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  • 00:00: personal footprints for insouciant sock knitters you see some knit two purl two ribbing which we're going to bind off in pattern meaning that before the stitches are passed one over the other as for a standard bind off you're going to knit the knit stitches and purl the purl
  • 00:30: stitches but there's something else that will be done that will make this so stretchy that it's well we'll name the surprisingly stretchy bind off before the knit stitches we will do a reverse yarn over and the yarn comes from the back over the front and then we will knit the knit stitch and pull the yarn over over that knit stitch okay you might think why should I do that we'll believe me you should do that the result is so good did the same thing with the
  • 01:01: second one now I've got two pitches that are ready to get bound off a passed one over the other and you're used to that now we're at two purl stitches they will not get a reverse yarn over they will get a regular yarn over where the yarn comes from the front and goes over the back do the yarn over purl that stitch pass the yarn over over the purl and now we can pass that one over one more standard yarn over purl a stitch pass the yarn over over pass the previously
  • 01:32: bound off stitch over now let's make this faster you remember we do reverse yarn overs in front of knit stitches that's the same but now instead of passing that over and then that over since they both have to jump over let's take them together see reverse yarn over knit one take two at the same time AHA two purl stitches so standard yarn over purl one take both at the same time
  • 02:02: standard yarn over purl one take both at the same time now this is called the surprisingly stretchy bind off and I think it is very well named because it is surprisingly stretchy but you know what when I'm teaching it I sometimes call it the bungee cord bind off because it is so stretchy and now as you can see look to review what we're doing
  • 02:32: standard bind-off before excuse me standard yarn off before a purl stitch pull them both over before a knit stitch a reverse yarn over and pull them over before a knit stitch a reverse yarn over and pull them over tell yourself what kind of yarn over before a purl a regular one purl the stitch pull them both over regular pull purl the stitch pull both over I'm going to finish
  • 03:04: binding this off and let you see then what it looks like so we don't go on and on and on here because I think by now you're probably ready to try this yourself okay we're all done as you can see the bind off is very corrugated like with the ribbing and I'm not going to show you how stretchy it is yet I'll teach you one more thing this is very important now if you're like me here's what you were taught to do when you finished a bind off you were supposed to pull the and through so it wouldn't unravel right well hey watch me instead
  • 03:34: pull the loop so that one end comes out now let me just show you hopefully I will get a good focus so you can see notice this is coming out of a loop when you're looking up here at here is a chain of stitches like a column of knit notice how this one here it comes out of that loop comes around here and goes back in well this poor thing is looking for another loop to connect to to go through and come back and dive back in it's little hidey-hole so let's have it
  • 04:04: do that I've threaded a needle with the yarn and I am looking for the first pair of legs to come from you know a loop going through loop lalala just like knit stitches now see how when I do this you can see it wants to go right back in there where it came from and we'll send it in and I usually kind of like to send it in and run it through a little so it sort of has not just one thing to go through but down a little bit farther and now look at that it's continuous
  • 04:34: isn't it that is what it has always wanted to do and now I can go and weave it in and which I will in a minute I just want you to see that that's what things have always wanted to do there now you wondering if this is very stretchy well I don't know if I have a wide enough angle lens to show you first of all let me show you it's a wrist warmer as you can see the edge is perfectly fine now watch this we're going to hold it way out so you can get the full thing okay I do have a wide enough angle Imps I am
  • 05:04: this stretchy and when I put it back it goes right back pretty good huh wouldn't you like that at the top of your sock or sweater neck or anywhere where you want to be able to get in and out of things this is a surprisingly stretchy bind-off invented by jenny stamen who is a lot smarter than I am and she is in the process of inventing all kinds of things in the Knitting world and I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for her and if you ever meet her get her autograph because it might be worth a lot someday she is likely to
  • 05:35: contribute an awful lot to the knitting world before she's done look at that I love this bind off you