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  • 00:00: you are bored with the usual side dishes as porridge potatoes when most time to cook vitamin pumpkin casserole which you can eat even nursing mothers and recipe to share our cooking expert and caring father and husband and Vincenzo barbarian elegant King I was lying on the dock I have been brought from so the idea of ​​making casserole is pumpkin see If you are tired eat every day porridge from another side dish you can just easily Santos and replace you with her pumpkin casserole
  • 00:31: Why you to because it is very especially useful for Nursing Garbuz places vitamins group bcd i.e. and takozh gives crosses Vitamin t century painted exchange processes in the body and fatter growling washed for help force skills excite and sony media flowers tooth enamel the immune system and to look at we pass like you young Cream the vcn low-calorie vegetable at 100 grams and Humanists a step 25 calories Distinguished leaders 40
  • 01:01: I received at the place of deposits century and orchids and young tusim for a new kind of abnormal right tori Garbuz even rare pattern and a logical the reaction of my allowed to include in the diet gave birth since two or three months easier mind Lyukanova not brandy other dark reaction up crazy gusts Watermelon is also possible to Date crash when cheap cat and then the ear to save it island of his you can lasso's practical goals for and disinterested in e
  • 01:31: arena, both baked watermelon and just at a time Wine fighting chance share their original recipes watermelon you and casseroles which can be hole that's yakso mass and well and in brightness garnish Kuhar Sons called Soul Plane gain in the recipe it casseroles for their squads they colitis He killed them her son Lorenzo breast of Suvorov was a man daubed with trust and also prepare and themselves for NATO's This recipe bydo when they came up with I started to feed soil
  • 02:01: Lorenzo not liked this casserole And still we are at home matter of lack of sleep Lauren bitch most accounts April and how it Lawrence was all order any child whose mother's milk feeds and Mom all right so we need quickly learn the that we have a recipe need of something So to start it casserole we need Bake wild selver smoke to the milk and butter creamy red beard from his already baked and whether this is so, we need to 500 grams flowed Nadia can just
  • 02:33: nalezaet docks to our show if you a width gave thinner so ok while I start to do bechamel bechamel is cream sauce which is very well combined with any and casserole is not only pumpkin atomic spinach casserole zucchini, etc. if so where and what we already 120 milliliters milk waiting when the milk comes to a boil and add just 20 grams of butter cream intense and you know that pumpkin there
  • 03:03: great amount species but it is necessary to know well, I generally differ I do not know but I'll very soon tell because literally Tomorrow our expert Andrey Babayev tells how to choose quality and pumpkin respectively, which Types better what I want to fit you say of own experience husband of the pumpkin is often prepared as you maybe that's here pumpkins are in form of cello or guitar the sweetest I Glass still New restaurant business meals is you to E glass sous
  • 03:33: but it's just recently I came up with this tiramisu and a pumpkin pear Pipa is the place cookies because savoiardi that consistency and to but the mint so namely baked and crazy I zapechet same preparing itself but place mascarpone which is home homemade mascarpone and pear cream place eggs simply with pear is such a delicacy and between Incidentally Vicenza received their Michelin star just because he invented new dishes sometimes completely
  • 04:03: unexpected combination here I now understand crowned that knowingly exactly are you today the first this week tell us recipe from the pumpkin because this week we will reveal secrets cooking some of the most delicious and unusual dishes that wonderful vegetable I would even say that this week we have a pumpkin and so the milk is already boils add oil over 20 grams of where we help beaters Vinci please pasibo though of course a you know I'm a child
  • 04:33: I remember with horror He looked like a mom and grandma says pumpkin porridge and his grandmother in her oven then he prepared to so happy I do not eat I understood as a child how to have pumpkin porridge and still love me well fed but on the net is grandma pumpkin soup and ti-4 but lentils is the perfect useful Keyboard painful each fusion another day to order such additive small pasta than it is dangerous for people very tasty but a
  • 05:03: calorie for children Come to me now! not because you need it once again be true vein or He attributes the pumpkin properties which she No pumpkin is low-calorie vegetable rich in pectin and the way for the content of pectin pumpkin ahead apples digestion improved so well the problem is not the pumpkin Thou useful but the problem is that if 500 will start to eat pumpkin gant it I can eat there are 700 grams of Oh, those statuses Italians Winnie by the way and you need a pumpkin
  • 05:34: peeled Yes, even if It prohibited simply peeled and stand with oil and milk already to the same peppers add 20 grams of 20 flour gently neat neat move will look what to thicken weight it is called by bechamel but it is also slightly different cooking method béchamel sauce because we usually design butter to add the flour and then gradually introduce milk goodness what we have already experienced with you have become ready
  • 06:04: already bechamel take the form of smear mass of creamy way we are doing casserole means necessary stove heat needed how many degrees 180 degrees so nalik recently left cut and firmly sesh we rather we shall rub for us it will make our kitchen machine to immediately seconds cope with this task quickly and without effort on our hand we have left only form
  • 06:38: powered q 1 ask pumpkin layers yes your next bromide layer bechamel if we include in Two pumpkin layer and even to Chanel and top hardness of course amazing sweet pumpkin sauce mix béchamel and another such note to the cheese great idea However, it is very just great achieved all still cook when not home to cook this
  • 07:08: wrong course No, I always cook seed I cook and night and morning By the way I am when work if everyone knew all in the course of 1 tomorrow I was there they were, she Raines Italian breakfast to love each day what's different sauce for pasta or what's soups some meat fish permanent and sometimes I became the same dinner when I know that I I will be very late work 6:00 in the morning dinner, breakfast and I
  • 07:38: even Pope then on work to what month line baby feeding can this casserole Mom jackpot February 3 months but if carefully if He sees no child's reaction time continue if there is no it is not necessary because then for no problems can send and oven so on that right oven where 180 grams 15-20 minutes at 20 minutes browned cheese and we will see you what a beautiful get pumpkin casserole but for us the time we fly by
  • 08:08: now we prepare extraordinary pumpkin useful casserole that you can even eat nursing mothers it is oven for twenty minutes so browned let Let's reach for ah beauty unusual and so delicate flavor pumpkins cheese and admire when beautiful Casserole with us get my definitely try until my recall how cook for my cooking pumpkin casserole you will need pumpkin cheese salt milk cream
  • 08:38: butter flour baked pumpkin cut slices Prepare the sauce this boil Melt the milk in It gently oil add flour bring to a boil season with salt and stir and remove from heat prepare form lubricate it with cream oil obtained sauce and pour Slices of pumpkin and sprinkle grated cheese Bake in the oven at 180 degrees 15-20 minutes, well, like smells but before we I want to try
  • 09:08: buy you a juice because the juices and nectars it mandatory part of nutrition as children and adults the choice of juice advisable to draw attention to standards producer were focused on baby food better if the juices and nectars will made of our Ukrainian fruit grapes apples peaches are so loved by children and Hi Help yourself geek we will try
  • 09:39: look like amazingly layers located pumpkin and sauce bechamel and the cheese is so I understand that's nice that your family and nursing mother and baby get used immediately Food beautiful mind it is also very important delicious divinely sweet and pumpkin moderately sweet the way we do sugar does not
  • 10:09: added to this sauce and cheese it is delicious combination of know it not just a replacement garnish such as porridge or potatoes just risk it I separate dish they just believe Garnett me my teacher always Mountains encens Italian cuisine this with the usual products can make such Beautiful pictures here pumpkin from the usual product when you try this casserole is impossible call jumped conventional product so great you
  • 10:40: thanks for this simple and affordable satisfying and helpful very tasty dish hello want youtube know a lot interesting recipes from all over the world subscribe to our channel and will cook together