▶ Vshivany lightnings on the sewing machine. http:\/\/vyzanie.com\/i - YouTube

▶ Vshivany lightnings on the sewing machine. http:\/\/vyzanie.com\/i - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: putting a zipper face to obverse shelves and you will see I do not share lightning because it is it is very convenient fix the zipper In the way that drawing us with you match on the edge lightning I hook it small bulavochkami and come on
  • 00:30: exactly the same manner wherein I follow that pattern on both shelves coincided in this way I fix all the zipper and as always we are slightly in store do the living product to when we can sew already clasp we have failed no lightning shaft
  • 01:03: after I I'll connect lightning shelf I will definitely check coincides whether drawing but I look at it obverse It is not very convenient to sew if the zipper edge product features
  • 01:30: rubber therefore In order to conveniently It was to sew everything was decided exactly I Now from the reproach two needles I see clearly just hovering here all rezinochka it will to collect the product and I am very edge of the gum severely inflamed it was convenient to sew a zipper to everything was settled smoothly and beautiful pin up
  • 02:00: stabs and back I look at the front of the course lightning is not yet sewn but you see that figure coincide It is technical side sew zipper on the usual sewing machine To make it convenient to sew I clasp her separated and dog removed most fasteners to the top it does not interfere with the for crosslinking
  • 02:31: I sew locks I use ordinary my sewing machine the event is one of the cheapest cars brother and I use the foot sewing zippers I have its position after I I sewed the first away and I I prefer sew fasteners from top to bottom edge
  • 03:00: foot coincides with zipper fastener edge and lowers the presser foot and quietly neat simple straight stitch I sew this castle
  • 03:32: I look to the web I did not go inside with necessity I straighten it
  • 04:00: and neat finish
  • 05:03: our operation slightly lifted foot as I hook thread often I use thread for embroidery machines for the lower thread
  • 05:30: then on to because They are very thin and Here I used white thread that completely visible on the web and we are now we do tack and I again on the canvas will be white thread change my foot and my task easy fasten with a zipper seamy side
  • 06:05: and now it is our lightning all came to already by betting on you You see even color difference already
  • 06:30: very quietly because the fabric around screed has I can not see, and that's so it is very fast you can sew in a zipper tricot if you have to complete your walking foot machine knitwear such foot more simplify sewing lightning as such foot well keep jersey
  • 07:01: do not give him additionally stretch and on the contrary it in store come to life