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  • 00:00: well we are guiding me back to welcome as we are hugo announcing our friend and we ready to make a technical recalling some technical recipes Sometimes we have forgotten but for a They do not know friend or tango or all of you our dear ay antofagasta viewers and all social network that follows us every week
  • 00:30: as you say today we will resume these techniques are more classic just in the summer because it takes up a lot for they will fall in America we are in carnival period in summer and to float this practice technique is very economical It allows you to be more expensive I'll make vases in a and apple cartons during Successive programs we will go decorating Chinese vases that we will see what we are here to
  • 01:01: prevent them from going to the carriage means Charm is a vase has about 50 centimeters height at the bottom makes a 'crack' ana side of PRODENI girl and river gave some textures compact very nice and I say return sometimes we buy beautiful vases and what other changes you can not put oy terrace where you really going to malandrines the hole is not lost so much He said we have to face the other
  • 01:33: It is also very handy when you have school activity the boy in boys to go to a theater It is light dancing that is not heavy for them they will do Set design is feasible to do so mao sometimes not leaving out dancing with These small basket these amphorae dancing hippies or convenient minitas see bad materials materials materials are as follows Flexible newsprint papier mache with cold tape say Masquin just contact w wall painting
  • 02:06: white acrylic and color choice quiet d'or colored choice and I was a medium balloon materials will Tálice work quickly because it is a boy step yy time it It makes edison want to read a card that have not nicked poquita thing but no matter our neighboring bonanza affection are waiting for these
  • 02:37: cards first the model as long as no I and the facebook is hand them van gogh into molds folder but section photo albums folder molds that easy what the mold is simply a sort of trapezoid This is going to cut four times would paste will paste without without breaking this mold quoted and that will cut them He discarded keep this piece
  • 03:08: will hold this is the basic mold It is made in a to reach a sheet physical size grants this medium and this four times and go putting side by side until obtain this piece I already put a little sticker contact and is supposed to have dry, This allows me to get more easily this truncated cone form mathematics We call the cone mantle here to set it apart a bit of
  • 03:39: paper tape this time on tape Masquin or in the factory +15 is more expensive is what looks to paint masking tape percent more openwork and sometimes not always usually driven by brands I have that also in the same mold It is included in a circle three centimeters in diameter and this
  • 04:10: we will put on the bottom and Masquin pieces of tape will fix first forming here first 4 a cross here here we go another extreme this technique must have patience I recommend that I fakes her friends no patience not to do so because You can bore but the result is
  • 04:43: nice weekend being these then step by step to make several molds several times but he left to while taking it again later but this will be my also like to iPhone or if you can serve even the army if not allowed to to my house and workshop as I said the idea is to apply the different techniques
  • 05:14: then he danced decorating the street I have set the background we turn now comes to the second We have here an inflated balloon will put there and now comes the third part or second part in this case is the cut strips of newspaper but I'll do the next job
  • 05:44: We separate the color and having left other hand having only letters and explain why this and we started making our letter this folder simply paste strips paper here prepares some white adhesive with a little water so I was not so thick that up 1 I'm using only letters getting there
  • 06:19: Yásica will be completing covering first balloon completely instance there then once you have put the upper part I'll put some strips vertically from there and he went a little to paperboard this time as ramala or caps clear that as the paper did not give me the whole length
  • 06:50: tour a small capful top paper and now I come I so that this process must be patience at the top of the They will be four times the first four layers to it because I said here not can continue to work and have that first it is to train not only with paper Color letters so they go I will now covered with colored paper is fixed and can I Non me as the first layer
  • 07:21: as the latter 's role lettered paper with colored paper paper with letters with colors Once you have the first four He said applying able to get seven but now I caught the bottom as above and I continue down There are four layers so it took me a certain thickness and then completed three layers but all this that what we have here
  • 07:53: I that I have ready this has already seven capable seven beds in Part that is superior but which by the way carton also that 'not fixed Cappa each month and how many are also seven in total only part I have four have already and still applies and two blocks only part of the blog and and is now in the layer 5 grabbed to the base
  • 08:24: there are papers no longer than It was that from here to the camps continues exposing morning then I have four capacity as covers the globe and the base layers balloon and base and peace 7 balloon and basis I have seven bed leave a minimum of overnight from one day to another although to the top that is the mouth of the boletito is this where a carton 38 by three pieces cardboard made a ring will be
  • 08:57: I put the top look acam still it remains to be again no It is slow and this will mark be They should try wanting more centered so that your car does not fit them twisted here mark there with a craft and we will get this piece of cardboard will not sound field worry unreasoning when it is cut and then broke
  • 09:37: If we do not have here and now there is This piece of him back to fix here with paper tape either a piece always set in first to cross that fit them straight to the project there at the end what we do with the
  • 10:07: Paper is a dry plasterboard with many layers of paper is a paperboard stone We are recycling equals In addition there's a good lady is there in sands tip Dona oriana we - still I love everything recycles because it's there like that coordinates a group of people dedicated to care for our planet our exact
  • 10:37: environment Look so we cover this part of you let 's hitting well as well as paper tape out Masquin easily and it allows us about it glued new roles I have a piece there again we are here Now that I have it made again
  • 11:09: our papers daily now work with one daily dirty because there is enough ink Now if you want to be potters because we are doing as a potter for the father does not get dirty hands with arid land is accurate with the marl then with clays but again worth is a job even now
  • 11:40: If you have a child at home and wants We keep them busy afternoon said we will make vases and invites him to do so vase made possible allies to Halfway but you can take he is directing them to make it very well pasted paper is very important how the layers will remain very well not stay stuck us as say we are blown or air inbetween it seems that there have to bend to that's the mother and death is clear
  • 12:10: I go to know what time it is not prepares and two turns paper over and two of everything whatever comes the role of each comes back if we were going to and closing the second step going to third Here is already one night to dry and you realize you are quite work changed my friend and Fire safe imposing removing the second jug and give me the white cross
  • 12:42: the CAJANAL good mood along with you and who what follows now that I have paste to plug cracks in the walls we call on another wall paste plastic side noise but us paste to plug the cracks then open to this paste It really is very thick only you add some white adhesive glue white that does not help to open up better with the which fia fia that is not the clear with the FIA is not the tail
  • 13:12: white and now I'll paint you can be a point to easily paint and so let our vase painting and cited trying to make it us more parejito because this will give us the texture hopefully as smooth how many times will do this applies in a not too thick as it applies very thick paste in mules they will crack is the same as about the
  • 13:43: hardens when one takes a lot forge the Cracking this fraud here exactly the same then able delgaditas 34 layers every half hour and a half local time 21 we expect every second day layer is for a process of any one very relaxed evening already has this to apply its four flagships are going up here and caught what works so that our friend saw a step
  • 14:14: well hydrated way that is as of course now I have about my vase to work on what he suggests taking a piece of sandpaper very fine and pass obviously paralyzes the walls and So we have a vase ready to apply the technique you want of which for example an Coupat if you like painting paint if they want if you like the mosaic tile apply what and now you want but can
  • 14:44: get serious to make vases was the can crack that now that we are in summer season with us Orecchiette with a little concho in I insist on the theme here many technical during upcoming programs will make two or three techniques that do not have but they have some idea of infinity While options back to our materials that are listed here today materials are as follows
  • 15:14: Flexible newsprint papier mache with cold adhesive tape Masquin double contact Enough white acrylic paint and wall Color choice quiet d'or colored choice and a balloon medium there is the list of materials is very clear step by step but if not you can see it on youtube
  • 15:44: all this step by step we will mochar one very nice suit vase over her head you will not hurt so much camila this other type of vase this is a kind of Amphora has here its cover account You can do three in size put them on a shelf something and this I will do as next seminar Thursday This two middle classes reached in a politics of the
  • 16:14: one process becomes the first Thursday and the moon and we get to According to the second class and termination When we speak of the seminar it is a project with all materials including say after two periods which takes something like this to your home when on Thursday and already can facebook phone call is contact and hence the gem inscribing Favorite coordination workshop art director shrink back and we goes a jiffy please to meet
  • 16:44: our friends who sent us beautiful sim card is first here our friend esther sanz do alella village the work they have to do card making and meeting is very very pretty There were three pieces of Spanish and Sequin applied litter pasamanería are three spheres of life many thanks esther Angol not seen since then we have here another card sent to us
  • 17:14: Dona Paula if you do not know if it will be on them was his name but look what I liked this card already occupied the same molds foot tree made and adapted to a card so Paola where many thanks paola diamantino on the inside santiago I would like you They help me with a lens that is not me
  • 17:46: accompanies the same external sued you changes would be of the hostelry program that easy to pass a very Merry Christmas really glad we found on the web is a very positive contribution the people who like crafts and I hope someday to see their work on cross point break that people you are watching fondly from Angola and mats and France it is not got Well I know but it's a job I'm doing what makes me
  • 18:17: how many years will serve a year that job but I think that when there end it will be very nice and stayed to which it makes a permanent point because I've been lately because they didn and since I will have vacation so I think that's already going to be able and show my work and start another that I have earrings and broke I will not show when you want to say a guide to some point datitos with medium and writes on facebook and I talked very well there more
  • 18:47: or not only invites the seminar first summer seminar in summer seminar work only with relajaditos an entertaining class Besides a baby was a juguito some sweet to indulge her love that someday I'll have time to Botnia always welcome or blackmail you are very well see you next Monday we go to a small commercial break and quickly miriam back with cut flowers