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  • 00:00: Hello dear Gorodnya ki finally with you we got to eggplant thing is that they have me in this year later I I confess made a its small error The fact that I grew seedlings before time I usually it is planted in February but it does not take into account the fact that peppers and sprouts I grew eggplant
  • 00:30: and wherein used more backlight illumination plus they stood in so my room which covered reflecting and seedlings remarkably increased a month before that it has been a month already in the past month I was ready for planting and just a month prayed as if in cups repot it Peppers and eggplants like you know it's not
  • 01:00: tomatoes in a large I did not here and when dropped already permanent place here here on a bed in it I have a very long time get accustomed actually and had put new roots because you can said the old root system I just quickly Here she died a very long time I take root yet at least that's now here early August Us the second number can
  • 01:30: Eggplants are here this I kind they had so here anyway grow here although I assumed that Of course they will much empty themselves much more powerful larger and may be the amount of eggplant might be but none more less still there to show his the most important thing tell them that it is necessary to do both natural in landing should be
  • 02:00: consider the distance specific because they are very grow cool eggplant we suddenly another plant is not closer than 50 near 150 centimeters Garden staggered Here's planted here a few bushes here then of course they it is necessary zamulchirovat Eggplants are very fond good soil so I have a bed but this warm versatile bed where very much as it
  • 02:31: nitrogen compounds everything else humus will talking eggplants they are people respond to it healthy tomato More may say so here to play with you cruel joke eggplant I love this business and so do not be afraid costs as well as pepper's natural they love vodichku so spraying they must be watered fairly regularly we do not like a tomato
  • 03:01: pour rarely but abundant to eggplant is better and watered frequently but less how to say volume so we Pour us somewhere I watered two or three times a week but less the I am on here for three bush somewhere in the 4th I pour 1 there leechku some water naturally filled with warm water here that even with eggplant should be
  • 03:31: certainly make small as it otherwise forming they are not shrubs will grow to too many shoots too many colors our band here I counted more than probably there 10 pieces 12 large pieces eggplant bush get very difficult if they are grown in outdoors as I doing so if grown in the greenhouse
  • 04:01: then maybe somewhere it is possible and more but get a crop But in the open field more than 10 and pieces in the bush not leave preferably before the fruit but of course it is necessary to wait for them to fastened upon do have some will I be here especially so that's left to say Kostik here where I'm looking for it particularly well, a little bit only processed we can say that is I deleted. All shoots are
  • 04:31: pipes chair branches major branches on which formed the main fruit ie we have and so that's for example you can mol bottom it villages and becomes eggplant as a tree time becomes lower shaft portion stiffens it should not be no natural from below no shoots it all empty shoots that will take away the juice extra eggplant extra strength But when we do not see
  • 05:03: we struck up enough eggplant that is it here I did I'm here before But on this ever style That's why here me and eggplant smaller cat in principle, also have that's what we do here it is necessary to remove already beginning how I would I think so since the mid July if here they have I used to be on
  • 05:33: here's the middle of July I would already saw how much I struck up fruit but where the about 10 pieces well, even spare lieutenant there can leave all the rest flowers here of them we parable they remove garbage dumps We do not need that is we do not need them to We are taking on some forces so we them Further possible thing It can be done For example here are a Escape with that flower and which They were nothing assumes no here You can view
  • 06:05: He has to tell me Only takes the bush and so force say cherry blossom here is a possible escape simply remove and we also look up that's how we would eggplant grow on some nice growth shoots example here at this I see a drop in force grows here this
  • 06:35: large eggplant so I on it upwards and dog and everything on it is not me You need anything extra ie I remove some here for example here a stranger Now this I can escape remove it as I do not need you need here this basic the main tip Here are the main leaves that are filled eggplant so to speak created its mass and her ripening without kiln here these here
  • 07:07: big top leaves and the tip if we provide will naturally I delete throughout the entire length I remove unnecessary flowers they do not need here remove naturally always yellow leaves he saw them to the bottom you but it is now there's such Now their eggplant simply remove it there is also unnecessary Nothing will bring in both We eventually
  • 07:37: get a little bottom of Galina here and the top should be green with large not as it should be steadfast here they are good news which should and how to bring I put all the nutrients substance fulfill the role of photosynthesis and with roots create here such here beautiful fruit That's probably the eggplant with eggplant until all that's hope that next year I
  • 08:09: I can tell you and show more more detailed and already with the error seedlings I just rather not I put it there seedlings'll drop rather grown to the time when it is necessary it will be planted and Now a little bit let `s talk about peppers the fact that with peppers me It turned out exactly the same as you with eggplant I have I grew seedlings She was
  • 08:40: a month before planting but Pepper got accustomed yet even worse than eggplant that is, I I thought that I do not even I get a single pepper this year nevertheless still This bed a little but stretched so said some sky small bushes yes but even begins blush Pepper's Basically there barclay though certainly should
  • 09:10: up must be empty where something like this which height and I planned I tell bush to collect by fifteen or twenty beautiful fruit but nevertheless gather perhaps five pieces no more than 5 to 6 here such here even raspberries smaller here here an example of this bush you a little more It has been correct kind to him on it yet while green fruit
  • 09:40: win and inside even themselves with pepper about history as with eggplant about them We need almost the same Care's only pepper It can be a little closer create than eggplant they grow width much smaller Therefore, where it is possible to 40 centimeters withstand the distance between 2 of them as they like they are very good soil and also moderate watering
  • 10:10: that is, I often exactly where the watering March 2 times a week but a permanent way a watering peppers the same thing we are entertained not in first as though the ovary Normally we peppers retract such the word escapes us must also DELAY blame turn into a as if tree that's only then Of course now I
  • 10:40: there is no question of some rules formation and to type but we can not too normalized remove the number extra's flowers that we already ripen naturally Trunk cleaner but it I already think that Next year I you more it will show in detail more good lips more so
  • 11:10: say good variant has its the error does not repeat nevertheless still I was left without harvest due to more again I say thanks probably all the same to u but some care thanks to the warm garden beds are not due I know all the same power some moments and I wish to you all
  • 11:40: still not even looking on some mistakes all You still sought at least some but equal to the harvest so long as this bye