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  • 00:00: hello everyone here so today decided to withdraw video want to show Is it possible to charge common galvanic elements we have Alkaline conventional batteries energizer not batteries but the most ordinary disposable batteries they insisted on toys and completely discharged because that they are already with inclusion was put on God is not
  • 00:30: inc so just a little bit still show 03 07 but 4002 is this itself dead before
  • 01:02: batteries with a view to us not damaged 2013 year or that unfit 2013 take the first comer feast meter and we'll see at least issue and some kind of blowjob not only do not have
  • 01:33: so what do we do as forms in their charge charge normal automotive charger with current regulation and 12-volt battery well here us the crocodile here set at 1 ampere further we take all batteries we collect them in one battery
  • 02:05: take the charger and try to charge wait a few minutes ten probably To do this, click on pause so well hold for 10 minutes consider going out and what of it
  • 02:37: up to the river we have become slightly warm not catch where is the very same the weakest of them then we have 1 to 15 5 to 2 1 5 3 to 3 here's something weaker than 148 and 4
  • 03:07: 145 as we shall see batteries all the same as it was charged best of what was so we'll see now is there a current see the current is also there
  • 03:42: our do not seek throw right away at rubbish and pollute environment dead batteries which this village method is relevant better any tare that is us even a motor works with nev you erupted rather quickly for a short time and bosch great
  • 04:13: current if we have such the battery worked a year in hours wall then the odds and charge very much small but automotive
  • 04:52: lamp certainly is not probably not pulled up about number k and converse month Well principle to conventional alkaline batteries also can be charged Well of course it's not batteries so it you can charge them 1 5 there is less but the second time he the locomotive can still charge is better than words only he has one
  • 05:22: ampere and not allow heating these steel Warm 10 minutes probably he was same made weaker than 1 ampere in this principle, I and you like show they give externally They are not intact should have leaked out electrolyte and of course the date is these are here to put 2013 Nastia was not bought recently just forgot turn off the sound but by the inclusion of toys and they were born at all along that way everyone till