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DIY: Beaded gothic choker [easy] \/ Gothic ornament on a neck. Choker from beads the hands.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi everyone Since you Anchikov Martynov! Today I will teach you to weave a very simple Gothic Beaded Jewelery. in this technique, you can do how osheynichek on the neck and bracelet on his arm. The material that we need: beads №10, fishing line diameter 0.3mm, 8mm bicones - 27shtuk, two iron rings and lock. Let's get started!
  • 00:30: Cut the two pieces of fishing line at 110cm. The first is passed in the grove clasp and can be done knot, to accurately split the line in half. Binder I fasten the clasp to the work surface, well, you can just keep both ends of the fishing line in his hand. Now stringing beads on both ends of the fishing line on the 10pieces.
  • 01:02: Then take bicones and threaded his end of the line with various sides. and delays, we came the first circle or the first link in our chain. Now, again string on both ends of the fishing line beads,
  • 01:32: Only already 16shtuk. And the next bicones threaded ends fishing line from different angles, all on the first rung leave 14 bikousov. And the last link we do similarly first. At the end do uzelochki, you can optionally back thread the grove last
  • 02:18: link it to be stronger. Then we leave about 5mm fishing line, and cut off the excess ends podplavlyaem lighter. Now to the second tie clasps grove and start
  • 03:15: weave precisely such a chain, only its difference from the first, the first and the last link twice, ie take on the 20-beads. A bicones will go to 1pc less. When the two chains are ready, we begin to bind them
  • 04:08: between themselves. One chain must go on top, the second under the bottom, and they are swapped during each passage through top lower link. In the end we put together with the help of two iron ringlet
  • 04:40: The last link, and we connect it to the additional ring for padlock. Decoration ready! I hope
  • 05:12: Did you like my very simple master class, I often asked to do the lessons for beginners, I think it video is perfect. But of course I will try alternate between complex and simple lessons, so sign up to my channel, put the Huskies below the video if you want to More simple and beautiful decorations, until we meet again all bye-bye!