instance produce a number of Four of these have butterflies and then cap is up pulled together and at the end closes ring
  • 11:09: maybe I'll write video tutorial on knitting hats I entirely to leave a reference Now at the end of this thanks for the video note if there what questions write in a review, till