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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting In this video I will show how to decorate v-shaped neck I cut neckline neck triangle to his beautiful tie I'll use spokes on the line We find the center and on spokes recruit
  • 00:30: extreme loop I I gathered on spokes loops and extremely now beginning loose knit starting from the wrong sides facial loops provyazyvaem all loops facial and so on knitting circle to the end of a series I
  • 01:04: Knit 1 row facial loops Now crochet turns and next row purl and so We need to occur 56 series I knit 5 rows facial and
  • 01:35: purl loops and now I will knit elastic one-to-one 1 loop bead we do not provyazyvaem The following facial Wrong face Wrong, and so knit right the number of rows somewhere I 5 centimeters I got out gum
  • 02:09: I desired height now you need to close loops gum use and familiar you their way of closing gum loops gum edge Now you need to be closed knit a few series to cover the connection between the base web and gum
  • 02:41: gates and recruit the first row of the first row It consists of loops which are located between loops gum and loops where we knitting facial purl that's where the loop ends gum has a loop we recruit on and spoke and and the adjacent loop back loop that here here here
  • 03:12: These rezinochke We collect all the loops on needle We collect tabs and so it has not yet gather all the loops I spoke to the gathered hinges on the spokes and now need
  • 03:42: knit and facial purl loops several rows at I knit 5 rows then I need to tie 7 June series to cover here this distance I knit a few rows of gray yarn these series I the back cover side last row I knit yarn red for
  • 04:12: To make it easier sew this number to the base web now need neatly removed hinges with spokes so that the loops are not blossomed and ironed iron
  • 04:55: to align all while loops sew to the main canvas I find it easier I ironed these series metal and they are now start to sew the base web
  • 05:26: sewing start by the place where we where we had a loop started form a notch here at this point quietly remove supporting red thread next loop
  • 06:00: Now we introduce a needle the previous loop fasten thread only it to them eyelets
  • 06:30: We derive the needle on face inserts a needle into middle of next hinges fasten thread introducing a needle in the middle of the previous loop We derive face
  • 07:00: remove auxiliary thread So sew all eyelets concludes
  • 07:33: sew together where we I began to cut series were on our one level that's how I Krylov handled well after all sewn eyelets on the reverse side to sew the details below angle
  • 08:03: corners parts secure