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  • 00:00: Hello to you Natalia and Koshelkova in today's lesson we will examine the binding parquet which particularly impressive looks at the printer yarn to perform that pattern fits any quantity loop type them by all means first distal edge
  • 00:49: loop rented and then 2 along the front knit with a slope to the left of the a first rear wall remove from the loop spokes and a second loop reserve and knit and further and and not following the Loop 2, together with tilt left behind rear wall as per 1 st in shooting second, and following the It knit together
  • 01:20: front slope left for back wall and so on up end of the series at the end of knit 2 together
  • 02:17: the front of the rear 1 loop wall shooting and the rest of the loop knit as a bead overturn Knitting on the wrong side knit backing a number of and remove an edge
  • 02:47: 2 knit together purl the first the method further one loop rented and the second and the following for not provyazyvaem seamy everytime
  • 03:29: provyazyvaem two 1 along a second rented and not following the provyazyvaem two 1 rented together following it provyazyvaem two together After two provyazyvaem
  • 04:01: 1 together and remove last provyazyvaem an edge provyazyvaem facial with an edge seamy side of the We formed such ranks as with laces the front of the ranks with sloping
  • 04:31: eyelets and more front row repeat as well as knit remove the front an edge sorry shooting and more 2 along the front knit the rear wall remove the first loop and the second knit with Follow along and so until the end of series here is a parquet
  • 05:03: obtained from the front seamy side Did you see the part hydrochloric handle viscous dense enough better fulfill its spoke to the floor numbers more than usually choose for this beach