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  • 00:00: You want all year round enjoy fresh green lung in two weeks you can grow on your windowsill mint and arugula rosemary as do the right thing tell aground Murashkina meet Hello extremely pleased see you because that fresh herbs all year is a dream each family naturally but not All the same there is a vegetable garden Is it possible to all the windowsill grow to to all this we just grow You need to beam rosemary mint beam seeds and arugula
  • 00:30: living water, living water what is it I find you later sure to tell do not miss the live the water we need for to green has always been on our windowsill and start we rosemary Fatherland rosemary respected in Brezhnev or Italy and France 3 is in England decision to tearing Christmas trees rosemary his way respected easy People bayduzhe ice aroma times to the marina win on the stately our rights not love rosemary and my goal is hurt
  • 01:00: the value of its prescribed for wilted grass of the day He called me later and so about the dentist headdress its beautiful west We have three Izaz alone and work on new System rosemary doses and expensive spice it up prices of diamonds are not in fact 20 hryvnia, Drammen Alla duzhe in cooking wine popular know confuse above canister you seafood fish m'yaso the vegetables tuba rosemary cream You can give to Marinades and sauces What a start cultivation rosemary and find
  • 01:30: actually turns are all very a first cherenochek rosemary we soak some water Th means that wreath shower almost cherenochek you hold in his hands, and if you do it it will deliver water can take root and here it is necessary cleaned somehow necessarily show how it should be done the lower part of the cherry we clear on is night leaves do oblique incision and after this set water
  • 02:00: water we have magic it with honey additives certainly would not I thought that it is necessary add honey to best rose and rosemary much honey concentration on such half a liter we take incomplete teaspoon need quite a bit of it It stimulates the roots education, we 5 hours soaked a glass of water with honey. both 5 hours already appear roots no we about stimulated and after that we plant Duchamp on the ground and the cherenochek was previously
  • 02:32: I put in the water and that's see two Time we get here are koreshochki and rock roots and I I ask you to put We deal with that so standard pot small holes for flowed to excess basically liquid everything is like a other plants to fights usual drain hole drainage at the bottom of the can Now, instead of this purchased drainage something else
  • 03:02: using the course the foam sand Kru that is at hand you can brick how many chips somewhere 3 mug has a fishing rod for then the ground we can mix with sand is air and turn and permeable how to pour where a quarter volume should be there is sypim to earth covered with earth cooked
  • 03:32: fill up to the top where then a centimeter and a half to top Say no income please this the year-round do when there have in store fresh rosemary I I can land or there is still certain terms no if you're talking about stimuliruesh and will put take root it turns out practically all year Oh how good finished and now We have cherenochki to do the deepening small but on a
  • 04:04: 3 centimeters and the the lower part of the stalk deepen One dish cherenochki or can brocade desired couple sell 2 and Duchamp I'll be not recommended ripe you verhushechku cut that is, she is wege green it still does not useful in the case to the strength and no oil in the top of to issue a shock when robe them and then
  • 04:34: Duchamp she watered good to Vodicka resulted from drain hole and create teplichku teplichku using plastic bottles bottle bank that You have a home and a hand in our case we look prepared such tank chick there and we we use jar cropped bottle plastic bag which is tightly twisted around potty as soon as we see that there are fresh
  • 05:04: leaves the bank can be removed that is, the roots have We began to grow plants moved into growth and then it will start that is, to grow eventually get greater than in the bush we planted well Of course it will be lush bush fill like this one then we put our pot at most a bright spot in the house, necessary because This autumn and winter period on the windowsill cold at the bottom pot, we must substitute a piece
  • 05:34: foam Yes, I remember we did did some houseplants who love the heat Pour a couple of times in week find as well, Now let's grow a mint with th pleasure mint I am also very but like before we begin to this interesting and useful process I suggest to us you and our guests treat yourself to Throughout the year, very helpful drink juices direct extraction they are made in the harvest season when the apples carrots and other vegetables and fruit filled useful elements
  • 06:05: thanks own processing and special technologies obtained natural juice in which no sugar neither water nor preservatives Help yourself you are welcome and now mint change not to upset to tuck exultation and repair gall tinsel you'll find something I Abram I know because I ask a new antidepressant Miyata Painted would you test
  • 06:35: enamel and gave no silk Ahsoka refreshing rest if moth repair work me here so often vocalist Voicu beauty purposes for it's stripes beam mint sellers asking view 20 to 30 games mental century space dark attack Shvydkoi for calmer Pasha Jen ears ru and the ether is not Oliver shape them I bought with Thatcher and find a give me please mint Here is such a a good fit cherenochek Again, these lower leaves and twigs we
  • 07:05: delete update our do cut under the knot scythe and a slice then we put we put the water back one tabletochku activated carbon on Duchamp instead activated carbon we can use charcoal, and she It will be operated in such a disinfectant for water but in advance I Dyusha already taken care of this and here we have here are rooted mint cherenochki
  • 07:35: and a long wait I have a week or two During this time you need change the water you know Duchamp on undesirable If you see the water even arguments you just adds to all mint course many pet unique plant we not only in tea add it by this It is becoming uncommonly fragrant but used mint for soups marinades and even kvass added so of course mint I should be at home grow all year round We do as well as with rosemary or have some subtleties there
  • 08:05: all we are doing exactly the perfect means to us It needs regular drainage pot and the soil drainage we pour where a quarter Whether one pot third because it virtually no plants that to him many volume of the earth is not necessary in this case, why I you have already prepared I take advantage preparing the ground for plants universal primer and one fourth of sand that we mixed we sadim our cherenochki do
  • 08:35: depression but that compress the case, there is already They are not great koreshochki and the Pour so that Water flowed out of drainage holes that is, a bellergo and time can crush and a little help father, top kulechek say but this just three days and then how her to look at the winter windowsill so cool crumpled need watering moderately only after As dries the top layer of soil
  • 09:06: Rosemary has a mint there remains sleeves now it is very fashionable c arugula salad Thou With spicy relish Serdica his can-specific hand same tune Vitaly popular hermitages and heart on seafood all bee idly Maletti Italic risotto pizza flavor is not posted a salad for these very tal hand lu went and and you give me shiva reddish cooking aim salad with part of the United States it is possible for Street and fill them supermarket to spend on it
  • 09:36: Dasi your high holds 20 hryvnia for herds arugula on Tilke good component salad in our soul korystno 100 grams arugula place c Dubova rate vitamin K so herself up warehouse-hand street and codes zinc, magnesium, strong 3 Mid phosphorus and manganese Hall's hand you pleasant floating away NGOs found vekashka vy tract and the process poisoning it actively fighting box created and the the virus is bacteria foresee Riven Thread depth May the blood mixture on
  • 10:06: voluntary sailed on immune system that can we do to on the windowsill here a pot of arugula we came Well it is clear that we You will need a pot and how to grow a hand We need good seed so and our magic Now the living water tell her such We do fill water bottle plastic two thirds and puts it in the freezer after freeze this volume half that's not
  • 10:36: we merge frozen everything is heavy and harmful substances that Water is already actual size get off and have it live can be watered with our Plant Health I heard that the melt water cooked that's the way how Kneller said it is not Only for plants good but for the people it is also very good there arugula demanding water and that is so alive Water will help her quickly grow to to encourage pro it completely ascended where to get seeds
  • 11:06: Seeds take just ordinary garden store value District 5 is the hryvnia big bag We bought bring We finished our living water mix a small amount of aloe juice with water at a glass of water let teaspoon the bitch and the divorced and and soak the seeds for 24 hours This we have already done and Now we actually words can sow hands Street and the principle
  • 11:36: Also at the bottom third of the drainage pot arugula has low soil fill almost to the top then we polem the seeds are ready but they small so we we will sow very very superficially literally 0 5 centimeter sows need Well on distance somewhere centimeter from each other because when it rises it
  • 12:07: Here is a simple such shield then there will be tough Competition's then we a little bit sprinkle a little ground so as seeds small that they do not we blurred the top land just and sprinkle teplichku necessary create teplichku also will create this is enough or food film or a piece of glass, too, vial coming soon rostochku fast enough literally sprout 3 to 7 days you have see pure vibes quickly
  • 12:38: sushi but are here in During the movie ready little plants how fast will in this gathering compared to two weeks, and of course she already need that to her or We sit down or started actively pinching important not pull up by the roots but if it is thick sown the course we can just pull out the plants and it is already used yes that's right tiddly leaf he already has all the inherent properties hand course
  • 13:09: arugula with nothing confuse it for sure often need to be watered pour on the needs of both only dries topsoil immediately pour arugula dislikes when dry very, very soil This immediately affects its quality leaves turn hard it can raise and and be very very very sad concentrated for like Anelka say please it is possible here since you like this rectangular
  • 13:40: pots planted all three kinds of greens which you us today told and you will find almost rosemary mint very well each other they are suitable for this and sit in the same boxes and care for them practically the same look even mint It is going to bloom if this happens these inflorescences need cut you more were green and We did not go to the flower power find them and mint constantly counted in Chirchik so that tea with flowers it will mint
  • 14:10: perfectly. Thank you you a great because of your effective advice very soon on our windowsills will whole beds freshest greens youtube to you greetings I liked this video then leave Comment and share them with your friends and even subscribe to our channel and you will know all the first