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How to tie a scarf or a scarf on a neck in the different ways  See details »

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  • 00:00: and Hello everyone today I I show you how beautiful tie scarf or shawl that you always were warm and at the same time looked stylish and impressive Fold in half handkerchief and Naquin it around his neck prodenem end through loop on the other sides that's what we should
  • 00:30: let's get Now do the same operation twisted handkerchief to start tight and tighten the scarf connect opposing ends together we must be formed such a Shkut Naquin his neck, and prodenem ends in hole on the other sides we should get such here necklace Now Then attach the end of the handkerchief in free node, and prodenem other end in this node following method
  • 01:09: provide us with beautiful drape Naquin our handkerchief head Katz and crosshairs will be tying up and break Now drop the handkerchief head shoulders such a volume air option decorate almost any image we add our scarf Naquin at half shoulders and tie front in a knot tighten scarf close and tuck it ends at the edge jacket or coat
  • 01:39: Here's how it looks though you can also move the shoulder asymmetry always add charm to your image wrap a scarf around neck prodenem one end not through the loop pulling it completely different end prodenem through a new loop is completely possibility of our scarf
  • 02:09: on effect is not and the image is ready the next option One of the easiest Naquin scarf and tie the ends in node torsion scarf in this way once in the neck Naquin but this option is one of the my favorite start with the fact that prodenem the folded ends twice through the handkerchief loop on the other
  • 02:39: side then find with the outer ends of each side of the handkerchief holding the tips Naquin scarf on the shoulders and tie a neck after this way we finished and now some options with a tray thinner laid scarf around the neck so that both ends were front then threaded ends through loop if desired, the ends
  • 03:19: can hide fully again Naquin folded scarf on the shoulders prodenem only one through the end of the handkerchief loop Torsion of our loop Eight and prodenem at the other end of it headscarf thin scarf always
  • 03:50: you can tie both tie WC can be pull up or fold down and here is another way create spectacular drapery find change smooth and tie it rubber band on the inside sides then unscrew the
  • 04:21: handkerchief in front side and add on diagonally sign of the cross at the end of Rear tie a knot Front under the handkerchief If the handkerchief is too long end of the can simply engage in node write in their any comments option you
  • 04:51: I liked more I invite you all and see my another video on how engage effectively headscarf if you like put this video thumbs up and comment on subscribe to channel I invite you also to my very core popular English speaking channel more than 200 videos on your choice to emergency meetings