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  • 00:00: hello girls with you today again I Kate it on my I'm your desktop I tell until five minutes rather few seconds literally just about grapefruit but you you know very well beneficial features grapefruit it real fount healing nutritional especially substances grapefruit contains great amount Vitamin c is matchless storehouse Vitamin tion there essential oil
  • 00:30: pectin coloring any substance which give here Trap fruit, and that's a Now red also there in the crust 40 percent money is for whitening NATO just peel juice Juice advocate general good natural means to Skin Whitening here that is what I am You combat and freckles pigment spots and masks masks masks pulp and peel
  • 01:01: grapefruit for power improvements skin tone in the bathroom with juice and essential grapefruit oil make the skin all and a soft body velvety here so I'm you I tell you how I am doing because I'm I will do this myself I masochku think I will take Camera and take a know as the film The Diamond Arm as the chef says Kui iron is hot so I smoke mean girls here Grapefruit is well
  • 01:32: naturally I ate today I grapefruit all dined clip feet today to hours laughing Well You know that it is not go in order to lose weight and although already want to, in general, and nowhere for my 21 years of age with penny I had a great fine form but you still need to form always support the more so eve if you
  • 02:02: check out my video where I was the one in the I pin a party I have some wilderness still special for your shoot to show here how well, in general so It means here take remnants of Grapefruit I I ate there for me plenty of juice here this cup from me Well, one or two tea teaspoons can but he wants enough for me 1
  • 02:33: teaspoon of yogurt I take biokefir normally on 1 tablespoon grapefruit juice Well that's because I here right now camera camera I we try to pour of grapefruit juice directly from the saucer so I poured here one tablespoon spoon literally the mixer and the mixer is
  • 03:06: all nonsense so immediately went to Vienna diverges farther I I will put oil Now I show it wheat oil embryos here in Ukrainian because the language is written it is Ukrainian power here products are written on way and therefore you immediately understand everything well
  • 03:36: actually one hundred percent natural oil 100 percent of wheat I am very germ of his I like and add it different climates especially under the eyes and in its pure form and also that's right, I'll show you I more Chick drops ears literally 2 3 4 5 6, all so they
  • 04:09: swim see how Now they have me strengthen these masks we sneakers I adored about this mask it is suspended personal tones Girls experience all there
  • 04:39: I have literally everything in OK now that I I do now to Shipped today gauze I will lay it on your face for neck should be necessary now so today we do not I will only face it's neck and all so 15 minutes through 15 minutes, I I rented and all and I about toning
  • 05:10: elegant bleached skin here what they do with us Grapefruit also I will I tell about nutritional bowl this nutritious it stains nutritious but here longer-to-face so here already somewhere half 1 teaspoon grapefruit spoon vegetable but also oil desirable here already olive suit and best meal rice that's all mix and again
  • 05:43: to impose on the region neck and face, still softening I know the mask 3 persons there need two tablespoons grapefruit juice 1 tablespoon rice or any the other is also flour wheat can corn whatever do you feel better 1 tablespoon thick yogurt or sour cream or cheese and white or yogurt
  • 06:14: as now I I just did not and now I added flour and the other can be add here I yogurt while you can sour cream, mix all where else will you when uniform then able Apply this masochku to clean lightly wet skin face, neck and cleavage the same as the 15 20 minutes then warm rinse with a little water another girl I have toning mask one will say this one egg white and yolk
  • 06:45: protein and two or three tablespoons fresh squeezed grapefruit juice sea or guest ordinary salt that's It is also very good toning and oil Oil mask and here Dissolve the salt, and cinnamon tall to dissolve and moisten the resulting mixture a piece of gauze or natural fabric and apply on face thin layer slightly whipped egg protein and cover face
  • 07:15: impregnated grapefruit juice cloth for 15-20 minutes and then wash cool Vodicka Here, too, the mask recommend to do 2 once a week somewhere rates of 15-20 masks, and girl is super I in general, like grapefruit and here Once I was a Lazy was a period of a me is the time that I did not do the mask I All bought and somehow I I bought a mask Bischoff
  • 07:45: Bischoff company I do not know can someone of you I came out when heard Bischoff and write your if you use your opinion I ' interesting email I like you but it's worth somewhere this masochka Bischoff grapefruit bleach 12 euros but people think I always do always make masks I've already previous video I told her that already this professional do chic oils any masks any
  • 08:17: creams became that me some Estheticians are taken years because really all tested and they look at my face and say that for my age it amazing result I am not bragging but it is so never any pimples and nothing that how you do what you spring causes you autumn is something in the winter and So I told you so you listen to Listen as I I tell you You understand everything and that's this Bischof
  • 08:48: back to this mask costs 12 euros, I It caused all sort of I thought well, as was the read the box there written Trilon B composition and benzoate Sodium is such benzoate preservative sodium which It causes skin cancer I runs faster means first struck and Then I read run wash washed and I have my supersensitive I listen to the skin already two minutes face flushed all
  • 09:19: I realized that here Now you can not be lazy it is necessary to do everything itself so you pay attention to my videos as I have very very face so I call it Now that's not me like it It reacts strongly to not understand everything just an annoyance and just sensitive skin and over the top hypersensitive so your skin very carefully and I always add here
  • 09:49: biokefir from this at Now I masochka It will bedtime 1520 it is necessary to literally all but not all of you love-kiss and I hope that you You will be too beautiful always fresh and person you will I just awesome skin facial skin yet caress