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How to clean yellow spots from sweat under mice on white clothes - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: router how to remove yellow stains under the armpits of his shirt and remove them easily and just if you have hydrogen peroxide and shirt white you apply peroxide 3 percent hydrogen do not regret pour this area under armpits so I have yellow It was on leave two o'clock can
  • 00:30: leave nothing nothing will be with her your shirt and then wash and You can also remove with yellow spots aspirin Aspirin Vodicka well let's take a glass of water, and 35 aspirin tabletochek Apply to breed yellow spot then will wash valish too great removes yellow stains
  • 01:02: take to Vanish color when the holy Vanish shirts white If white and vanish Apply vanish age armpits on shirt leave for half an hour You can leave and no longer its noggin will then erase usual manner and yellow stains disappear I myself is checked and done