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  • 00:01: forward club you and the other not less than constantly new report arguments did not convince that's where it will make You guys were always inspiratory forward movement will opinion of the hands up to the elbow
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  • 02:30: These are the pies details of the transaction it turned out that his team do not be lazy thumbs folds hip again crouched captured from the audience more breath hit the world's image of not biographer pulled lower back
  • 03:01: exhale, straighten the legs back thiamine but the surface on Tuesday again squat is pulled gently back new perfume pull We repeat this exercise June 4 times once during soft Pacquiao made gradually increasing amplitude of movement
  • 03:32: relaxing stretching alternately rear surface but and a back base and now in the palm Kalinin just looking forward Exhale gently slope into Vova side toes pull slightly upward base More pads toes pressed to complete
  • 04:02: driver's neck we relaxed elbows wider Inspiratory h gave the greatest weight and it is not all but honda the new prime viburnum freely rub clever breath follows abdomen hips
  • 04:32: twice stomach perform More relax and smooth The leaders of the foot Inspiratory squat nanovsky
  • 05:02: all of them in the series we think live Pozhivanov early adolescence its reputation and OGK I actively interfere with the noise neck relaxed head hang oh squat now a little insult back chin including it in the knee putin I preloaded the stomach exhale hang Tass intense
  • 05:30: stretch in Femur More straighten legs neck relaxed more weight on us smooth Ruble ska little more stretching base back and draw in live May arson reducing pelvic that outputs a maximum top glorified bus well drop the heel to the dock Mutko tass it
  • 06:03: whisk Kalinin chery side exhale almost sit general running out on my own breath rise your spirit tilt jaw tour but the general right leg a step back nice to pull yourselves hands and feet on the same line exhale hang tass
  • 06:31: Doctor will finger more than I say ago exhale spread their palm elbow roll Plinio gardens buttocks are relaxed Kalinin floor exhale Tass ago cues God himself, he carries exhale, heel firmly pressed
  • 07:02: he became ill add knees Patti 1 Only for both of them coming all this is stretching the Holocaust left foot unfold right to step forward badra faith itself chery side For Russia all kinds of un chery side Russian has not been able to Oscar Dubai United Arab Emirates Sheikh
  • 07:30: the number you need to have it roll winning stars back top inspiratory transfer weight dropped 100 on the road jump circle you long look floor Prague and exhale smoothly corner but in terms of solutions USD other leg a step back left foot
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  • 08:33: proficient knees nice it is adjusted over rubles I respect clearer inspiratory maple leaves heel wolf means this you or to rectifying many dax unwrap rate left leg before the world bouncy price gentle breath through the side arm up
  • 09:00: with tops stretch mat sit below all Idahor chery side hands down Nazar leg Attention smooth translation they are trying to speed back later return to the issue of the city dog fix this position of the arrest position them one look at the hands of the party again help middle fingers parallel in focus before the rest as much as possible towards
  • 09:33: straightens his shoulders outside the area born neck person or on the road eight years retaining position this festival gradually