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  • 00:00: Hello to you Natalia Koshelkova and in this tutorial I will tell you about how shape neat shoulder bevel can take advantage of techniques that I He told in lesson to form flowing lines armholes but it is not always suitable example when we need Loop left at details and open so if you interesting stay and See this lesson and so we dovyazali detail suppose we dovyazali item to the place of the bevel shoulder and first
  • 00:30: form the bevel left shoulder detail that is, after we will do everything we I am supposed to be here so taste and so have I have 25 loops 25 loops we divide by 3 is 8 August and 9 means the first time we are not to knit up 8 end of the series of loops knit knit series
  • 01:00: truncated series is not dovyazyvaya until the end series of May 8 368 turn knitting We are doing and knit sc in the opposite direction you can hang marker Well, in the future you You will understand where
  • 01:30: You came in short not given and markers can not use and knit reversed I start provyazyvat not the very first loop making it an edge knit a number to the end the following series, we do not dovyazyvaem have to Marker 8 loops and turn knitting if you not use marker the loop count
  • 02:00: We need the following loop manner August 1 we do not dovyazali in the previous sc row we We made and then another 5 August April 5 6 7 8 that is, we must knit loops 9 so we are not to dovyazali
  • 02:36: Marker 8 loops turn knitting and knit in the opposite The Parties shall make sc hang a marker and knit in the opposite side start knit the first loop edge does not do and so as you can see we have
  • 03:19: formed bevel shoulder, and now we all it is necessary to knit loop so facial way to avoid formed holes provyazyvaem January 9 loops to marker remove marker and this one, and sc
  • 03:53: following it knit loop need the front of the front wall up as I was knitting purl the first way front we loop It is back wall forward, we We must change nakida shooting I and the position hinges on the spokes and return sc Now provyazyvaem the sc and facial of the front wall along the front here and how can see the front loop
  • 04:24: and a closed nakida knit next to next marker remove marker sc and following not individuals, and you need knit together the front of the front walls are changing position on the front spoke Knitting for
  • 04:54: front wall 2 together face to end of the series Thus, we Knit shoulder shaped bevel left shoulder and a sloping
  • 05:24: Now you can close all the usual loop either way leave them open that for to close with when the two parts now we need to form a bevel right shoulder he have will be located Now in this way and short series we We will knit with seamy side so the first row we provyazyvaem from start
  • 05:55: to end so we knit series from start to finish and seamy side We start vyvyazyvayut shoulder bevel shortened rows and not dovyazyvaem first just eight loops knit purl 6 we turn crochet and knit
  • 06:26: other side of the well, in this shoulder for example, I will not use markers do sc and knit another aside from to knit the very first loop edge is not do turn and now not to dovyazyvaem
  • 06:56: end of another eight loop's place the transition is clearly and when we expressed we assume the loop 1 nakida we here it after the first loop instead of going it made our we do not nakida We believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 we have to knit the first 9 loops children
  • 07:39: so again check 1 nakida not believe 246 sc does not believe 2468 turn our knitting do sc and knit in the opposite side without making edge that is 1 loop provyazyvaem you can see that
  • 08:19: have formed right shoulder and bevel that was not here this holes we need the following row knit and made sc next st together purl provyazyvaem a back row from beginning to end and As you can see, instead of transition twist turning rows York clearly expressed can be
  • 08:49: no marker we use the provyazyvaem January 9 loops nakida not provyazyvaem 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and now and sc following it loop, we must 2 together provyazat
  • 09:20: but in the wrong way to a front side hand loop a closed nakida for that we picks her the back wall like this and provyazyvaem Now purl knit until the next go places not provyazyvaya nakida one loop we have Knit with
  • 09:50: sc must provyazat 7 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 nakida provyazyvaem and not on April 3 May 6 and 7 and nakida following him at night provyazyvaem 2 along the underside of the rear wall not introducing a needle into the loop and
  • 10:20: capturing picking them for the back wall like this and then for provyazyvaem until the end a number we can see that have formed shoulder and bevel the crossing of rather turning rows are not visible Now you can close
  • 10:54: neat loop in the usual way, or leave them open this is all subscribe to my channel to always keep abreast of new all good lessons