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Scarf hook. Sharf-snud. Crochet. How to tie a scarf.  See details »

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  • 00:00: greetings to all needlework lovers In this video I will show how to tie a scarf a circle or a scarf LICs I will tell you how seamlessly connect ranks I'll tell you about the composition of
  • 00:30: yarn I used in this work and consumption yarn and how tie the fringe for work need tape measure in order to measure the length and width scarf from the hook I have two and a half
  • 01:01: millimeter and scissors yarn itself to work I chose the yarn silk with a meeting unto you the effect yarn elastic very well kept nice form on touch 100 gram skeins yarn length of 400 meters warp in LICs I connected columns with sc
  • 01:31: to start knitting dial a chain of stitches twenty meters in length thirty meters close the chain in circle and is tied bonding methods series there I have a lot of way to show that I applied this way of slightly shifted
  • 02:01: he does not go in the middle Connect slightly in side and turns not nearly imperceptible show How do I connect the series provyazyvayu columns with sc in each loop and
  • 02:34: last loop series entering zovuyu as a column with sc closes poison connective loop which vyvyazyvaya the rear stenochku loops I go back to the same
  • 03:06: loop and provyazyvayu conventional loop way obtained link that shifted to the side and it is almost invisible on dovyazyvayu two aerial loops and provyazyvayu further in each loop
  • 03:36: column with sc So vyvyazyvaya the required length and width LICs base web at I cut length LIC meter twenty height 29 cm
  • 04:08: I start vyvyazyvayut 1 number of fringe hem provyazyvayu column without so knit sc the whole series in a circle Knit the first row
  • 04:41: We start vyvyazyvayut second row first provyazyvaem series 3 air hinges sc to do hook the first loop skip second loop is knitted column with sc We make the air sc loop on the hook
  • 05:11: skip the first loop to the second loop vyvyazyvayut post with sc and so to provyazyvaem end of the row number knit
  • 05:45: connective loop join series We make a loop lift in arches provyazyvaem column, without sc and column, without sc I'm in for it next
  • 06:15: number provyazyvaem loop in arches provyazyvaem loop out of the loop that we formed a column with sc and so knit up end of the series row knit
  • 06:51: connective loop join series will continue vyvyazyvayut last number of border for this vyvyazyvayut 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 sc to do hook and the fourth loop 1 2 3 4
  • 07:22: We start vyvyazyvayut but columns with sc last loop we not provyazyvaem provyazyvaem only the first two loops loop It remains on the hook neprovyazannymi and so in the same loop provyazyvaem three times second and third time
  • 07:53: provyazyvaem two all the first loops following are on the hook last All times provyazyvaem Loop left at hook into one loop in the loop that we formed when knitting these loops
  • 08:23: provyazyvaem half loop the following loop provyazyvaem another we half-loop formed such Now tabs vyvyazyvayut 3 Air loop 1 2 3 skipping loops 2 series in the third loop
  • 08:53: vyvyazyvayut column sc without further repeat as the vyvyazyvayut In the first case vyvyazyvayut 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 sc on the hook fourth loop 1 2 3 4
  • 09:23: We start vyvyazyvayut eyelets 1 yes you All three provyazyvaem together in the same loop loop half loop the following loop
  • 09:57: another half-loop and 3 air hinges skipping two loops 3 column, without sc and so to repeat end of the series will is such a fringe transported to the border
  • 10:27: provyazyvaem last loop cut the thread and hide tail Knitting can also be tie the rim and on the other hand although you can choose any method which you
  • 10:58: like to work It took me two a half uterus Yarns I was 100 grams hanks of 400 meters Here's a scarf LICs I had turned I I cut hem equal to two sides can
  • 11:28: show imagination and to do the work on your discretion scarf of a stretch yarn It turned elastic it is easily malleable going anywhere shape with knit fun wear happy luck