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  • 00:00: if you use wi fi want to know about how your password protected network can crack and than it may be for you then look this video on and I'm in turn I try to tell about what are the ways of hacking vayfay and as much as possible from them to attempt protection on the moment there are two wide common security protocol wai fi namely 2 enterprise that is most often used in corporate environment and in industries where where many computers in this protocol There is a caveat and which is folded in
  • 00:31: the settings for it requires additional authorization server entitled radius he greatly enhances protection this network and makes its moons in an extremely difficult but Setup of the network needed more qualifications and equipment that makes him unfit for use in home in the home just yet terms and conditions small Office used The following protocol called in 2 cutting
  • 01:01: which is very simple settings, or requires virtually no skills of someone it sets By the way sometimes you 2 belt still supplement protocol additional vps in which we'll talk a little later so I as usual see my own network it Powered by Now this work for 726 50-w where and set vayfay used 2 in the search protocol as attacker will be used Now this netbook which is set
  • 01:32: linux backtrack 5 r3 as Wi fi customer will used smartphone Now let us look at nuances sn-2 stands for Wi fi protected access and translated it as Protected Access Wi-Fi this protocol includes checking technology checksum authentication and encryption that on software and hardware supports absolute most client devices the context of this I'll roll specifically UCS technology
  • 02:02: that stands for fumbles with the case and wps which stands for Wi fi Protector Flowers say I will it them because they most vulnerable and prone to breaking and so for completeness I want you to picture show how to set up my router name User he left on default is admin and the password is changed from standard on router set dhcp-server which dispenser connected both
  • 02:32: ethernet and on vayfay iP address? automatically because done on the most routers I set up wifi follows from a Haydee or network name pace or youtube bss Haydee mac-address of the access point Now this channel used for data 3 of 13 networking authentication organized by technology you 2 searching encryption key following that is some of the letters in different register and also present digit traffic
  • 03:02: encrypted on Ares advanced technology encryption standard then apply algorithm type of temporal key integrity protocol which generates a temporary wrench set in settings intervals of default, this interval is 3600 seconds and provides on a package encryption and integrity of the packages checked key mic a message integrity check dhcp-server configuration are as follows way so the server gives ip address of the following rule
  • 03:33: ip range It starts at address 17 and ends 1255 and I also have static addresses who issued my device that receive regular Accordingly, I think all understandable by setting skimmed Now let's consider how it is going connection point at the level of access protocol when you enter the network password on your laptop or smartphone It made so called four-sided shake that It contains information fields with the following data I will be listing only basic
  • 04:03: data but not all mac-address of the access point mac-address of the client mac-address is the way it is hardware address network card that are as follows manner two random 32-bit numbers one from which generated point access other customer size current frame authentication the contents of the frame authentication key integrity Posts mic why we you check the Greeks and version of the protocol protection of data in the PC or in 2 signs that frame is
  • 04:33: the message four-sided handshake easily found in the ieee standard 802 11th in the same section Fu them and Jake is now briefly about the algorithm establishing junction point and client access exchange the above data but not only they at the same time for complicating behavior type man attack introduced in the middle integrity check posts mic through calculation functions authorship based on a hash of it content with using As a non-key Once the password from
  • 05:03: AP to be exact hash of it but random numbers and anonse snonse generated participants handshake at the moment establishment connection and used their hardware mac-address as a result of because the client and point access know each random number and other anonse snonse a password must be they entered the same keys integrity messages will It coincides with the two party if during transmission 4 frames handshake It will be recorded three successful test integrity and
  • 05:33: the device will be able to to agree on supported modes of operation the access point concludes connection valid customer and you end up finally connect to wi fi, and so now I'm on your netbook charged under OSes backtrack 5 r3 linux I apologize that I have the screen I write at camera they program it It was the most comfortable way of and now I'll show you the first version of hack vayfay network by interception of data transmissible four-sided handshake first team
  • 06:03: I introduce ifconfig wlan using it you can find out the name Our Wi fi cards and the characteristics and now I know the name of Our adapter can be enter the following team airmon-ng start wlan0 with this team we translate map mode monitoring Now when the map mode monitoring I enter the following command airodump-ng mon0 at help her scan vayfay available network
  • 06:33: This command gives us here is a list of networks from which we we can learn following mac-address AP signal strength security protocol authentication method and the access point name and slightly lower in the column station we can see customers who connected to the point access as soon as we saw in the list of interest We can network stop scan by pressing kontrol c Now I copy mac-address of the access point I now prescribe the following command
  • 07:03: airodump-ng mon0 minus minus channel 3 you can channel I took it differ of data that issued the previous team minus minus bc Come down here insert mac address our point Access minus w and Specifies the path where copy blogs This command starts scanning We are interested in the network and store packages vlogs Now must wait packets four-sided handshake they can expect
  • 07:33: for a long time because which as you may have to guess receive such packets you need to client joined to the access point and it can not be pretty long time so you can take advantage of the following command which disables client mac address we learned thanks airodump-ng mon0 run another terminal and prescribe its airplay terrain g 3013 and here we insert
  • 08:03: mac-address of the access point terrazze here we insert the mac-address mon0 client for fidelity to run it It can be several times while you will not see upper right corner handshake inscription once we We received a handshake q and press kontrol stop interception and fulfilling the last command aircrack-ng dash w specify the path to our dictionary link on which you'll find in description terri b inserted here mac-address of the access point and then specify
  • 08:33: the path to the cup file that was saved due to the previous team and now I went Dictionary Attack if it does not meet the required password then you have not hacked network because dictionary lists Not everyone possible options Passwords can also be run a full character but too much it will take too a lot of time this way to break pretty difficult and requires either serious hardware resources for password calculation similar or extensive or a simple dictionary
  • 09:03: the password that is entered on the access point so to to protect themselves from such method of hacking I can recommend install any complex passwords different case letters and do not used often words Type your password and password so etc. as well as you 2 belt supports fairly long passwords from 8 to 64 character you have all possibilities protect its network as you can see I I found his password 21 minute and so to way to break through
  • 09:34: packet sniffer four-sided we handshake It is now understood you can proceed to next he thing is if the access point It includes the ability connection on pin code in other words, vps technology can to pick up the pin by searching the code use this vulnerability We reiterate technology The first two teams from previous method and in the config wlan and airmon-ng start wlan0 then prescribes your team minus th mon0 using it we
  • 10:04: scan point Access included mode when vps we scan see table at which has a point vps if the opposite elbow we are interested Access Points in this point worth value now the. exposed burglary and if there is again E100 same copy mac-address access point, and following teams and run selection PIN river minus Oh mon0 minus b insert here
  • 10:34: mac-address of the access point we learned from the previous command and you can register a minus Vivi to displayed detailed process busting on the way all access points PIN code consists of 8 ie numbers 100000000 combinations I have too much for about half an hour and He was eventually found Faithful PIN guard against this possible ways of hacking just off function vps and since indeed it you may need to pretty rarely is it will not be problem Well thanks for view if
  • 11:04: video was you interesting place Huskies because it very helpful in promotion and Remember subscribe to my channel all long and good luck