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  • 00:00: Hello stuffed eggs It is very popular Download today we We will prepare eggs stuffed with cream with smoked salmon and eggs stuffed cream cheese 8 eggs fill cold water bring to a boil and cook 10 minutes at small ready to boil eggs we shift in cold water Let cool and easy cleaned from the shell
  • 00:31: eggs cut 4 eggs in half cut lengthwise and 4 across prepare cheese bread in a bowl put 20 grams soft butter oil was added 4 yolk of a boiled egg and beat with a mixer at high speed add 2 pinches a pinch of black salt pepper and 1
  • 01:01: teaspoon juice of one lemon two teaspoons of taste prepared mustard 100 grams grated cheese and 3 tablespoons sour cream continue whisking to produce a lush cream Now prepare with smoked cream salmon was crushed by knife or miss through a meat grinder with
  • 01:33: large lattice 100 grams of smoked salmon in a bowl put 60 grams of soft butter cooked add 4 yolk a pinch of black teaspoon ground pepper of lemon juice and one door to taste teaspoons finished whisk mustard incandescent add salmon and minced
  • 02:03: continue whisking to produce a lush cream with help pastry bag with large nozzle fill 8 trained halves of proteins cheese cream the remaining half put protein on piece of smoked Salmon and who fill them with pastry bag with a large nozzle cream with smoked salmon
  • 02:33: decorate with greenery fresh dill We serve cucumber and holiday matting the egg is very tasty well-dressed and very beloved in people snack on our website or in Russian You will find recipes other egg dishes
  • 03:04: inspiration luck and Bon Appetit