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  • 00:00: personal hello all good employee pride in their area and today I am here to record another great ball for circus on TV I chose for today gate which is the force here O I posted on the blog for some time and only I did not like enough of a video to so I will do today is for you for this work I will use the following materials using a baroque lot of lap number 91 blue color 13 logo multicolor yellow with the number 9
  • 00:33: 368 and the old baroque lot of collor color number 95 19 will also use the crochet needle bar number bit three and a half after the list of materials and also the numbering will be in My blog address is here below Video okay come on let's start our class so come on let's start our
  • 01:04: work with multicolor baroque yellow and does not catch the yarn to a sliver 6 and I had two currents three human four five six competitors there in first little chain makes a point more chicisimo thus forming a circle
  • 01:35: up with a magnet two three streams Our needle and inside the circle works highlight only one two three streams them needle within the circle makes the point High leaves the needle lacquer drizzle
  • 02:09: again and makes the high point doing only passing the two streams and lines now only passes by three neighboring a turn this is that it is the high point worked two points together to worked together with a two under three streams there the needle and again inside
  • 02:44: let's do two more highlights worked together then spends 12 leaves two sons on needle lacquer again 12 and now spends three at once everyone here will make a total of eight then 1 23 2 3 a I will do the rest and john paul
  • 03:19: showing you eight highlights worked together separated by three streams got here at the end of one two three streams there where I started telling this current and had this high point here are the two have worked together I caught the first of the little chain here top of the first dot point of and chicken chain on the high point
  • 03:49: work of the two together by sandro inside and closing with a point very low in this way they are together here like the others okay then step inside d'three water line chains and do inside one the low point came up with a chain and Now within that line I do three Highlights 12 33 highlights a current in the same line another
  • 04:28: point down to the next step olympiad and make a low and a current three highlights one two three a current point within the ringlet down goes to the next line a point
  • 04:59: down a chain and three highlights sickness 3 is a current the point but keep doing so completing 8am lines petals're I'll finish a chain the first point to point very low
  • 05:35: owner Lurdinha the wire via manual inside out and only do I have a ball of a side of the petal and the other on the other line side so I caught the ANZ aso on one side and a low stroke very low on with two three
  • 06:07: four streams to the next step Cup line where there splits the rocks where the low point was made handles two ringlets and make a point down a Two Three Four current again caught the low point the two ringlets do a low point Following doing so until complete eight four current loops
  • 06:38: I know that in the end made 8 to glue the four competitors there where he started dot one side passes through him They do not go back there pull the wire and make the slip stitch cuts the wire and make a shot I will not do finish this piece
  • 07:10: because the other video lessons I I have to circulate on TV the sheet that leads by example teaches make the tailpiece so who have doubt know do not only give a peek in the other video that there I then explain're done now finish we'll use the baroque multicolor blue then gives pass by the wire handle one of the ringlets any of them and
  • 07:40: inside it make a low one current and are now seven points higher in 23 4567 a chain line in the same a low
  • 08:21: actually we did're doing the same as we did before only that instead of three high points now this time seven highlights a step to the next ball straight I make a low a current seven 1234567 highlights a current in the same line low to step
  • 09:00: next loop and repeat doing so completing eight 8am petal lines be at the end of seven highlights one ringlet within the current point down and there where he started the first low dot a very low point give esticadinha one step in the yarn needle within that is that this cheat sheet
  • 09:30: low speck that was made previously separating the rings I'll do a low point on it then moves the needle back stroke wire here and make the slip stitch we went but when that first here It is the very low point and not do very low pulling point within the wire that chicken and has now risen four Two Three Four current step oman for the next Olympiad
  • 10:00: do the same thing but now yes low then passes the needle front out back there pull wire and do the low point with rose four streams Two Three Four again step forward pulled the wire ago the low point following doing so until complete eight four rings
  • 10:31: chains I arrived at the end to convert the glue 8 four streams there where starts that elongated blip I go through inside of him he left behind but with a slip stitch to step next the ball inside and I I low and rise over a current needle them and work here within two highlights with this
  • 11:01: current and getting a total of 3 highlights one two three streams to step next goal line and inside I I work three more highlights one two three one two three little chains to step next ball and three points high one two three
  • 11:34: you will work like getting a total of eight small blocks of space I got here in the end I turned 18 I'm with three chains there where I started that little chain I I make a slip stitch and cockatoo does the tailpiece is ready Now we'll do the leaflets
  • 12:11: O was above a base with three high points and 3 little chains now Green Baroque little people came Nelinho this Baroque first time I I am working with him but I loved it found very good it is worth you experience and I'm sure you also go to like I think it will give a cool effect for this leaflet then gives a pass by the wire and there in where I'm not doing tailpiece
  • 12:43: personnel to not be long here the video lesson but to do because but runs the risk of little flower drop plus my'll leave it started evidence shows praised shoot now inside one of the ringlets any of them make a lower corner in the co 5 little chain Sula Two Three Four Five on the same line low and now 18
  • 13:13: little chains one two three four five six seven eight in the same line another low now five little chains one two three Four Five other in the same row 5 little chains male first line 8
  • 13:47: five little chains and chains forming like a leaf do three little chains of space one two three step to the next sip and do a point inside another two three four five chains will repeat folhinha one two three four five six seven eight low-five now
  • 14:21: current one two three four five and the three most point of little chains space between them is going to close and does low and thus repeats the little leaf making a total of eight small hole got here at the end of the last three leaflet currents lounge space starts at
  • 14:52: first low blip I make a slip stitch and cut the wire and do so now finish with Here we put the little button pearl then that's left of drizzle chains where we started the play separates three children to each side
  • 15:23: our play to the right side in the same direction in such a wire is here was not made with the three chains in the middle her my wrist 3 of this thread and let the the other three sides takes little button Pearl I already have here O pearl you find in stores trims and passes this drizzle in
  • 15:54: of the drill a very complicated task I went I was not supporting me arm and it was difficult to pass but it's kind chatinho but gives to do passing into the trickle little button empire lan I turn the sheet to one side saw it in the same direction about a Furthermore in the middle between the dots
  • 16:25: that have worked together here O my people that thread I bring it back and now yes I tie with this other than what I was do 39 year olds the 23 this street is this last bit of fiuk is
  • 16:55: niece just go between the ringlets that They were previously worked and hide cut the wire dregs that is the little button was ready this little thing simple to make easy has quite modelinhos the Internet you
  • 17:27: researched you find with other thousand lines another way of doing but have rather this model is widely used because it is very simple to make and is super cute right this very way cute I hope you like it You can do doubt you can leave it and mail'll put below Video e mail and and blog I want to ask you share and can click liked it a hug and until the next video lesson