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  • 00:00: hello today I'll make salad three options on the blunt end of a chicken eggs make a hole I omit the egg in boiling water and kept its exactly one minute car as an egg at room
  • 00:31: temperature 10-15 minutes whipping rezhu two-tone and I cut cubes of 11 centimeters 30 milliliters olive oil the first extraction about half a spoon hellish herbs and a quarter teaspoon spoons of salt are all well mix bread slices shall water and oil mixture Provencal truth preheated to 180 degree oven You put croutons
  • 01:02: I average I listen to during 10-15 minutes until light gold I squeezed juice from half a lemon until cool Glinka cook sauce slightly long cloves garlic I add a third part teaspoon salt and
  • 01:32: teaspoon quickly sauce Shishkov adding 50 steel milliliters olive small portions add lemon juice I gave him to taste grated parmesan cheese on lettuce leaves vysyplyu Granger add the sauce and all one that will mix this option
  • 02:07: author's version Caesar salad marinated fillet chicken vegetable oil and grass and pan fried Grilled chicken fascinated cold at room 20 ° or anchovies finely finely chopped angle yolk add the anchovies
  • 02:37: tablespoon teaspoon wine vinegar mustard spoon 3 cloves garlic to rub on grater All is well mixed with constant whipping small portions add 100 milliliters and patterns and home teaspoon quickly Shumsky sauce pull out dining room to taste of lemon juice
  • 03:08: again all is well dried minced lettuce leaves add croutons and I surrender sauce Mix well base salad undressed equally each plate strew grated parmesan anchovy fillets and lay
  • 03:38: the second part I lay out the chicken pieces Grilled chicken pieces shall water sauce each variant of salad It is interesting in its own way choose to your taste subscribe to Channel place husky share your friends and write comments I wish you a pleasant
  • 04:09: appetite