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Selection of recipes from pumpkin - the Best councils \"Awaking all to dobra\" - Everything will be good  See details »

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  • 00:00: for cooking stuffed pumpkin you will need pumpkin chicken onion garlic tomato olive oil cheese and spices greens cut pumpkin the upper part clean the lid then part of the seed cut the flesh cubes for stuffing cut in small pieces chicken and onion garlic fry in skillet over vegetable oil and after 5 minutes add the pumpkin flesh tomatoes and chop add to the meat and vegetables simmer minutes
  • 00:30: ten fill pumpkin ready filling grease outside a small number vegetable oil patronize pumpkin minutes 30-40 oven preheated to 180 five degrees minutes before the end cooking sprinkle with cheese lid on the pumpkin secure toothpick to cooking stew pumpkin you will need pumpkin asparagus tomato bell pepper garlic salt sugar black pepper apple cider vinegar dill viburnum berries
  • 01:00: baked pumpkin asparagus and bell pepper cut slices of peeled skinless tomatoes garlic crushed in blender to make marinated black pepper salt and sugar apple cider vinegar and ready marinade put the vegetables boil and Add the pulp of berries viburnum frayed through a sieve so good stir Again bring to boiling and simmer for simmer 25 minutes periodically stirring add dill served as garnish or separate Meals can also be
  • 01:30: paint on banks and roll on winter for cooking pumpkin casserole you will need pumpkin hard cheese salt butter milk butter flour baked pumpkin cut slices Prepare the sauce this boil Melt the milk in It gently oil add flour bring to a boil season with salt and stir and remove what I prepare form lubricate it with cream oil obtained pour sauce
  • 02:00: Slices of pumpkin and sprinkle grated cheese Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes cooking traditional English ragout pumpkin us It took a pumpkin cinnamon, allspice olive oil onion Bay leaf potatoes and tomatoes salt to taste Potatoes cut into slices and pumpkin pieces of the size of matchbox with tomatoes remove peel and make blender tomato
  • 02:31: mashed onions grind into blender and fry olive oil add potatoes pumpkin and tomato puree cook on minimal heat until readiness for lidded about 30 minutes to his pumpkin stews such suit seasonings like natural cinnamon allspice and salt taste do not forget to also add the bay sheet that necessary because ready meals remove the pumpkin stew in English very easy to effectively fed to the pot
  • 03:02: of baked pumpkin to his cook you need a pumpkin medium size to cut in half to extract from it the seeds gently cleanse inside and send it to oven 40 minutes