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Slippers bedroom-slippers on a felt sole. "Ромашка". 2 chast.knitted slippers - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: in order to decrease the top of the slipper were the same both on the right and left vyvyazyvayut start asp whether marked marker when we lectured 28 loops the loop vyvyazyvayut column, without sc
  • 00:32: knit one air loop further provyazyvaem in each loop of one without the pillar sc tail hide
  • 01:02: knitting so to provyazyvaem loops marked orange marker knit loops last loop as the number of provyazyvaem coupling loop unfold
  • 01:35: knitting skip the first loop and start is knitted into the second loop on provyazyvaem loop number of columns without sc so knit up orange marker
  • 02:07: knit last loop provyazyvaem as a connective unfold and knitting as well as in previous case when vyvyazyvayut the right side missed the first loop start knitting the second loop we continue to knit
  • 02:45: provyazyvaya each loop column, without sc so to knit loops marked in green marker knit last loop provyazyvaem column, without sc I unfold knitting and starting to knit with 2
  • 03:16: the first eyelet We skip knit in second so you need to dovyazat loop marked green marker and also turn as in this case, Knit it goes obtained in the same
  • 03:48: as well as on the right side Now the left and right we have the same marker transitions no longer need them can be deleted in this series
  • 04:18: It begins decrease on the nose it needs to make a layout tolerated the central loop upstairs on the top row I am counting down from it Right hinge 5 1 2 3 4 5 fix a fifth loop also We reckon 5 loops
  • 04:51: left two or three times on May 4 fix loop Now without columns sc to dovyazyvaem marked with a marker loop knit a center marker can be removed marked with 10 stitches
  • 05:22: markers provyazyvaem in the following way first hinge 2 merge into one loop we introduce the hook the thread is pulled These loops do not provyazyvaem the following loop we introduce the hook and the thread is pulled
  • 05:52: Now provyazyvaem together three loops combining them into a single loop the resulting you need to loop lock The following marker two loops provyazyvaem columns, without sc 2 combine loops
  • 06:25: one The following two loops provyazyvaem columns, without sc and last two loops provyazyvaem together the loop
  • 07:02: fix marker then knit provyazyvaya each loop column, without sc so knit to the end a number that has turned smoothly and decrease
  • 07:34: hinge side in this a number not dovyazyvaem 2 eyelets measured from the edge 2 loop leave them free third provyazyvaem column, without sc unfold knitting and conceding the first loop We start vyvyazyvayut bars without sc the second loop
  • 08:06: so knit up loop marked with a marker We begin to decrease loop to loop marked with a marker and marked with a marker loop provyazyvayu together The following two loops
  • 08:45: provyazyvaem columns, without sc this loop mark marker The following two loops provyazyvaem together
  • 09:15: provyazyvaem two loops in each column without sc and two loops after the marker provyazyvaem one loop the other loop provyazyvaem
  • 09:46: columns, without sc at the end of a series of do transition continue so knit I do to decrease the sides and on the toe while will not remain
  • 10:16: minimum the number of loops when each hand will Knit 4 transition one-two-three-four-times two-three-four it decrease over You do not need the side so the number of provyazyvaem until the end provyazyvaya each
  • 10:52: loop series turn around and vyvyazyvayut column without sc 1 eyelets do not forget to do decrease to knit a sock number of the last row
  • 11:27: provyazyvaem in the following way provyazyvaem first loop and more will provyazyvat 2 loops together so all provyazyvaem loops of the last row bringing together 2
  • 11:57: eyelets knit Now
  • 12:36: you need to connect the two parties together to it last loop and by introducing the hook this loop smuggles loop loops
  • 13:12: cut the strings and now the loop We need to fix knitting slippers ready you can leave them in This form of their possible decorate any known to you way I decorated
  • 13:42: slippers so way tying top edge yarn of the same color as the sole you can decorate slippers application here such slippers at me turned knit with pleasure luck