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  • 00:00: Greetings my friends and today I I want again report on our so to speak experimental laboratory work for the benefit of consumers it will go like this past videos about stabilization because the problem stabilization with strong network is very big and sick
  • 00:30: subject I know what we have in region in our even several cities a few are big areas constantly suffer from decreased voltage from 100 to 130-150 but the biggest 160 160 volt naturally many loads do not work especially in winter time painful Topics so it came time to work on
  • 01:00: this issue than let's say our consumers are not satisfies normal stabilizers stresses infusion transformer wait for a while reason that in mostly stabilization occurs in the area plus minus 20 30 35 volts maximum of both side, and moreover, if tension allowed and she pulls up to nominal
  • 01:32: meanings but the power relevant decreases therefore it must be put with a large margin let's say stabilizer to a specific power if you fell heavily strain even if you will put 2 stabilizer for a friend the series you need practically double triple stock by power stabilizer insert yourself understand that transformer is very expensive stuff very expensive element
  • 02:02: stabilizers so he relevant features 2 moreover transformer in three-phase permissible these very large penny pours out for the consumer in the difference from this is our device minimizing power she though is called minimize power minimization only the voltage not only reduce our currents and stresses down but also raise them at the same time transformer here
  • 02:33: no currents are used practically possible skip and transform unlimited depends only on mark and me minimize therefore as they say if the cards are in hand our customers a what is needed for this until the last time we have of course technical question stabilization stress on a certain level was that it was necessary include and
  • 03:04: parallel load capacitor be sure pick up a light bulb adjusting for devices minimizing power watch out for tension on that case if suddenly mains voltage will be restored ie here as they say not a big hemorrhoids mouth was but of course everything progress is on the spot is not worth it and found him decisions on how to get away from
  • 03:35: this was picked up by us such secret element that Well, like our forks maybe a little more which is simply sticks into place adjusting lightbulbs that is In this case, even device minimizing power adjusting range do not need to put just put instead regulating such a light bulb secret development
  • 04:06: which by the way is completed free of charge to our standard kit for devices minimizing power just enough to notify you collect strongly raise the tension we will apply for free kit here is this device which allows stabilize stress on necessary level Let's see how is it to do well here of course we still have assembled so let's say snot
  • 04:36: but all the same I will begin stay meme 25 here paired here just stand rosettes 1 load that is usually the transfer where to turn incandescent bulbs Well, here are two light bulbs of 40 watts and opportunity to plug capacitor if two capacitor of 10 microfarade naturally off voltage
  • 05:06: controlled by multimeter effect lowered voltage use later 9 ampere that is we voltage is applied through him then on device minimizing power After it goes load as capacitors for parallel load view light bulbs and water we of course we change our tension devices minimizing power our development is already
  • 05:36: connected I will tell at once to achieve certain stabilization so that as you are not need to bother ratio current consumption the load must be the load current should be double less than current overlooked capacitor well roughly speaking 10 microfarad at capacitor miss yourself somewhere 0 6 amp means relevant load can be include about 60
  • 06:06: watt two hundred three hundred load milliamp 600 milliamperes skipping capacitor that is you can do it but proportionally when you turn appropriate more load appropriate capacity should be Well, let's see see here is our slater connect with us tension on the ladder us for something
  • 06:37: relevant Showing 127 volts well naturally us on load nothing lends itself now to me I'll twist later but you will look for our strains include we have theme has earned
  • 07:07: to the level 156 180 volts that is, a peak of 180 volts per load the form of two 60- watt light bulbs Served 200 kopeck and stress raise further stress draw attention to the input increases and output decreases and sound
  • 07:38: relevant prevents you from asking mothers I certainly also by further 230 240 at input 250 the nose slightly reduces 250 r more further twist is not let's bought what seems like a Now we it to reduce their
  • 08:08: is not our 250 230 have a dress things it's at the entrance practically equaled and get tired assemble and remove
  • 08:38: voltage 5 useful up although bypass combined 160 volts at us on 200 skills 150 almost 210 140 give 200 320 127 here are all of us switched off and de-energize this one adjustment threshold
  • 09:10: circuit enable threshold and until the threshold off is regulated parameters of our developed by element in this case this element average values ​​for voltage, that is, those limits that indicated it can and increase and decrease in this or that side then there is simply
  • 09:40: at the order can it do to discuss simply but drew attention here on what interesting the ability of our device if my our capacitor turn off such I put it away voltage pay attention when
  • 10:17: 220 volts ah we have starts slightly glow only incandescent lamp clouded with a lotta on maximum 250 volts and 100 volts on load key to a maximum of 140 volts on the load on entrance
  • 10:47: 260 scale off include additional load that here again it is bad to confront always a shoemaker without boot connected 2 load that is there on 40 of 40 watch the voltage 189
  • 11:17: at output 260 at the input reduce at its 108 practically zero and this suggests that without a capacitor you will have exactly the same effect as on our videos when you force lease
  • 11:48: tenant include loads only let's say a year kilowatt when we 0 or grounding with our manager electrode in this even this grounding is not you need just turn on our development instead control lamp and your client is so let's say that exploit their load can only
  • 12:18: when enabled allow kilowatts nickel or half kilo padded jacket that is he is not will include Charger consumer electronics technique and so on yes kilowatt of power until it turns on let's say so-called. fan conditioner that is, some kind of solid load after he had his will it include enjoy the benefits anything include any load but some kind of as soon as the load decrease below
  • 12:48: of certain values ​​it is set load include already this fiche but at the same time naturally if he includes a capacitor he will work already scheme according to scheme stabilization stresses protecting from high row low stress brought voltage load a whole be provided with of certain values ​​of a for high voltage will be stabilizes in there 200 200 volts here is such a small
  • 13:19: I prepared the fiche for your consideration we wish you pleasant exploitation and satisfaction of your in the desire of all kind