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  • 00:00: greetings to all my subscribers channel video clip too, especially made for the subscriber which does not I wanted to believe that here Is there no such devices that can save for electrical energy even as you We understand it today go about saving electrical energy and there there really a device that can save electrical energy or make electric meter rotate in reverse general direction I must admit that
  • 00:31: I also chase khalyavnykh energy well I already have experience in this business five years does not met people which for so long suffered we tried here develop or collect repeat some designs which will allow receive gratis electricity at all of course electrical energy as a khalyavnykh there is one forced to recall they experience with salad
  • 01:02: Nikola tesla pronunciation Nikola wrong Tesla so forgot about said yah all that It surrounds us Matter, all matter certainly has some some energy at the same time positive energy and land Tesla believed that land is great inexhaustible resource negative energy
  • 01:32: positive energy from ether must somehow remove and use for What the goals but alas development tesla considered lost because we still not yet known but the principle is the famous this device Tesla coil which Many are used for receipt of such some sort of beautiful special effects but Indeed coil Tesla's pretty a serious instrument for transformation and
  • 02:02: reception transformation and transfer electrical energy without wires it represents high-voltage generator quickly alternating currents or the high current high denomination well, in general, I here I decided to go back to this video clip of I I decided to collect the most interesting design that fairly and rating and read Reviews about this
  • 02:32: construction but no one it is not is not going to know why or no Only one response questions, etc. I I decided to repeat artful design rectifier can network diagram to find simply Googling cunning rectifier or if you want a more detailed and I specifically assembled device download under this videoclip complete archive from turbobit and free and full download full my galleries
  • 03:02: circuit and a couple of words there description of the appliance I have a general scheme of it represents this interesting priborchik which supposedly should save electrical energy to somewhere quarter well, in general if you connect to the her load of 1 kilowatts then you wherein the counter should spin only 400 250 watts of power is
  • 03:33: a quarter of energy is obtained gratis at the actually this is the case or not material author which I gave not I know to be honest in some radio journal or in a general very old scheme I think the Soviet time Author used logically generator built on the logical inverters then signal amplifier and final transistor bipolar type high-voltage transistor through which should
  • 04:03: which should open close by frequency a given frequency predetermined level 2 kilohertz while then supply the load there flows through the it is the power TRANSFORM I'm transistors I decided to collect because there essentially single-ended generator is not found chip and decided to timer 555 collect generator set to 2 kilohertz working frequency then using transistors amplify the signal
  • 04:34: initially I generally in the scheme was two transistor one Here is one in a file and on a small dress board own idea drawing done manicure in general as option and power type transistor the m 1300 9 more powerful and a diode bridge capacitor capacitor must have effective capacious first need try a smaller well tanks I have seen the devil as microfarads
  • 05:05: way about the condenser where it will separate video in general as I remember it 5 microfarads film condenser 5 microfarads at work He voltage 450 VAC powerful diode bridge used 8 amperes if I remember correctly but Generally you can collect It can bridge the most powerful rectifier diodes with reverse
  • 05:35: voltages above 400 not less than 400 volts here rather ordinary assembly of computer unit power that is essentially in the seeds have let's happening look at our generator which It is the main part of the circuit diagram I eat here a separate unit power down let's say any block supply voltage August 15 volts frequency the drive circuit the components are chosen so that
  • 06:05: timer generates rectangular pulses with a frequency of 2 Well you can kilohertz decline within 1 and 4 to February 2 kilocycles a Generally I try to rather wide range feed frequency range then the signal from the chip output It is fed to the first Transistor therethrough a second transistor as transistors used as amplifiers course to control the powerful
  • 06:35: power transistor high-voltage transistor is not fundamentally it depends on the denomination out specific connected load this case 12 amp transistor 1300 9th same which computer units feeding on the network voltage rectified after the diode bridge through bridge and course installed as capacity of the main cunning like this scheme is
  • 07:05: is essentially a capacitor that should be obtained then one of Suppose we have 0 phase 220 volt happens next let's phase goes directly to load glands incandescent general Two schemes modification one of them here mains voltage then rectified turning constantly goes on circuit and a second phase It goes to the diode bridge
  • 07:35: mol goes straight on load both options I easily checked schema modify turn one no other option problems in this options we incandescent light bulb say as load connects to condenser poles mains voltage I constantly I straighten through diode bridge applied to one of the conclusions capacitors to the second terminal condenser we
  • 08:05: connected manifold power transistor that is, it turns out following mains voltage It has permanent denomination is charges goes to one pole and capacitor capacitor It charged as through the transistor high frequency current of 2 kilohertz at Essentially there should happen so the effect in one powerful half sine half-cycle charged second-capacitor 2 half-life
  • 08:37: but then discharged effect slightly the entire secret to on essentially the author thought that if tap high-frequency generator only 2 kilohertz we we know counters electricity lecturer counters in all houses It operates at frequencies 50 kilohertz usual conventional network the purity of the network essentially a counter should to work with a large error when there's a
  • 09:07: Generator 2 kilohertz ie a lot of high frequency the problem is and the fact that the disc and Network counters in We may in fact work on such frequencies and no errors are not if it is clearly not in your favor but I I tried on three different counters including including domestic production Soviet Union to say and contemporary Russian production counter disk and digital import
  • 09:38: pretty good the meter shall say that they show about almost the same here data in connected load 200 watts of no more I connected the way power connected load is limited exactly power their components to eat particular but transistors I must say that clear problem scheme you very often you will the mountain burn power transistor regardless of the type connected
  • 10:09: load and power transistor use at least transistors hundreds Amps are under load 230 watt already They work as the wry I do not know what it is related and likely to control node that is not no It manages somehow disable close the transistor does not know in Generally specifically than the problem but to develop and finish off this type of scheme but thinking makes no sense although I think that some the effect can
  • 10:40: happen if the use any generator and the two generators It has fundamentally it will look about as well, just say a couple words there are 21 identical generator and accurately this principle of operation that is, a capacitor but in this case, This is exactly in scheme you understand charged directly from the network one capacitor second hand side by generator
  • 11:10: high frequency shock if both shoulders capacitor charge high frequency current of 2 kHz possible counter will work with errors but it in theory I do not I can tell whether work device but if that's my subscribers very asks for more precise I wish to I am ready try though the fact that the financial costs rather great at this circuit why because you half of my I personally burned
  • 11:41: half of the components in this case the scheme somewhere reworked somewhere 5-6 times and with each time transistors in burned me transistor worth still worth quite $ 1 I also order twice burned diode bridge I decided put here such burned down hundreds of times chip Transistors generally scheme is extremely unreliable if realistic goals the author states that We need to kilowatts connect and even
  • 12:11: more if use appropriate new components experience has shown that at 0 for connection incandescent already from a few hundred in there major problems with management ie the transistor there is clearly any school in the control node therefore it is possible to take note control node today converters voltage and create good driver control field transistor essentially scheme is not critical and here are the main
  • 12:41: only receive high frequency tension that will be charged two capacitor Generator 2 kilohertz energize capacitors connected load the main drawback schemes is that output voltage obtained constant meaning you you can connect active and passive naguzki or active load with pulse power supply such as a charger device from portable There's even a computer portable TV there
  • 13:11: portable TV confused TV say personal divid computer players there etc. I do not know in general should happen again I want your attention that you shared on Specifically this circuit pretty perspective I think idea that is how I the man, who tried hundreds of different there are options ranging there transformer yes there on the Internet transformer
  • 13:41: grounded in general, the whole thing now it does not work either in any case, I even developed its scheme to deceive electric meter quite difficult if Of course we are talking about figure of in common Of course it is almost impossible possible This scheme will to do what some think but it is unrealistic to Again, halt
  • 14:11: rather counter difficult therefore can counter work high errors so you can save it several kilowatts energy for the day I am waiting for your general review, if you want to that leave reviews and write comments Like put all other subscribe to channel necessarily Scheme experience and developments share in this field because I
  • 14:41: lately a lot of people writing including subscribers in the including strangers people write usefully share scheme for economy power forced at every time responds that as the it does not exist as each different ways can someone managed in times of unbreakable Union say 40 to 50 years back stop even made to rotate in reverse but the electric meter Soviet Union Friends note that not It had any problems
  • 15:11: with electric energy and tra plants generate billions of kilowatts electricity per hour and therefore, in general, if you stole electricity it It did not affect this financial position country and now other times and every watt electricity by severe estimates rather steal difficult but not possible, everything is possible until we meet again Friends with you how It has always been to Casian subscribe to
  • 15:41: New videos will be on still wondering of course i do videos by my request so subscribers leave your reviews one comment which pick up most likes I to make a video clip starting material specified in comments to the new meetings until