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  • 00:00: Hello everyone after interest in video knitting instruction sock knitting needles I decided to show you as the spokes can be tie the room slippers knitted item perfect gift made their hands calculation of the loop goes on foot size under 44 45 I leave the video approximate calculation loops on other sizes I chose a yarn structure a wholly-owned wool 100 grams of 240 meters 1 I had the uterus 2 Slipper Knitting
  • 00:30: It needs 5 spokes and hook spokes number It depends on the thickness thread usually this indicated on label yarn I began to pick up two the spokes of 39 loops plus 2 edge the number of loops It must be divisible by 3 typing loop I pull out one needle and starting to knit 1 backing a number of first loop always rented not provyazyvaya on knitting the following scheme 1 loop provyazyvaetsya purl 2 It is not removed
  • 01:00: knit 3 purl 4 It is not removed knit and so Further front row knit facial I do not think much series I to contact me I think the number of braids on the front knitting side of
  • 01:30: I see this scheme 13 plaits now beginning forming a cap on the underside of the heel Following this side the first loop circuit rented the next 12 knitting stitches 1 Wrong rented 1 not provyazyvaya 13 and 14 loop provyazyvayu together purl The following 11 stitches
  • 02:01: Our knitting purl viscous loop 12 and 13 provyazyvayu together right turn the product on the front side when knitting facial I reach up to 13 loops obtained by provyazyvaniya two loops together provyazyvayu it and loop to her left with the I have now I see only 13 loops on spoke in the middle hinges on the spokes of sides gradually reducing the first loop is always
  • 02:38: I take off 11 loops provyazyvaem facial For 1 or write to nocturnal 1 removed 13 cuttings loop provyazyvayu together I knit so until will be 14 loops on one spoke when the left side
  • 03:34: It made last reduction I start poddevat loops and provyazyvat their resulting series you can throw on a new needle should received 13 stitches the keel of which product
  • 04:32: and these 13 provyazyvayu purl stitches 2 spokes I want make flake pattern if the previous a back row I began with 1 loop Wrong rented the 2 now I'm the first loop
  • 05:02: rented second provyazyvayu at Night ie pattern get chess the last two loops provyazyvaem together a new needle to hook provyazyvayu loop purl flip and
  • 05:39: provyazyvayu all loops facial purl tally ranks first and third spoke purl 2 sleep and scale and so 17 rows the last row must when I have a facial I did not finish it overturn slippers on the wrong row and the dial 13 loops they will go to the fourth spoke to this point
  • 06:09: knit circle of 4 5 spokes me working Prague is called number 22 he searched twenty-second series
  • 07:09: not finish provyazyvayu only three the spokes of the four so like right now for Clean redistribution loops between the spokes I want to lateral spokes remaining 4 loops on finished slippers
  • 07:47: for you can see what I did it redistribution these 4 sts and I will not will not touch simply cut them provyazyvayu front viscous I'll be on provyazyvat 2 along a hinge beginning and end each spoke on
  • 08:17: which remains many loops to sock narrowed gradually reduction will held on each second row provyazyvayu 4
  • 09:10: shortens from two 4 sides provyazyvayu the next row without abbreviations when each spoke It remains of 2 loops you can cut the thread and stretch it through any remaining eyelet end of the thread tighten and hide Now inside the spokes could be postponed
  • 10:01: aside we need a hook undergirding the hem slipper usual column, without sc the second row of knitting
  • 10:47: columns with sc with the third row
  • 11:35: I begin to form gum see the same most bars with sc but provyazyvayu them under and over columns of the previous row number 4 I knit just as well finishing knitting
  • 13:00: cut the threads and hide her to knit slippers
  • 13:49: last longer I advise on the sole tight sew soft cloth camera distorts the fabric color life, he simply dark brown and well with color slippers all Thank you for your attention if you have questions write will be glad help till