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  • 00:00: Hello today, and I can tell you how to cook the wife of former Prime Russian forward broken leaven I will show some technological highlights is it possible the company well-known company known but the technique has remained basically Protsenko reached for me, this technique I
  • 00:32: I would like you to hospital so, let's begin basis bread is You agree it is just a house that it will pass the test lift itself and to prepare a bookmark and that a long-term process we need today flour is a different
  • 01:03: ad is written a slight pause wide desirable broad then I explain why You need a spoon and the first act of what else do it put one tablespoon and put one teaspoon of sugar or one teaspoon of honey
  • 01:33: Depending on if you have taken a year further but it opened a case simple boiled can spring mix mixed would not have happened I showed
  • 02:04: liquid tabun solution of to this solution we reserve even for a day in the crowd closing to close it can be some sort of a peace forbid what is already out there God build it to shoot him Cover with models could not yet put under the dome of which is Six months passed, we can not promise close fully
  • 02:35: our favorites Ambassador received the simple reason that all the same site that we do not have definitive Don'ts why tab Now this is what we do for that Bookmark appeared bacteria bacterium which lost as a result of allowing him his dog their livelihoods releases carbon dioxide and colleagues the most effective but it lights put carbon dioxide and rises the same process we do
  • 03:07: first day here now makes like 2009 again we will do on the third day of personal time spoon again water and sugar once again on the fourth fifth again and now only sixth we can actually bake on the sixth day we should get gasket it will rise with us this will it will look now delighted
  • 03:37: Here's a pie she rises and the consistency of it becomes excite Now it's out of this will be to talk today we need to from baking peak still cross at bread Russian as I understand it Not everyone was so and put freed is not particularly known because of his father as a result, and they have not been seen on
  • 04:09: building sites that's why she quietly texted insofar as it is also his cars is full of pictures of these are bacteria who are able even enter my activity or if it is called linux survive crisis I created a process of disintegration but who install let's say what kind of the experiment did not hire Exaltation honest fight I tried it is impossible to simply dump it 9 evening and it starts to grow in their plane
  • 04:42: Competition Zatoka site to do tab silage process over and over again the question that every bread strategists will just have to do stock after bread no it is not necessary to do stocks of maize Topaz different years on business and once like this leaven put Iraq pour a jar and put in the refrigerator Well if we have to bake bread, we take
  • 05:14: leaven will completely pour this before and schools on 500 0 given there's a lot of course half a cup is on a pound of bread problem army Here's another vessel and the rest We pour a jar add to tablespoon nokia sugar but not necessarily sugar only to accelerate processes Well, as it is called fermentation such as good is not so much
  • 05:45: or remove frost in the cooler is not his Mom at the edges just one and a half weeks but it can be shown I do not advise to close it bad so she stopped breathing that It happens when you close completely tight and this year the number of and carbon dioxide accumulates in a result of the process of decay in this here that our leaven leads to the estimate rank in bluish ears yang has the characteristic society smell
  • 06:18: this is due to moves amendments defeat in a certain period and Kiev have vinegar all that's going to die it is also possible to save the leaven how to save in general, that you leave and take cover there but tea vytsepit and therefore what remains but so It happened crisis to the new prototype New tablespoon then assess which then rolls again in a row as a result
  • 06:48: and a day after two you have it 5 to recover the bacteria begin percentage excrete carbon dioxide rubles and as it begins to rise Here at this stage is the city of At least that's how already now doctors but as she approached it for the sixth day in May leaven it has a characteristic smell fermentation but not sharp if you use closed vessel or vessel
  • 07:19: with large and large walls such as banks deep then of course that accumulate Carbon dioxide is a very hard and thus is a natural good is such that through which can not get glory and she did not breathe, she could turn sour outcomes very lively when such substance you begin to realize how BBC work all art consultant act as a single body holistic
  • 07:49: Here is a very interesting thing Each council try to bake bread as long as each course and everyone who is interested in a certain Used bread but Russian bread but it is the basis of his sourdough Ahmed added to was directly leaven but tomorrow or Bagmet He went on to their decay processes accelerated here at even on the street one county wheat normally just need to
  • 08:19: its rye flour everything is ok and even at the expense of the expected cues I have seen that was originally the case for the other but that's as far as 100, and so on It is also good Proletarian decided to stay here at this process process first I spent the predicted wheat and on Ashton took and when pobral wheat germ yen who they can thank there twist
  • 08:50: but I just simply Jemal and how critical it is such that compressingly it is their it turned out so well how to touch her it seems the payment, he added, directly percent and a little sugar and the process is basically the same but exactly the same is not know for what purpose added to it's sprouts Wheat is possible in this there is something Hundreds of new converging fact that Russian especially people
  • 09:21: previously engaged so that the storage weapon many predicted higher profits I remember that we have an extremely high rub what that we have it in the form of flour, and usually always to look g Only after the crisis and as a result for culture were taken there with a certain tons of grain FK Nikars bypass so here take a look Now move to the second focus process a second process we will particularly need is already
  • 09:52: and kneading We continue our video In this video, I will show how necessary prepare dough to take our start, our reserves huawei postpone neither spoke before deposited in a jar some part of what you value most Konstantin Tsybukov Moskvitin much up it's all in the bubbles of
  • 10:22: basically carbon dioxide fed court that leaven our so do not need much there she correspondent deposit on which we continue to
  • 10:53: to add another flour and do not need to save but the wish so on that score ceiling that take an empty container in it we will knead dough I have prepared in advance 300 grams of flour, we We will make 500 grams of bread for this we will need 300 grams of kim somewhere around 100 grams is a little
  • 11:23: more is less Abkhazia smaller compete let the court 5 tablespoons 300 grams of cues reporter We should bear in our year test future
  • 11:54: Musin year water about as much need to tests had let's say disney this state plasticine Now we have brought to our test condition Now we move on to the next stage, we We will generate about the future of our future years for this we need largely Ustenko
  • 12:28: pre-lubricate Oil your hands so that they should not stick and I advise you to do the same when working with the dough advice that when it gave me my mom
  • 13:02: Here we constantly sport and recreation why we are going to form the wear future leg letter but it will be even have such facts Yushchenko due to the fact that I do not have right now form
  • 13:52: baking and bread, we must rise so case was opened on unification and which on the approach to baking iron frying pan slips forward often sending back a bit first aid kit and sport passing satellites
  • 14:26: on Thursday still rises learned raspolzetsya Russia's cup which I can well buyers that's all day then your front rise and then we can feed members after we noticed the sand and after we have laid the form should be put warm place knife our future years
  • 14:56: that he rose someone to do this part of beer battery in the old days made on the stove to warm at a temperature of about 40 to 50 degrees those who rise Now the first result e.g. what happened after two and a half hours good but changed in form He became more than
  • 15:28: he became Kashmiri and after I pushed him further into the oven According to the meeting there will be no such capabilities radiator and here the choice of the shelf and there we will see how this cross we still increases the amount become more than round shape ultimately the subscriber receives already the final product I want to immediately recall
  • 16:00: about what he check the likely it promoted It becomes used to this interior wooden cues ie to order for those who do not know show taken match it seems Levitin looks Battle but we're not baked through it would be if the bread soggy that will stick to the oncoming lane Now 6
  • 16:32: 1 m in the oven the closest two o'clock at a temperature of 130 150 degrees it will commission temperature control is very important because perform due to the fact that and if he will be raised the bread may have paintings by if he will
  • 17:02: but it is very easy to burn high and inside it cares not about why it is important that the cross was against than the inside soggy period causes the strongest hurricane hit the floors gastrointestinal tract, and he will judge the summer because of the shape of a pine forest that they
  • 17:32: too big the effect was not very tall just such a which turned probably likely that reminded again choose smaller because all night and issue just simply did not have enough the ashes Now since the porous structure is obtained He warned we still rises It is seen that he has raised crust I have no faith
  • 18:02: and in the middle there is a visa-baked black clots this is supposed to be regional so big ie here I am a year later still I took up the cause and I still get some bread, no so the stigma of at least at least ugly he's turned out not so What I would like to here feet at least we We will talk about it bread oven need to be able to oven to everyone insofar as and everyone should have at least not
  • 18:35: is manufacturing process of bread so learn to do the practice good luck to you all the best gas and new appointments