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  • 00:00: Hello people wanted so briefly show it turned out quite pogasyan someone has on buncha there was shoal But with this hand but first but forgot him
  • 00:31: but show Sori the owner knows well here Now here and so It looks sharpening Nestorius polish Phil is a mirror because the stepped 47 starts so very quickly we're so the mirror does not I see the point of it all training again Hair Razor Planes absolutely no problem Now love is
  • 01:10: which should be well there is still that he wanted show look shoals and with what ie slopes We got here rough irregularly a little over. with this and to this very interesting before was a cry that I was discharged and is not I will say that he discharged emulator shut down rather well,
  • 01:41: Disconnect the camera then see how here, as if the jamb with falsetto more that is, you blade start watching it is almost both here it's okay ends see here eroding tip here here inflames descent It starts here that is, remember times added 2 go for op op so well
  • 02:11: exactly bring I tried but still here in this little place turned carts a little bit wide at Basically seen here to someone that is here here for more turned carts a little bit than with the hand here is on tip-so weather equally but it is itself tip that is, we there are no problems as a I would do all wonderful here
  • 02:43: Basically the same thing Dimka greatly desired and at the bottom. to supply
  • 03:13: Mount the same the two parties here so Now it proposes degree mirror of the two party is all here probably chamber can look but with two sides it now the same that is what on the side that this here so all applying all the quirks
  • 03:51: Well, how would the rest crank it like general Wegener press must be let the channel here Here I am rearranging seen everything seems to be knife and she will not mine I just decided show that all this happened then there yesterday as if I did not I managed to do it all NATO accounts reface today I asked a friend battery
  • 04:25: unprotected from Well old laptop as if the laptop is not steel in principle here's a new laptop interesting thing look as if conventional batteries a conventional laptop that is, a person covered himself with a laptop if neatly it all economy pull
  • 04:55: all these pin apparatus pootryvat a bit later little spoiler see what we have we battery pauerbanki 18,650 sanyo we have exactly the the batteries Well here it is I am now neatly will nazhdachki and here is the same useful we have battery and I think it's samsung 2 hours in my yes that
  • 05:30: Well, as it were, see cries pieces industry ie batteries if you have an old laptop and already the battery does not hold the question is that sometimes sometimes it there may be something there If the battery is already a son to replace forehead says that it is time to replace the battery it can be dismantled get out batteries and then test them ie if they hold
  • 06:00: capacity there just there is an option that the payment card controller charging give charge cutoff the batteries analysis already dead, and you know it both the revenue cutter sometimes there when you buy out say how many there pelvis and story writing I can not be Katrich and everything here It seems to me that there This trend in batteries because Well, how would that I see three laptops one I have one on
  • 06:30: his wife and one of his mother how would all three different laptops battery behaves differently noticed that look the same laptop for three years If you turn off network it works it about half an hour and goes out Well that is it can be half an hour to watch 2 film of the second laptop laptop it is much
  • 07:00: ie under him somewhere around the year but batteries it that is, initially So I bought it new and here is a new and I loaded concluded it enough outlet only once with zero at 45-48 for 50 minutes that is, even the most on is not enough my laptop which I I have right now hp probook his lack But if in the evening I loaded in principle
  • 07:31: melted morning here I come to work I open the laptop is not the 12 in the morning and come to work open notebook and sometimes up to six PM that is a day I was on the Internet as I have the whole day Mount the video It is like not just I opened some I watch a movie I load a specific I mount processor Video camtasia studio good ship processor also Converter game for good processor I've got to hp's sometimes from 12 to six
  • 08:01: pm I do not include charger actually Well if so then how would no matter how you will glance yes X-rays enlighten what's in your laptop but if you have Old laptop somewhere he was lying garage verge advise try this chip but I'm a little turn off probably pause strip it here these here sharp edges Resistance welding balances well try These batteries like they will work
  • 08:32: whether generally well, as We would try batareechki Here we cleaned them volcano except the man that is, as it were, here absolutely nothing terrible It happened on a volcano I brushed it circles I do not know who versed in Classification of the here here and so lot Cífer and try to put
  • 09:05: in whether they will powerbank work yes Of course like this show that there indicators are not yet charged and, in principle, let's try lantern No problem
  • 09:37: that is absolutely guys if you somewhere there old laptop which has already broken not use or or even for some there is no reason Operating the battery do not rush it throw in Basically like this Now even that's way even powerbank even a flashlight that is, as if well unprotected batteries as much as I I do not consider that this some critical lack or something Protected something well
  • 10:07: much better that is, if a person all normally as if well let's say if you do not change the polarity so if the normal charger unless use some funky charge when it is possible to convince ie batteries many chargers arranged by type of that it charges to Limit hope that the cut-off will protection it is very battery protection
  • 10:38: there are chargers Chinese meaning they designed for what will be charged charge charge charge that is here the battery can let's say for the nail I do not know 10 20 30 these can zaryadok it is to be fully he will have be recharged very warm due to this inside will give in air bubbles as the banana and whatever states acid-base the balance is broken so that in general Basically here's how
  • 11:09: 2 here now I personal battery Dimka thanks for battery very a handy little thing that have to say fishing somewhere else I have boxes under them that is, the boss in the box 2 stuff 2 things here pauerbanki so we all all great works can be themselves therefore choose any charge in Well basically everyone cockroaches who have everyone has their own needs ie absolutely possible
  • 11:39: use normally not for walls switches and lights well, just do not like that's not protected batteries say so low discharge very much that's all only recommendations such that it is not prevent low discharge very enumerable see that lights switched already there penultimate mode it is better to turn off than get with it You know all suck until the end of that is well and in Basically if I barely let's say if Biking is my
  • 12:09: anyway or completely charged I know the battery that to me two hours will be enough for 3 or else I still one just lies the glove compartment that is me absolutely no problem and get change battery and two minute and can go on a good light than hack battery + nothing you go but you do not see basically something like this that is, if you somewhere there is such the batteries out anything difficult not It is important
  • 12:39: do it carefully ie fee battery is fully compartment pull disassemble then very simple principle Here is such a here today quick video on me as a interesting is that without problems is absolutely and if you were say so good to the battery is Well imagine yes I have a laptop running on to here such here batteries often Salpa mounts the video is its load the Specifically ie If you have reached
  • 13:10: good batteries good company, I did not know what batteries used my laptop and when he I will be covered or something else of batteries die I will definitely make out I see that there is a because I flunked Well, that all before laptop and me worked an hour or two ie maximum 2 hours hardly any laptop survived the there is maybe this is what the new technology backlit display all in all only all the same processor feed than it is necessary
  • 13:40: as if the processor He likes to eat what I 6 hours without any problem pull battery so I it let's say from yesterday edited the video and somewhere at 12 o'clock there probably 12 He dismantled somewhere 2 hours to 2 hours, I I put the laptop on upload on youtube He pulled off his lace and went to bed today, I I woke up at ten am Laptop works ie 2
  • 14:10: night to 10 am laptop I worked and disconnected but Basically the screen to ie as closed to consumption power had but it is minimal Nevertheless, he I worked and not even thought to turn off the there is a level batteries were somewhere slightly below middle, around seredinke can be in principle, so here If somewhere in the garage someone is lying, I just know that I many with friends roll these laptops already know nuff bought some new old laptop he
  • 14:42: somewhere on the balcony Well just to sell it to no one buys it is wooden on the belt this laptop throw like as sorry, and here they are there warehouse but only if Now you guys buy The battery is not you there are on the balcony disassemble all while using till