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  • 00:00: and Hello everyone today Sunday June 1 and Sunday or Saturday I love sonic cook's Today I will not break the tradition cook herring very tasty on quite another Prescription well herring so called
  • 00:31: because herring We are not in Argentina sold will use here a fish so would salt the fish will We called Ancha I do not know what you have on such black anchovy per can see how our people and if your countries have the network use herring or mackerel that is, here we simply do not have, and mackerel now is not the season is not
  • 01:01: we found today is not mackerel asset is not sold so that this we need generally first show I'll do use then I will apply Now this fish somewhere but more than a kilogram since we are now will clean disembowel It succeeds somewhere kilogram piece that will harm then put it I will apply where is here and so glass water bewitched after the filter take where the half a liter
  • 01:33: vodichki receive 3 bulbs not It needs black ground pepper not need Vodicka and Lavrushka bay leaves not vinegar in need you have here is a alkach grape vinegar Now this one is better than I will apply table usually It needs little need sugar salt salt thereof according to Spanish
  • 02:03: will wind king such a common and ketchup need and a wee bit sunflower oil usually sunflower Oil is of course all may slightly today in my recipe will use it as Now I go carve fish Fish 2 be gutted removed skin and chopped into pieces and then
  • 02:33: we have to cook brine so fish prepared fish prepared skin filmed somewhere such Now casting pieces done just not so it was inconvenient to take Well, who cut rings so that more money now we will prepare brine to fill this fish and so We start hut
  • 03:03: Brine to take this where that half a liter of water come here it here and take Lavrushka a vase the same goes here then take the most somewhere one black pepper a teaspoon of it will black pepper
  • 03:34: take 2 teaspoons Sahara there is here I have 4 tablespoons here such salts without slides so here and they're I prepared here too pour Now when the vinegar
  • 04:04: add water to boil so while reserve option take one aside tablespoon vegetable oil 1 pour into our plate Now here's the put ketchup
  • 04:34: wineglassful Now this ketchup 4 spoon of ketchup canteens because if after taking oil It goes well beyond also first be oil and then Kerch all this should be to stir thoroughly so intermingled Now
  • 05:06: here same here as onions all this It can be a little finger and divide it all Now go bow finish to boil boil and then cool and to lay the river and marina on the dishes and fill here this brine which is getting cold During this time, until prepare the brine is not forget cover Cover and put in refrigerator so that it
  • 05:36: It was not just outdoors so as not to spoil the nothing so all that's I go now to bring to boil it here He brought to reflux I added a couple of spoons vinegar of which I showed a couple tablespoons and leave to cool pre-take anything from stainless steel and this is how here are laid baby and look forward to when it's cool and so on room temperatures well
  • 06:06: has cooled fish prepared means it is necessary to fill all openability Russian our fish and leaves in refrigerator on the bottom shelf on the bottom a point on the day's tomorrow, this fish has will be ready so that continue tomorrow watch it
  • 06:37: It happened and now covered and refrigerator on the bottom shelf and so day passed fish Now this is clogged it turns out the dish tried very very tasty we liked it here specially laid walk it It looks like specifically overturn as they say myasko up was shabena to what extent directed some kind of onion turns
  • 07:07: here is a a little color see ketchup makes felt well, in general is such ryboshka it turns out that I advise you to do, and try everything Bon Appetit and until the next video till