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  • 00:00: Hello I want to tell about the stove very interesting to get option you originally a pawn done drawings, and from the Internet and how to a lot about it said talks her waiting there all well as it has in This stove pros and there are downsides want tell and ponds warn people to avoid troubles like I would have a very
  • 00:31: but a big plus there is a minus first how would I want to warn all if exposed to water oils who can be a fire your garage that is, as it were, the first item I in no case to be water in the mass if the water if you do not sure you have water in oil or not present it is better to face lower level to it prokipelo river that is, in and filled
  • 01:02: obviously warmed up about water boiled it little shoot and Then he lit his and the best course Oil and defend take it from the top a little voice make a crane 10 1 cm from the kidney and poured pure oil initially the stove was made not for steam only which warmed the room due to heat Here's this here. that is, initially
  • 01:33: here there was no brewed this here the outer part but just had to metal Pushchin here you are the future that is, it will do burned four years, I just dry then behind the wall here the city decided to build a sauna bath held heating main from here House is 10 meters heating mains conducted underfloor heating air and the last the time taken
  • 02:03: the decision to engage the oven with a gas boiler which stands in the house once thought that will only boiler drown then coach and we made a decision and let the water here Here I have drawn chalk that is here at we have to pay with boiler was telling the bottom and the output on top ie water is one circle around the boiler one direction turn is to another and leaves up & effect just turned
  • 02:34: nobody expected that so get now when the stove is lit in We have a garage in the afternoon topic fuse and pit 7 meter somewhere 30-40 degrees do floor temperature and two circuits in bath Bath 6 4 too heated floors and a boiler while in the house switched on but there five minutes for half an hour It should turn on for 5
  • 03:04: minutes and half an hour worth that is, like you can switch off all temperature will about 45 degrees on the boiler If you turn off completely boiler and additionally set boiler who also fueled either electricity can be electricity soak well look how like powered by this stove necessarily is a condition for more why this furnace because if the stove gas e.g.
  • 03:34: He created a large pot the temperature then we We can turn off the volume or to put it, he turn off itself very fast off this point to turn off It can not be so, as it were there is, as it under conditions in which that it should work then someone in mode in the boiler mode that is necessary should be under no on floor that is the temperature, we must regulate this here Now this thermal head and we give the floor e.g. 30 degrees
  • 04:05: the rest of the water we have now here at thermometer here thermometer how many we Man 55 degrees that is, the floor is 30 rest go back to the house if not at home when no ballads Ballas ballast of some the have to do sure some heat capacity can be a barrel of some
  • 04:35: insulated from that was where waste heat because it gives the stove a lot of heat and such as if Only left alone floors here in the garage and bath it boils within an hour already we will have 80 ie degrees must be reset somewhere warm water will never have You furnace eg I went out the night automatically have there is another thermo head that what looks temperature is
  • 05:05: is there a temperature is less than 30 does it mean when It includes a podmes heat capacity that is as if I myself am a little in this heating I understand it's not the I does this make perfume me but what am I here I want to explain the tone and tell you what have just say cook heating without suspension in no case can not because the furnace is ie uncontrolled you can not put out here You can close
  • 05:36: eg ash pit it is a little quieter It will be lit but that is not suggests that We have half an hour you go out ie until burn out oil even as the interesting point you some there show in Internet makes vertical tank there puts cock and always as if there is a danger that the oil can overflow exactly for by the fact that if the level difference you just tap More
  • 06:06: opened can overflow and Now this overflowed the container bottom It has a perfect option and make the baht you can not even such I did and do the tank is flat and to maximum filling the maximum level casting does not exceed Now this level the pan gently if you have filled embarks on a full tank It will be even 100 liters but it will flat but that he would It was no more than this here and that the bottom of the pan was she not below the lower
  • 06:38: pots and all levels you pour eg Three buckets of oil Ionov simply burn the clock is not necessary nothing to do adjusted ash pit and all the poison I do not approach it burns and lit It is like a problem another it must be clean it once a week if lit. you every day it seems every day without stopping the 1 where you want to clear Once a week can 1 2 weeks whichever oil, and when it was disconnected from the steam
  • 07:08: here's worth this coupling of Belarusian from the tractor such gear its up and It is as though the tube disconnected remove it shoot the upper part cleans you put ago and everything is now such opportunities would not that take out it can be removed disconnect here Now tap, and remove it Well, as it is necessary water and then again I purged all I made here such here
  • 07:38: nonsense came quickly in the morning this is now like and I do not even know not I know what to call it device is dichlorvos away from jar on the bottom Weld schools automatic spring across bottom right here at mitten point each spring springs glasses piss here knob handle and already here she would move Now that thing open the ash pit
  • 08:08: when the oven is already I burnt you cool open for turaly and round and run time and we clean out Well a little in the charter slower we clean the stove little is left for day facilities for that was the effect snow wick that is, when the effect wick it faster inflames is such stove turned and the result was such that we thought
  • 08:38: it will warm Only garage and bath it warms even the house day when there this house is heated with a stove almost home the boiler is not gas you do not switched but if the stove had gone out the gas boiler 24 kilowatt not off ie he kept blowing and Is there blows without end that is, in the evening I leaving no oil filling special it burns somewhere before hours at night can be
  • 09:08: herself spontaneous guests like I went out confused that the boiler involved and not all off here this some can be at this stove Here's the top if the ash pit leave open for a long time that this is now of the entire red and here it is after all, can I do not know whether or not visible it is inflated, even here ie here this the upper part should be, I think that can be heat resistant steels some
  • 09:38: it is all red inflated 4 years It passed and nothing there is therefore This pipe bottom here, too, as it were, Here the combustion chamber are mixed oxygen with the oil with oil vapors here here here in this place and it most if there is shaving this tube to make heat-resistant steel or at least stainless steel then this Oven will serve me think delirium seven hundred percent of any pro plus he has a it is not necessary to it any
  • 10:09: there is no electricity air blower nedvizhki no no fan it burns itself at the expense of thrust due to traction picks up here in these holes oxygen here mixes and burns Thank you for attention for attention and if have questions someone some write will happy to answer Greece will also you together with us signaling