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  • 00:00: this is Diana Sullivan in Austin Texas here's a great little edging that you can do that makes a cable and lies really flat along whatever you want to put it on now I've done a few repeats of this I'm going to go ahead put a lid on and show you how it's done it's really very simple you're going to need to to stitch transfer tools and you're going to twist
  • 00:30: a cable you take the right most two needles off on my sample here I have actually got seven needles and then you take the left next to off on an other tool put those two down with those two down Negi knit four rows once again take the right two stitches off on the two stitch transfer tool take the next two
  • 01:01: off put the ones that were inside on those last two and twist the ones that were outside on those two and rows now to help this look really great you want to take the fifth stitch drop it run it down and latch it up you'll be surprised at what a nice
  • 01:33: anti-roll edging this is and you could put it around necklines or use it lots of situations where you want to repeat a cable motif or you just want to add interest so I have latched that up I'm going to remove it from the Machine and show you how it turned out see what a great-looking little edging that is and it does have the one row of pearl in there to define it so that is
  • 02:04: the cable edging you