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As it is ideal to sew a secret zipper exactly  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] we have now with the you decide lightning for this look what I do is my way to sew lightning can say unconventional but he It allows perfect even sew a zipper
  • 00:30: Look here in This barefoot dinner hey edge I take a secret lightning I check it is working whether she performance of the yes there are all well It never hurts I continue to look at We edge snake coincided here here here We have and will grinds so we have fun watching here in such a way that is
  • 01:00: in Level of here please account limit so I put here here like this way putting a and that we must now do we need needles needles pin our lightning see what I do I check
  • 01:30: to coincide with the seam the middle of a lightning seam right in the middle of that I got not a millimeter is no longer a millimeter below the very same way reading the logs see dip like this and take makes fun next stage We looked have put that's the way again and they killed and so on until the end of the zipper
  • 02:02: in the line of the line should match like this not pinned Take the time this is a very responsible on as you take lightning will depend all result so Now we need to
  • 02:35: you fix it we slaughtered bulavochkami we must about to throw the right side zipper for the left side of the zipper that is, to fix her honey confrontation stitching Our lightning need
  • 03:42: very good to fix she wobbled so check to all coincided so fixed very
  • 04:16: good tight I will fix it to so it does not move one side too thing we need do the other sides to lay metochku
  • 05:12: thicker So take either all Our zipper keeps Now we can contact you unpick our temporary line that we had
  • 05:42: five millimeters and find and it is very easily breaks here and take it straight pull it very easy I dissolved all her deleted but look rear view front view Now we are going to sew our lightning
  • 06:13: you can see it we have in place now to us it is very easy will sew it already here all we recorded we can send check here now we need a machine to change for on foot that sews secret hidden zipper and lay two lines so now we go by car
  • 06:43: you have changed sewing foot countersunk and lightning now we squander one side teeth slightly open
  • 07:39: sew all the way and anchoring ago so you need to thread end 2 strings get inside to the front side we do not interfere with strings
  • 08:10: so check all Now was the perfect other staples side teeth slightly open the so the same
  • 09:31: take out thread on the wrong side pull on one end and 2 thread easily goes so check our wave here please attention here we are with you but sewn zipper here we will short period not vacant fabric look attention to see here here here here we Now you need us
  • 10:01: you need to change the presser foot on one-way and drop this one edge machine pfaff and Included was here such as foot now we have to
  • 10:45: you here and so bend and we do not ny building site pave the line there are literally here centimeter and a half thread merges with
  • 11:21: I can see We find a place drop your omit shop pierce needle and try very carefully
  • 11:54: stitch can even be a pedal and blah and here So stitch over stitch spin the wheel you to this place it was beautiful all hit secured all stitched up our uchastochek let
  • 12:27: see that there face turned But if we hand 3 and Now moved apart from us here note no break what we have we look to you Ideally vshili lightning These strings only
  • 12:59: you need to fill the same thing to the wrong side so that they do not ran from the front hand and tie knots in the straighten the strings and necessarily tie cut a new deal simply can not be otherwise bloom coats These strings you Now we must have spent tie a knot This tack is not
  • 13:30: I began to set and edge trim and the same most other hand and then tied trim the strings so that we happened, let
  • 14:01: another look Here is a place where you lightning came here the bottom you can see how beautiful line please look focus here you sew so perfect wave Now we are with you
  • 14:34: need for scribble Slots for this we me again shop usually pierce in take out a little corner
  • 15:04: omit a needle foot and paving line up to the mark so now unfold the fabric and side by side with the line
  • 15:36: line laid in upside-down place like this way we are consolidated in this place can be make a tack
  • 16:06: Klitschko is not to your was torn all let's look what happened here Now we strings prodenem to inside bind them to see uzelochek perfectly straight line and wherein
  • 16:36: double very strong Now we can safely pull our immaculately's check slot here note