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Connection of hexagonal motives semi-columns (Crochet. Connect hexagonal motifs polustolbikami) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: compound we hexagons knitted motif with you African colors so now I want show their joining me here they imposed to turned say Here is a flower we need to connect all motives on the sides and longer
  • 00:32: continue our knitting I connected the two hand to be seen was how the I obtained knitting polustolbikami here so you can connect on the wrong side it turns out like this manner join us
  • 01:06: we shall be together connect motives Now we will unite hexagons our African flowers we remove these take mediocre little yellow flower and Now that I connect them all you can even sew take a needle and
  • 01:36: stitch is also very easily but faster probably just I now associate show polustolbikami like can be connected Basically very quickly because I do sliding loop therefore I always do so, and I join any a corner of the hexagon that's where we
  • 02:06: added one air loop between loops to I turned a corner here here insert hook and provyazyvaete polustolbik such way stretching that's so now take 2 hexagon exactly the same angle in insert the hook
  • 02:37: grab the thread and We pulled through and through the hole loop ie knit polustolbik etc. go to the first hexagon next st I stick the hook in grab loop thread and stretch through the loop
  • 03:08: provyazyvaem Now polustolbik next st 2 hexagon injected hook They captured stretched go to the first loop captured worker thread stretched out the following loop 2
  • 03:41: in a hexagon will capture worker thread stretched and so on stage we are next loop 1 hexagon captured thread knit Now polustolbik next loop 2 hexagon's it pulls the thread stretched knit
  • 04:12: Now polustolbik back to first hexagon next st They captured stretched knit Now polustolbik our second hexagon pricked next st grab hook thread and provyazyvaem polustolbik and so
  • 04:43: knit the corner the next 1 to 2 Now this side first hexagon Now knit 1 February hexagon
  • 05:14: polustolbik Now 2 the main thing to understand very easy very connected easily 12
  • 05:48: we all completed this aside here It turns out after all beautifully it turns out so decoratively Now take the third Our item accurately also injected angle
  • 06:22: thus stabbed 3 hexagon, knit capture desktop thread and knit polustolbik such way now Now we move on knit the first and third that is, we have put together 2
  • 06:53: Now knit 1 March precisely just as I showed 1 stuck to the corner hexagon, is now following our loop third hexagon associate
  • 07:23: polustolbikami next loop 1 hexagon next loop 3 but hexagon so and so Here's to the end of this hand we were binding ie take loop from one hexagon, take a loop
  • 07:53: the second and so on we turn provyazyvaem polustolbiki first hexagon thirds of Hexagon 1 next loop 3 here
  • 08:30: in this way Now we come to the end
  • 09:04: hand so provyazyvaem last polustolbik here we connected for two side then take just 4 hexagon exactly as the angle in and angle We start provyazyvat
  • 09:37: this side and it turns out here such zigzags very nice I hope you all it was clear flat lamp telly all good