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  • 00:21: we continue to explore floors cord vests summer blouses armhole Topeka possible very carefully processed using hollow cord as one
  • 00:31: of options treatment for this armhole must first vyvyazat partial knitting Online wool history, we are very detail considered partially knitting 12 part of our video course so Now we only recall some moments execution partial knitting armholes we will have to the left side at normal knitting loop armhole we gradually and close at
  • 01:00: partial knitting armholes loop we gradually dovyazyvaem we are not to knit our sample 3 loop 2 two more times 2 loop and then one loop that is it usual algorithm formation curve line armholes and so the formation of the armhole start with a facial a number not to knit first, the first three loop at the end of personal series with side of the armhole we do not dovyazali
  • 01:30: 3 loops and turn work on the wrong side so that when you turn Knitting was not holes There are many ways we use sc ie We made the right needle and sc we continue knitting a number of the back up the end of the next personal number, we are not to knit 2 more loop here the two loops but sc is we do not We consider a number of
  • 02:02: and two more dovyazali loop and turn work on the wrong on the right side needle and do sc we continue knitting a number of the back up end, and so on continue form a curve armhole line for algorithm and so in personal number, we performed last not dovyazyvaya not dovyazali here this last loop we
  • 02:31: finished shaping armhole Before we turn Knitting on the wrong side armholes loop we Now change your clothes on take another needle another spoke and that's how one eyelet and sc, we, too, to outweigh another spoke
  • 03:05: So we hung out partial armhole then knitting rotate knitting wrong side and fresh backing a number of to end and then open armholes loop we begin to close via a hollow cord in our example, we Only knit shelf and in the product before handle armhole sex cord should be
  • 03:30: tie also armhole back then perform a side seam and yet stay at this stage So we turn work on the wrong side of the knit backing up a number of end and so we tied a back row
  • 04:00: working because we It is right Now we have this job postpone side take extortionist hydrochloric thread and begin knit floor and cord So for a full cord Supplementary thread we recruit 3 loop and now knit the first series 2 number of all the loops facial
  • 04:35: 2 series of all loops purl so we Knit two rows stocking st Now working thread we cut off and tie knot to further knitting neatly
  • 05:04: We continue knitting working thread leave not a big end and knit 3 facial loop 3 facial loop Knit like this Now on the right spokes
  • 05:31: the left will outweigh these three loops since we do knitting hollow cord 2 Now the first loop pro-vision and the third loop make a copy on the right spoke not knit And now take deferred knitting open loop armhole
  • 06:00: is located separate needles here Now we will prepare to further their the work we vyvyazyvayut any a curved line with via partial knitting namely decrease the number of loops on spoke at the end of so we were binding called smoothing the series in that we get rid of holes formed by turn knitting our example, we We will make the process closing the loop armholes sex cord
  • 06:30: To do this, we will last loop hollow cord so she provyazyvat with loop and armhole first with this loop then this loop then with that and so continue the process of we will meet sc sc those we we first provyazyvat with followed by a loop Now that we nakida knit with this one on
  • 07:00: next loop together how to distinguish especially for those who It is not very good has partially knitting where whale where the loop Now this loop look she has continued down the we have the pillar loop but it had nakida there's no such thing he simply continued located on the side of loop but now we We begin to close open loop armhole sex cord
  • 07:31: I remind you that the third cord loop we took not knit on right needle, and so we provyazyvaem first loop front armhole loop this way and then stretch it through filmed loop of hollow Cord thus we closed one loop armholes sex cord Now hollow loop cord we change clothes on left needle first
  • 08:01: Two of them we provyazyvaem and third not shoot knit on the right needle and Now knit sc together with the subsequent loops to it was neat ones grandmother who knits loop should outweigh the loop on the left spoke changing location walls like this and who keeps this classic do not need and about knit front loop with sc here
  • 08:31: so and now will extend this loop through last loop chaff cord like that so we closed another loop armhole floor cord and drink again and hollow cord with right spoke to outweigh left needle first knit loops 2 and the third loop is not
  • 09:02: knit to outweigh right needle here this a loop we armholes and its provyazyvaem and then We pulled through shot loop chaff cord that's how we closed another loop armholes and so will continue continue to close loop armhole floor cord at the same time I remind you that when we
  • 09:30: we will meet sc this is naked we first knit it together with followed by a loop we continue to work hinges on the right spokes outweighed the left first hinge 2 provyazyvaem all loops knit face today a third loop reshoot is not knit We met naked right now knit it with followed by a loop for that this loop we first outweighed changing location
  • 10:01: Now the walls pull it through loop hollow cord this is how we have closed more one loop for the armholes To floors cord gently lay on armhole it is necessary to periodically provyazyvat two loops armholes together and then already obtained in resulting knit two loops together loop stretches through the removed loop cable head in particularly at the end of
  • 10:30: work should be necessarily the last two loops knit together because one of them then the seam will go here so we closed all armholes loop sex cord as I also said we only half point and if this the whole product you first need to link armhole forehand and back then run
  • 11:01: side seam and then already here on these loops continue to close loop back armhole let's look at another One example of this sample and a shelf and a part backs were linked one blade is there is no side seam By the time we closed the loop armhole before sex cord we had a cut armhole back, too partial knitting and
  • 11:30: we continued close open back loop floor we closed the cord in this way a rounded portion opening and then We continued to knit straight stretch armholes simultaneously with the floor cord continuation of this lesson should still