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  • 00:00: Hello There are many different decoration Fashion cream cake today we offer you a very easy way cake decoration prepared Oil cream divide in two equal parts one part slightly tinted red food dye to we turned pink cream put pink cream pastry bag gear attachment
  • 00:31: diameter half centimeter Reveal the bag so to cream left on walls and bags add in the middle not tinted half cream squeezing cream bowl until until of pastry bag Graham did not go two colors and proceed to cake decoration
  • 01:03: squeezing a cream on all surfaces of the cake such as spiralek way we receive the spirit colored roses for cake decoration the best thing use smooth thick oily cream and such cream Charlotte Oil Cream on condensed milk chocolate oil oil cream Brewed protein cream these and other recipes creams can be found at
  • 01:33: our website or in Russian section creams when in the confectionery bag over cream return the pink cream in bowls bag and draw in the middle of the cake pink roses inspiration luck and pleasant tea drinking
  • 02:03: with a beautiful cake